9 crazy things we all have done in our cars


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We all do crazy things when in a moving car, I have highlighted 9 of those things.

Nigerians are very special; it is a fact but have you seen Nigerian motorists/drivers? They are even more special in every way. I don't know if you just observe some funny habits of Nigerian road users and just wonder why they act the way they do. I want to a rundown on 9 crazy habits that all Nigerian drivers have done at one time or the other.

9 Crazy things we have done in our cars!

1. Follow 'one-way' and obstruct traffic

Most of us are guilty of this. Impatience on the road makes drivers follow the oncoming lane on 2 carriage ways just to move ahead of the traffic.


This is the craziest thing we all do

The driver now follows this 'one-way' only to block the oncoming cars then the two lanes now get blocked for no reason.

2. Turning down the radio volume to find an address

It is very funny how most people reduce the volume of the radio just to see properly on getting to a new destination to find the right place to go. It is just impulsing to take out every form of distraction when driving around unfamiliar areas.

3. Abusing a road user while driving

90 per cent of Nigerian drivers have rolled down the car window just to verbally insult another driver/road user for pissing you off. This is why when learning how to drive legally in Nigeria, you get advised to assume that you are the only sane person and every other driver/road user is mad.


Wasting time on the road insulting another driver is really crazy

This is because you are only accountable for yourself at every point on the road. Don't be surprised when others behave crazy, no need for insults at any point.

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4. Shave hair/make-up in the car

Most Nigerian females have done make-up in the car.

When the rush intensifies and they have to be on the road immediately, they just take their make-up kit and do it in the car. Female drivers use traffic as an avenue to do makeup while driving. Men also shave beards while in a car.

Doing this does not only distract you as a driver whether male or female. It also stains the car badly in some cases.

5. Looking at other drivers and making assumptions

Many of you just look at the driver on your left or right then make weird assumptions about them from what you see. This is because our brain is very active as we drive so it is normal to just assume that the woman wearing a white shirt in the car beside you is a lawyer coming back from work.

6. Throwing out waste objects while driving

The reason a car has a floor on the inside is not just so that you can place your legs on. It also serves as a temporary storage space for the driver and occupant.

There is nothing wrong in littering the car conveying you with food wraps and drink packaging. The road is not a dust bin expect if you aim at dumping your waste in a roadside trash can. Some even go as far as throwing out the total waste from their homes out the car window.


Can you imagine this man? Well, he got caught

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7. Remembering the weirdest things

Most of you remember the most unbelievable things while driving alone especially. Things like how many times you didn't wash your spoon before eating with it in secondary school, when last you saw the most annoying university classmate you ever had.  

8. Talking to yourself

For most of us, the car is a perfect place to exhibit every form of craziness. Talking to yourself is not a bad thing at all, it is just funny how you mostly do it in your car.

9. Screaming to a song

You are just in your car, your favorite song comes on then you increase the volume and start screaming till you lose your voice. We all have done this before. 

Final notes

No matter the number of crazy things you have done in a car while driving, it is never too late to quit these crazy bad habits. Follow up on all you need to know about motoring in Nigeria with Naijauto.com. Car reviews, Car tips, Car News, and Prices of cars in Nigeria are all detailed on this platform for you to consume daily in an entertaining way.




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