Different Types of Self Sealing Tires for Nigerian Roads


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You are about to gain a fair knowledge of self-sealing tires and the various top options available by the different tire brands, just jump right in now!

Cars are super vital and it’s almost unforgivable to assume a different opinion on this wonder of engineering which has evolved tremendously over two centuries. And as we head into the rainy season, we can’t seem to fancy our cars any less, considering the hassle and stress that come with this season.

Our cars though generally depend so much on a certain component for its locomotion and that component is the Tire. So for our cars to be of any use to us, considering the hammering rains that are due in no time, our car tires must always be in good shape to be of value to us. One prominent danger our tires are exposed to is the risk of getting punctured or picking a nail unexpectedly. If you have experienced this before, then you can relate as to why this embarrassing and sometimes dangerous hassle should be avoided by every means possible. Experience has shown that most cases of tire puncture result from sharp objects like nails and screws making holes that are large enough to permit tire air to escape, effectively defeating the locomotive function of the tire.

To this end, Tire manufacturing firms have been investing heavily in developing innovative ideas and technology required to mitigate the effect of flat tires caused by punctures. Their effort has resulted in two novel ideas which have been super useful in managing flat tire incidences. One of those innovative ideas is Self Sealing Technology.

The Concept behind Self Sealing Tires

Self Sealing as the name implies involves a situation where a tire seals up a puncture without it having to be removed from the wheel hub and be repaired. Thus a puncture made on the tire is sealed up even when the car is still in motion without the tire running flat immediately.

The general concept utilized in this tire technology is the use of nano-materials capable of sealing up holes, by placing them just after the tire thread region forming a gelly film between the inner tire surface and the compression air. Therefore in the event of a tire puncture occurring, the nano-materials seamlessly fill up the hole and form an almost airtight seal.


Illustration of a self-sealing tire

Self Sealing Tires For Nigerian Roads by Brand

As you would expect, different Tire manufacturers are offering varying types of self Sealing tires developed on somewhat different production techniques that follow the basic underlying concept discussed above. Consequently, we will consider the top self Sealing Tire options available even for the Nigerian market.

ContiSeal by Continental Tires

Continental Tires, one of the first few leaders in the self-sealing tire technology offers several tire options with self-sealing function. Their self-sealing tires come with what it calls the ContiSeal technology. The ContiSeal technology makes use of a viscous and gelly layer of sealant which is placed over the thread just after the inner lining of the tire, separating the inner lining from the air inside the tire. 


The sealant is located on the inner lining of the Continental tire

According to Continental Tire, the ContiSeal technology offers immediate and about 80% seal to all tire punctures, sealing holes of about 5 mm in hole size, effectively reducing the chances of tire air being lost, thus keeping the tire sufficiently inflated. Continental Tire offers the ContiSeal technology in a number of Tire options with the following recommendations for Nigerian Roads.

  • Continental All-Season Contact Tires
  • Continental Premium Contact 6 Tires
  • Continental Viking Contact 7 Tires

Continental Tire recommends that Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) be installed along with the ContiSeal Tires for optimum observation.

Please note: Self-sealing tires will have to be eventually removed and repaired, as sealing is not always 100% and will thus require that the puncture be properly repaired.

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Finixx Self Sealing Safety Tires

Finixx Tires is another brand of tire manufacturing that has been known to be very good. The Thailand company also offers its own brand of self-sealing Tires using what it describes as a Swedish technology for the production of these safety tires. The technique used here follows the same basic concept utilized by the various tire manufacturers. In the case of the Finixx Self Sealing Tire, the company makes use of a Mix Thermoplastic Elastomer. The block polymer which is semi-solid in nature lines the inner layer of the Tire offering the tire increased rigidity and strength. This special material is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110°C.


Finnix's self-sealing tires can withstand the high temperature which is up to 100 Celcius degree 

Finixx says its innovative Self Sealing Safety Tires can never go flat even when it gets punctured by more than one nail and even when this occurs severally. This is surely a deviation from what is offered by other tire manufacturers who always recommend that you repair a self-sealed tire after a puncture incident. Finixx offers the self-sealing technology in the following Tires we recommended for Nigerian Roads;

  • Finixx Sky-X Safety Tires
  • Finixx Prestige-X Safety Tires

Michelin Self-seal Tires

One of the biggest and oldest names in the tire business will make sure not to be left out in this booming sector and has put its name on the list as well. Michelin Self-seal technology follows the same basic concept as others by placing a natural rubber-based sealant over the tire's inside lining. This sealant will effectively surround any puncture object like a nail that drills past the inner lining, thus preventing any form of air loss due to leakages.


Michelin has been in the industry for a really long time


The French tire manufacture is joining hands in producing self-sealing tires with its own technology


Michelin self-seal technology guarantees to prevent any possibility of air loss from the tire

The Michelin Self-seal technology is capable of offering as much as 90% seal rate for all punctures up to 6 mm in puncture diameter. Currently, Michelin's Primacy™ A/S Tire and Energy™ Saver A/S which both comes with Michelin Self-seal technology are offered as standard tire options in the 2020 Ford Explorer and the Chevy Bolt Models (from 2017), respectively. We recommend that you go for Michelin All-season Safety Tires, as this comes with Self-seal technology and the all-season feature makes them the best suited for Nigerian roads.

  • Michelin's Primacy A/S Tire
  • Premier A/S Tire

Pirelli Seal Inside Technology

Pirelli has been around the tire manufacturers' block for so long and is regarded as a leader in the industry. The company's own self seal offering comes from years of research development towards a product that they say is puncture resistant. The Pirelli Seal Inside works on the same principle as the others, with a layer of sealant placed on the inside area of the tire that fills up a hole resulting from a puncture incident, making sure no tire pressure is lost due to air leakages.


Aside from the famous run-flat tire technology, Pirelli Seal Inside Technology is reliable too

Pirelli says that the Seal Inside technology makes sure that the tire continues to maintain good tire pressure "452 kilometers and 5 hours and 25 minutes at an average speed of 84 km/h", after self-sealing a puncture. We recommend that you go for the Cinturato All Season Tire as this offers the best possible all-season tire experience along with the self-seal function.

  •  Pirelli Cinturato All-Season Tire

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DuraSeal by Goodyear Tires

This Tire manufacturer multinational founded by Frank Seiberling in 1898, remains the oldest American Tire manufacturing company. The company's offering of self-sealing tires which it nicknamed the Duraseal is surely one of the best around. According to Goodyear, "When a nail puncture up to 6 mm occurs in the tread area, DuraSeal instantly surrounds the nail and seals the tread puncture". This description highlights how the DuraSeal works to prevent loss of tire pressure by preventing air leakages from the tire through any puncture hole. 

Video: Goodyear Tires with DuraSeal Technology

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