6 things that bad drivers in Nigeria always do


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Most people are bad drivers and funny thing is, they don’t even know it. This is why you should check to see if you do any of these 6 typical things of bad drivers in Nigeria!

Just as you know that Naijauto.com is always concerned about anything relating to automobile and road safety in Nigeria. This is why we prepared this list of 6 things that tell if you are among bad drivers in Nigeria. Many of these things are what we are very familiar with and see daily during our commutes. So, read through the list and see if there is any one of them that you do and need to stop or change now.

Before we begin to discuss the 6 things, we need to first point out that human error can be traced to be the cause of the majority of road accidents that we see around often. Many people have no idea if they are good or bad drivers, they just know they drive a car. This is why it is necessary to study statistics sometimes and see the patterns.

Some experienced drivers would agree that a bad driver always exhibits unbelievable characteristics of poor driving skills and practices which at many times end up endangering his/her life as well the life of other road users.

As we know that apart from the bad driving practices we featured below, there are several other bad driving practices out there. So, if you find yourself or a friend you know exhibiting any of the below practices or others not mentioned here, try to amend and become a better driver rather than a threat to your own life and that of others.

1. Over-speeding

Most of the major road accident is always caused by over-speeding. In fact, it even accounts for a depressing 20% of road accidents. Don’t try to argue this point, it is a proven fact that over-speeding unnecessarily makes anyone a bad driver.


Overspeeding could lead to tire burst, then fatal injuries for passengers

Take it or leave it, over-speeding has been known to be a very thin line between being life and dying in a crash at any second or killing a pedestrian at any second. We all aware that hitting a pedestrian while driving at 30Km/h will mostly just result in injuries for such pedestrian and he/she would survive except if terribly ill initially.

On the other hand, striking a pedestrian with a vehicle moving at a 120 Km/H is most likely just going to lead to the immediate death of such person at the spot before he/she can even be rushed to receive medical attention. So, please drive at approved speed limits and save a life.

2. Getting easily distracted

Part of what it entails to be a good driver is being able to stay focused on the driving for as long as you are sitting behind the wheel and controlling the vehicle. A bad driver is one that easily gets distracted by even the tiniest of things when he/she is driving.

This type of people can be noticed to either be the ones creating the opportunities for such distractions or they just can’t handle them properly when they occur. All in all, avoid distractions or handle distractions properly to become a good driver!

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3. Drunk driving/ Driving when High

Should I turn left, should I turn right? Should I slow down, is the signaling that I can overtake him?

We all know that many decisions making is done while driving and it is best to be in an agile or responsive state to make these driving decisions because the poor judgment in most cases can be very disastrous. Being on drugs or drunk slows down reasoning which also affects accurate decisions making which is needed to drive properly.


What you're seeing was all caused by a drunk driver

The slowing down of reasoning is a natural effect of the drugs or alcohol in one’s bloodstream and they make such person respond very slowly to stimuli which put them in a very bad position to drive. Please avoid being on drugs or drunk and still driving.

4. Driving without seatbelt

Many Nigeria cars lack seatbelts and many typical Nigerian don’t count seatbelt as an important car accessory even though, we all know that by statistics, seatbelts have been proven to always reduce impacts of car collision whenever it occurs to drivers. We have seen the demonstration many times and even heard of many real-life experiences that prove that there is a likelihood of survival of a collision impact when strapped in a proper seat belt than when a driver is not strapped.

These seat belts are very affordable and do not need one to break the bank in order to buy and fix in even old cars. They can reduce fatalities of crashes by 40 -60%. So, if you are one of such drivers who drive without seat belts or have none installed in your vehicle, you are not a good driver yet.

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5. Aggressiveness on the road

This point is more personal than professional.

We often see many aggressive drivers who mostly don’t consider other road users whenever they are driving knowing fully well that the road is meant for the general public. A good driver in our own view should be able to adopt defensive driving practices which deal properly with anticipation when driving.

You should be able to anticipate or to simply put, read what’s happening around you and then, respond accordingly rather than aggressively. You should be aware of the other vehicles around you and understand that you are to adjust frequently in order to enjoy a smooth together with all other vehicles on the road instead of thinking that everybody is blocking your way.

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A good driver should know when it’s safe to drive very slowly or to drive fast. Avoid being that aggressive and nagging, annoying driver that receives swearing or curses every time he/she drives on public roads.

6. Ignorance of your car’s limits and capabilities

This point is not really saying that you must know every single detail of your car to become a good driver, No!

Instead, we just believe that having a reasonable amount of knowledge of your vehicle’s limits and capabilities is highly essential. It can even help a lot in saving you from a lot of troubles from confusing signs and symptoms that your car might suddenly give at any point in time which you might interpret as negative sometimes when it is the opposite.

Just try to know what you drive around!

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Oluwaseun Solomon

Oluwaseun Solomon

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