11 cool driving tips for smooth driving experience


Posted by: Okenwa Emeka

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A lot of things can make driving very tiring. Naijauto.com have put together these cool driving tips for the best driving experience. Come in and check them out!

Given the harsh weather in Nigeria and traffic congestions in such cities as Lagos, driving in Nigeria is a truly tiring task. Understanding that, Naijauto.com have put together these cool driving tips for the best driving experience.

1. Move steering wheel in parallel with direction

Move steering wheel to the direction you want your car to go when reversing. The same way you move your steering wheel in the direction you want to go when driving forward, same applies when reversing. If you want to go right backing up, turn your steering wheel to the right and if you want to go left turn your steering wheel left.

2. Switch to Manual mode

Most automatic transmission cars have manual mode. If you see the “M” sign with numberings 1 to 3 then that’s the manual mode. To get into the manual mode, move your transmission gear selector to “D” drive and push to the left, that way you have switched to manual mode and you can change gears from 1 to 3 moving your transmission stick upward and downwards.


Manual mode in an automatic transmission system

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3. Check if wheels are straight

If you want to know if your wheels are straight make your steering too. Your steering wheel can be straight in 3 different directions; one turn to the right, one turn to the left and actual straight.

For easy recognition some car brands have their logo on the steering so you can align it to face straight, that way, your steering wheel and wheels are straight. If your car steering doesn’t have the brand logo, try moving your car, if it is moving right, turn your steering wheel one turn to the left and if it is moving left turn your steering one turn to the right.

4. Decide one way or two way road

If you want to know if it’s a one way or two way road you are driving on check for the road signs, if they are coated on the opposite side from you then you are driving on a one way road. Instruction written on both side of a road sign means it’s a 2 way road.

5. Adjust your seat belt

Most cars have seat belt adjustments. If your seat belt is resting too close to your neck, you can adjust it to fit properly. Check above your left shoulder from where you pull your seat belt for this adjustment panel.

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You can adjust your seat belt here!

6. Understand the relationship between ignition key and steering wheel

When you try to start your engine and the ignition key won’t turn, it is because the steering wheel also is locked. What you should do it turn your steering wheel left and right while you turn the ignition. Your steering wheel gets locked when you try to turn it after putting your ignition off. Sometimes this happens when you use your steering as balance when trying to come down from your car.

7. Locate the car fuel tank

On your fuel gauge sign, there is an arrow pointing right or left. This helps you know where the car fuel tank opening is located. This tip is helpful when you are at a fuel station and if you are not acquainted with the car you are driving.

8. Check incoming cars at night

When driving at night, you can use reflection on cars parked on the road side to see if there are cars coming on either side of the road at an intersection.

9. Correct your driving posture

The middle of your head rest should be aligned with your eyes looking forward. That’s the correct position for your head rest. This gives you a comfortable position when driving and prevents a whiplash in case of a collision.

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10. Switch between throttle and brake pedal

When switching between the throttle and brake pedal, the best way is to position the heel of your feet between the both pedals and switch without lifting your heel. This helps take care of strain on your feet and gives you a smoother driving experience.


Foot properly placed on pedal

11. Adjust your seat easily

Your seat is too far back if your foot can’t get under your brake pedal. In newer car models the lever is positioned on the side of the seat on your left hand. Push this lever forward or backward to move the seat in the direction you want, in this case, forward. In older car models, there is a sort of bar under the seat, move this upward and pull your car seat forward until your feet can fit in comfortably under the brake pedal.

Whether you drive a new model car or an old model car, driving can be very easy and fun if you know the right hacks and tricks. Follow these cool driving tips and more tips on safe driving for a cool driving experience.

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Okenwa Emeka

Okenwa Emeka


Okenwa Emeka is a prolific writer who combines his content creation skills with a strong passion for automobiles to make engaging articles for Naija car lovers. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing CAM with a diploma in digital marketing. 

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