Defensive driving course in Nigeria: what it includes, price & where to apply


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Ever wondered what defensive driving is and why you should consider taking a course in it? Here is a guide on all it entails and the techniques you are likely to learn. The post also hints how much it costs and where you can apply for these courses!

1. Why need to attend a defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course is an aid to driving accident free, no matter the conditions surrounding you while driving. A defensive driving course in Nigeria can be explained as a course taken to acquire driving skills that saves lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around and the actions of others.

Defensive driving is using a dynamic skill that utilizes safe driving strategies to enable motorists address identified hazards. With defensive driving classes, individuals learn to improve their driving skills by reducing their driving risks. Driving risks are reduced by anticipating situations and making safe well-informed decisions.


Defense driving courses involves a lot training on tactical decision making to avoid road accidents.

2. What does a defensive driving course entail?

A basic defensive driving course contains contents that are designed to train you based on the laws of your state. Information such as traffic crashes and their causes, impacts and consequences. The goal of good defensive driving course is to reduce the risk of traffic crashes and accidents by properly educating students to exercise caution and good judgment for other road users while driving.

A defensive driving course also contains how drivers can overcome negative psychological factors such as unneeded stress, fatigue, emotional distress and road rage. They also offer instructions for developing a positive attitude while driving.

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3. What driving techniques are included in a defensive driving course?

There are techniques involved in defensive driving, this type of driving takes conscious and deliberate efforts, therefore the training involved must be followed consciously and religiously. Here are some techniques listed below!


Learning defensive driving can improve awareness of other drivers on road

  • Improve your driving skills daily

Perfecting one's driving skills is part of the conscious efforts made towards becoming a defensive and save driver. If you need to take more driving lessons or practice driving more, go ahead and ensure that you can drive confidently.

  • Focus

Avoiding distractions and keeping your focus on driving the vehicle is part of the techniques in defensive driving. Individuals who want to drive safely must eliminate distractions such as cell phones, conversations with passengers, and listening to the radio.

  • Ensure you are obeying traffic laws

Obeying traffic laws, staying alert on the road, noticing and obeying  things like directional signs, speed limit signs, and signals while you drive are also techniques in defensive driving. Also always check your mirrors on occasion so you have a full view around your vehicle.

  • Beware of the Other Drivers

It is not advisable to follow vehicles ahead of you while driving, too closely. Keep a distance of about 3-5 seconds between you and the vehicle in front of you. Always yield to other drivers when necessary, also be wary of dangerous decisions other drivers might make. Being patient and giving other drivers their turn, helps prevent accidents and road rage.

Anticipate other driver’s moves, make an educated guess on how they are going to react in situations. Getting angry can make accidents more likely so be quick to forgive other drivers on the road.

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  • Create good driving Conditions         

Creating good driving conditions like controlling speed by paying attention to the posted speed limits, keeping up with the flow of traffic are some of the ways to maintain a good driving condition. Also do not engage in speed competitions on the road. Also when driving in bad weather, such as rain, fog, snow, ice, wind, and mud, slow down, and always make your intentions known to other drivers by signaling while driving. Turn on your lights too in bad weather.

3. Prices & Where to attend defensive driving course in Nigeria

Defensive driving course are part of the courses rendered in most driving schools. Here are some accredited driving schools in every state in Nigeria, click on the website of your state to look for the driving schools of your choice. also encourages you check for reviews so you pick the driving school that fits your budget.

Please check here the reference prices of certain driving schools in Nigeria. The price of a defensive driving course depends on each level, time and course curriculum. Some may be as low as N20,000 while others may go up to N55,000 for an intensive course. You can find details in the link we suggest.

Below are the list of accredited driving schools in Nigeria where you can attend defensive driving course. Click on the link to see the list of schools for each state!

>>> Whatever you learn, you must know Traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria issued by FRSC

Accredited driving schools in Nigeria
Akwa Ibom
Cross River

4. Last words

In conclusion, attending defensive driving courses in Nigeria helps to reduce the dangers associated with driving such as collision or accident. They can also save costs related to vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption.

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