Correct driving posture to prevent long term injury

A poor sitting posture could lead to repetitive injuries when behind the wheel. Check out the hints on driving posture and adjustment you must adopt!

Vehicle maintenance is very important and cannot be overemphasized. Good maintenance culture is key to your safety. It is simply reciprocal; when you take good care of your vehicle, it shows you similar comfort when you are behind the wheel. It is not a smart idea to take a vehicle condition for granted. The most common excuse people give for not taking good care of their car is financial reason. However, that isn’t justifiable enough to risk your safety or well-being in the long run. The driver is also vital in putting the vehicle at the safe side of the road and performing some adjustment, internally and externally for a smooth driving experience. Here on Naijauto, we will point out some simple hints on how you can prevent long term injury accustomed with driving.

Simple tips of avoiding long term injury from driving

There are some certain injuries that a driver can develop overtime from driving. Sometimes it might be due to his positioning while driving or the position of the seat or even the steering wheel. These problems when not taken care of at the early stage might lead to repetitive injury due to muscle and spinal injury or even joint problems. The best way to eliminate such long term discomfort, stress and fatigue with driving is to ensure your driving posture allows you to drive comfortably as much as possible. Check out the simple tips of having a perfect posture while driving:


To avoid spinal cord or any form of severe injury, you need to maintain a perfect posture while driving

1. Your position must give you easy access to the road, mirrors and other driving aid gadgets in your car.

2.  You need to adjust the base of your seat to set your kneels and hips on perfect equal position. You do not need to worry about your thighs as the seat cushion will do that job for you.

3. You might need to adjust your seat forth or backward for access to the pedals.

4. While sitting, you are expected to be reclined at angle 100-110 degree which is slightly above vertical.

5. You need to adjust the steering wheel by bringing it down closer to you, but 18-24 inches far from your chest. It is also important you set it where you can relax your shoulder.

Right Driving Position (Seating) for Comfort and Safety : Making the Right Adjustments

If you are looking for what will give you extra comfort while driving, we recommend you get a massaging heated cushion seat, lumbar back support or even arm rest. We hope you have an injury-free driving experience. We hope you had load of fun while reading this educative article. We have more for you on the safe driving section on Do come back!

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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