Allowing your car sleep over at mechanic workshop? Hell no!


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Do not make the mistake of allowing your car to stay overnight especially at a roadside mechanic workshop. Click here to see the reasons why you shouldn't!

Probably this is possible in another country, not here in Nigeria except few high end auto workshops. One decision you might live to regret for so many years is leaving your car at auto workshop especially the popular road side ones. Well, if your car is not the fancy type, you can take that big risk. Even at that, it is very non-advisable to do that regardless the kind of car you own. Mechanics do not put the sign “at owners risk” at their shops but you need to put that sign at the back of your mind. Many bad things could happen to your treasured car while lying there all through the night in a very unsecure open mechanic workshop.

To avoid these preventable regrets, see the reasons identified by Naijauto on what could happen if you let your car stay at a mechanic workshop overnight.

Reasons why you shouldn't let your car stay at a mechanic shop overnight

1. Possibility of more damages

When you park your car overnight at a roadside mechanic workshop for repair, there is high possibility that the mechanic could incur more damages on yours due to his incompetence or might even use some irreplaceable parts in your car to quickly fix another client’s car. When you pick your car the next day, you might not have a clue of the damage done on your car until it starts showing the signs.


Every repair on the car should be done during the day and returned back to you

2. Your car could be used for commercial purpose

Imagine the feeling when you decide to take a short night city tour in the night after parking your car. Only for you to discover that the cab you are in, is definitely your car that was just parked few hours ago. Some mechanics in Nigeria have the habit of taking advantage of their clients’ cars and take it for a business trip, hereby generating more income for the mechanic at your own expense.

It is quite important to know that some of them might be too careful to avoid suspicion by cleaning your car for you and you might even end up giving him more money for a job well done. Another hint you might overlook is having more fuel in your car. Mechanics are not that large hearted to buy fuel into a client car from their own pocket.

How to easily identify a fraudulent auto mechanic

3. Your car might even get stolen

Do you know you can lose your car if parked overnight at a roadside workshop? It might be by him or even by car thieves. If you attempt to park an expensive car overnight at a roadside mechanic workshop, you are seriously on your own. The worst you can do is to arrest the mechanic. The case will be dragged and you might end up getting tired or spending lot of money while paying your lawyer.


Your car might get stolen at the mechanic workshop overnight

How can you prevent these problems?

Except you are thinking of patronizing the expensive and corporate auto workshop, your car might be safe overnight. If not, you will need to see what you must do in order to avoid the tempting offer of allowing your car to sleep overnight at a regular mechanic workshop.

  1. It isn’t a bad idea to invite a trusted mechanic to fix your car right in your garage or close to your house. This will allow you to keep an eye on your car.
  2. If it is absolutely necessary you repair it at the mechanic workshop; ensure he returns the car to you each day regardless of whether he is done or not. This will prevent your car from being stolen overnight from his workshop.
  3. If possible, get someone to stay with your car when repair is being done on it. This will prevent any smart move by him to remove something from your car for another job.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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