Driver license in Nigeria: which class is for you?


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Have you got a driver’s license? How do you know about driver’s license in Nigeria and its 10 classes?

Everyone driving on roads must be required a driver’s license. It’s a legal certificate which proves citizens have the right to drive automobiles. In Nigeria, driver’s licenses are issued by the Nigeria Federal Government with 10 types and scope. Here Naijauto team are pleased to inform you all classes of driver's license in Nigeria!

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10 classes of driving license in Nigeria

  • Class A: Motorcycle
  • Class B: Motor vehicle of less than 3 tones gross weight other than motorcycle, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus (Omnibus can be understood as any vehicle using motors that can carry fewer than six passengers.)
  • Class C: A motor vehicle of less than 3 tones gross weight, other than motorcycle
  • Class D: Motor vehicle other than motorcycle, taxi, stage carriage or omnibus excluding an articulated vehicle or vehicle drawing a trailer.
  • Class E: Motor vehicle other than a motorcycle or articulated vehicle
  • Class F: Agricultural machines and tractors
  • Class G: Articulated vehicles
  • Class H: Earth moving vehicles
  • Class J: Special, for physically handicapped persons.
  • Class V: Convoy driving (This type of license is issued for individuals who drive holders of political and government officials for the convoying purpose.)

Source: Federal Road Safety Corps

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