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Find here the most comprehensive list of cost of driving school in Nigeria, covering fees of AA Rescue, A1 driving school, and many others throughout the country.

Top popular driving school in Nigeria

Among thousands of driving schools in Nigeria, we have sorted here top 7 most popular driving schools reviewed by local drivers before coming to cost of driving school in Nigeria

AA Rescue driving school

Guess which school tops the list of most favoured institutes?

Alright, here are top 7 most favoured driving schools in the country!

  1. AA Rescue driving school
  2. A1 driving institute
  3. Aso driving school
  4. Heritage driving school
  5. Ultimate driving school
  6. Steerite driving school
  7. Western driving school

Now, let’s see how much the cost of driving lessons in each of these schools is. The driving school prices might vary a bit in different location and centers but most of the fees will conform to the standard cost published by the school authorities.

Moreover, certain schools will public their fees for different types of course while others only reveal pricing list when you register directly, based on your personal needs at that time. This is easy to understand as all schools want to customize their course and pricing best to serve customers, that’s why it’s hard for them to give a fixed price in public.

a Nigerian man thinking hard

Struggling finding prices of driver’s training course? Here you are!

AA Rescue driving school

The leading driving school in Nigeria offers 3 types of driving courses with different price packages. All the costs in AA driving school have already included 5% VAT.

Cost of AA Rescue driving school
Course Price Notes
 Regular program N52,000  9 weeks

3 lessons a week

 Intensive program N55,000  5 weeks

Everyday lessons

Weekend program N55,000

11 weeks

Saturday lessons only

A1 driving school

A1 driving school offers 3 main services: corporate driver safety, driver’s training course (advanced & defensive course) and car papers or driver’s license process.

Below is the fee for standard driver’s training course here!

Cost of A1 driving school
Course Price  Notes
Driver’s training N38,500  4 weeks

5 lessons per week

learner driver and instructor

AA Rescue and A1 driving school top the list of quality and fees as well

Ultimate driving school

The Ultimate driving school serves both theory and practical courses. They also sell driving lessons by hours for busy drivers. Check their fees below:

Cost of Ultimate driving school
Course/ Lesson Price Notes
1-week refresher course N15,000 For drivers to refresh driving knowledge and skills
2-week driving course N25,000 For beginners
3-week driving course N30,000 For beginners
Theory course N5,000 In classroom
Driving simulator training N2,500 Price per hour
Driving lesson N3,500 Price per hour
Practical driving assessment N5,000

Price per hour

For corporate drivers

Intensive defensive driving course N20,000 Duration: 10 hours

Western driving school

Western driving school provides both online and offline classes. The rates also differ between 2 locations.

Fixed course price

Course Price Notes
Registration N1,000 Either manual or automatic classes
Learner’s permit N1,500 Either manual or automatic classes
Nigerian highway code N1,500 Either manual or automatic classes

an unhappy women paying bills

Sorry but prices for Lekki branch are much higher than in Ajah

Pricing for other courses in Ajah, Olokonla

Course  Price  Notes 
1-week driving course N9,500 Manual class
1-week driving course N10,500 Automatic class
2-week driving course N15,000 Manual class
2-week driving course N19,000 Automatic class
3-week driving course N21,000 Manual class
3-week driving course N25,000 Automatic class
4-week driving course N27,000 Manual class
4-week driving course N31,000 Automatic class

Pricing for other courses in Lekki

 Course Price   Notes
1-week driving course N15,000 Either manual or automatic class
2-week driving course N25,000 Either manual or automatic class
3-week driving course N30,000 Either manual or automatic class
4-week driving course N36,000 Either manual or automatic class

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Other standard driving school fees

Regarding the rest of Nigeria drivers license class, as they do not unveil their service rates, we suggest here the common price for standard driver’s education. The majority of schools will conform to this with little modifications but the amount of money learners have to pay should not stray too far from the list as follow.

 Course Price   Notes
Beginner driving course N17,000 (without learner’s permit) – N20,000 (with learner’s permit)  3 weeks

15 lessons

Advanced driving course N13,000 (without learner’s permit) – N16,000 (with learner’s permit) Learners have already grabbed the basics of driving
Refresher driving course N6,500 (without learner’s permit) – N9,500 (with learner’s permit)  
Support in drivers license application N25,000 – N30,000 Not fixed

What should you focus in driver’s education?

Admittedly, every knowledge item introduced in a driver’s training course is important. However, we may not have enough time and brain capacity to absorb them all, so it’s advisable that you know what to focus on.

an exhausted girl

Cramming anything they teach can make you exhausted

1. Theory part

To ensure your own safety on road and avoid any possible trouble with the police, you must pay extra attention to common traffic rules and regulations in Nigeria.

I know there are so many laws but knowing the most essential is okay, such as: required documents when driving, meanings of road safety signs and ranges of fine for violation, abandoned driving pattern or simply the speed limit for each type of routes.

You should also check out causes of traffic accidents and withdraw your own lessons.

2. Practical skills

There are 2 sets of skills I want to refer here.

The first skill set is of course driving skills. This is extremely important when it comes to unexpected scenario on road. When learning with the instructor, ask them to help promote your situational awareness to react in sudden cases. For example, imagine you’re travelling in a regular traffic flow with stable speed then suddenly the truck in front of you stops for no reason. What would you do in that situation? Wearing seat belts only can’t insure you against possible losses.

In case you’re injured because of this incident, that truck may not be responsible to pay for your treatment if it’s just broken without the driver’s awareness. What I want to mention is the essence of defensive driving program in which you learn how to avoid then react in those abrupt situations. Don’t ever underestimate your skill when you can pass the driving test easily!

a front end collision

Beware of unexpected situations on the road!

The second set of skills is the techniques handling car paper process like how to renew driver’s license, how to verify your driving license and how to check car plate number online.


Whatever driving school you attend, it should not far exceed the average cost of driving school in Nigeria. Contact the school directly and ask for tiniest clarification before signing in the enrollment form.

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