What kinds of cars are more prone to road accidents?


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Cars with a lot of power under the hood tend to handled aggressively by drivers, hereby making it more prone to road accidents. Certain car colors should also be avoided. Check here!

Safety is one thing you should never take for granted whether you are in any of the auto markets in Nigeria or ordering for your car online. Luckily, this is an age whereby you get tons of information online especially reviews from different experts or those that have used the type of car you are about buying. If you are this kind of person that does a lot of research before going for a particular model, there will be a point when you would ask yourself series of questions on how safe you will be on the road if you buy this particular car.

There are bulks of factors that contribute to road accidents. This might not even be a factor on the type of car you are driving but the way you are driving this car. Regardless, take a look at some key safety factors you might need to know before buying a car here on Naijauto.

1. Cars with powerful engines

It is quite true that cars which possess more power under the hood are very much prone to be involved in various kinds of accidents. This is because; people with powerful ride tend to handle it more aggressively. This put them at more risk of road accident. Truth be told, people who drive these powerfully cars are mostly not trained enough to drive them. So, the problem here might be really the car.


High performance cars are more prone to road accidents due to lack of proper handling by the driver

2. Cars with compact size

When you own a two-door compact car, there is this urge that usually put you at higher risk on the road unlike the people that drive four-door sedan. Why is this, a problem? The size of this car makes you feel you can weave in and out of traffic as you like. This risky behaviour can really expose you to mishap.

3. Cars with dark colours

Maybe you didn’t know this before; the colour of your car determines your safety on the road. Black coloured cars have this strong reputation of blending easily with the environment. This doesn’t end with black colour but other colours such as grey, silver, red and blue. The safest colour to drive is white or orange. This is due to their visibility and presence on the road than most colours.

 4. Cars lacking proper maintenance

This is not even negotiable when it comes to safety on the road. When you fail to maintain your car properly, you put yourself at high risk of involving in road accident. Poor maintenance culture such as driving with worn out brake pad or even suspension problem will put you at a hazardous position on the road. When you are driving on the highway and you find the need to reduce your speed or even put it at halt, only for you to discover that your brake has failed. That might lead to serious catastrophe that could cost one’s life.

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5. Cars lacking safety features

When you decide to drive a car with no basic safety features such as taillights, windshield, and rear or side view mirror, you are putting yourself at high risk while plying the road. This is no brainer; the way you pay attention to the safety features in your car will go a long way in determining your safety on the road. It is important you get those missing safety features fixed as soon as possible.

Remember, regardless of what you have read so far, the most important step to safety is not the car itself but the driving habit exhibited by that very person behind the wheel. No matter the type of car you drive, if you are a reckless driver, you would still be exposed to road accidents. Learn to be patient while plying the road.

Please drive safely!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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