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If you live, work, or do business in Lagos, you will agree that finding a trusted paid parking space is important. This article talks more about parking fees and where to park in Lagos. Read on for more details.


Lagos state happens to be one of the places plagued with severe traffic congestion, as a result of the number of vehicles overwhelming the available road network. This has led to other underlying issues like lack of parking spaces. This issue is becoming so appalling that the search for parking spaces is no longer a job for the faint-hearted.

In some parts of Lagos, car owners spend hours in a particular location trying to find spaces to park their vehicles. This could be very disheartening especially if you're just some miles away from your place of appointment.

The traffic congestion, the fumes from cars, the tiny road network, the lack of parking spaces all string up to make Lagos state unbearable for many motorists. Almost all car owners in Lagos have a sad story that narrates how frustrating owning a car in the city could be.

Some persons have seen this as an avenue to generate income, as such have come up with building car parks especially in areas of the city that seem to be very busy. 

In this piece, we will delve into details about parking spaces in the "Center of Excellence", Lagos, as we look at the car parking fees and where to park in Lagos.

Car Parking Fees

Owning and running a private car parking place requires that you obtain a Private Car Park Permit from the Local Government Authorities. These permits are issued for an annual fee, which ranges from ₦10,000 for motorcycle and Keke Napep designated parks in urban areas to ₦300,000 for long trailers and trucks designated parking lots. For Taxi parks, the permit fee ranges from ₦20,000 to ₦50,000 depending on the area while luxury car parking lots pay an annual car park permit fee of about ₦100,000.

Thus these companies and businesses have to charge their clients and customers a fee to remain in business or defray this annual permit cost. In Lagos, you are generally required to pay a fee for the length of time your car will be parked while you are away. Commercial parks charge an hourly fee for their services and even some organizations now require their employees to commit to a highly subsidized monthly car parking fee. 

In Lagos, the parking fees range from ₦400 per hour to as high as ₦2,000 per hour. So pick the one that favours your pocket, as we highlight some of the most popular paid car parking lots in Lagos city.

In the meanwhile, there are some prohibited places where you should avoid parking your car.

Where to park in Lagos?

1. MTN Multi-Storey Car Park

The Multi-storey car park was developed by MTN in collaboration with the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation LSDPC between 2013 and 2019. The over 5-storey car parking lot has the capacity to hold at least 800 vehicles and is likely the most secure and neatest publicly accessible car park in Lagos at the moment. 

The MTN car parking lot is located in the Falomo area in Ikoyi very close to the Lagos State Waterways Authority LASWA and is mainly for MTN staff but the public may be allowed to use it for a ticketing fee. Please be ready to pay a good amount if you would want to utilize this facility.


The MTN multi-storey car park is a stone throw from the popular Falomo bridge


The MTN multi-story car park can hold up to 800 cars


The MTN multi-story car park is a stone throw from the popular Falomo bridge

Check out this review by a satisfied customer below

The MTN multistorey car park is strategically located in behind the LASWA /Five Cowries Terminal beside the Falomo bridge. More than five floors dedicated to vehicle parking for staff and other users within the area. It has dedicated security and cameras. Drivers are issued tickets or tags before parking.

We parked here before heading for a cruise at Five Cowries and it was a pleasant experience. The security officials were cordial too. ♿There are dedicated lots for persons with disabilities near the elevator. This is quite impressive as it will make it easy to access.

If you would like to locate the MTN Multi-storey car park, please see the map details below

Google Map Navigation details to locate the MTN car park

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2. Ikeja Shopping Mall Park

The Ikeja Shopping Mall runs one of the most organized parking services in Lagos, offering paid car parking services to Lagosians working and doing business around Alausa and Ikeja area at large. 

The malls parking area is as secure as it gets with CCTV cameras and trained security personnel manning the various units. The mall car parking services run from as early as 9 am and to about 9 pm, offering free parking for up to one hour. If you must park your car for a period exceeding an hour, then parking fees begin to apply.

If you plan on having your car parked for upwards of 2 hours, the parking fee ranges from ₦200 to as high as ₦900 for 6 hours and above. This surely one of the cheapest fees across the city.


Ikeja City Mall Paid Parking Lot 


Ikeja City Mall Paid parking fees ranges from ₦200- ₦900

If you would like to locate the Ikeja City Mall car park, please see the map details below,

Google map details to locate Ikeja City Mall car park

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Murtala Mohammed Airport Car Park

Built in 2017, the Murtala Mohammed Airport car park was designed to offer car parking services to air travellers as well as people working and doing business around the airport. The building is a multi-storey facility that has a carrying capacity ranging from 800 cars to a maximum of about 1300 cars.

Murtala Mohammed Airport Multi-Storey Car park fees range from ₦500 for a parking period of up to an hour and increases by an extra ₦100 for every hour that passes. You can also have your car parked within the facility overnight for a fee of ₦2800 while large buses are required to pay a flat parking fee of ₦3500.


Murtala Mohammed Airport Car Park


MMA car parking fees range from ₦500 to about ₦3500

If you would like to locate the Murtala Mohammed Airport car park, please see the map details below,

Google map details to locate Murtala Mohammed Airport car park

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Oluwole Car Park

Situated in the middle of Lagos island is the Oluwole car park, surrounding this renowned car park is Nnamdi Azikiwe street, Breadfruit street, Martins street, and Evans street.

Normally, Lagos island is a very busy and occupied area, as a result of its booming economic activity. The area in which this park is situated happens to be a site that plays host to thousands of shoppers daily. With such a high volume of human beings and vehicular traffic, it is no surprise that the need for parking space is incredibly high.

Although the Oluwole car park is in a dilapidating condition with its facilities poorly maintained, it still manages to service several hundreds of cars daily.

The park requires her customers to a fee of ₦500, this amount is fixed and doesn't change, irrespective of how long you desire to park your vehicle (so far it doesn't exceed a day). However, you cannot be completely guaranteed of your vehicle's safety, considering how volatile this area can be sometimes mainly as a result of the high volume of local agbero and touts that roam in this area.


Oluwole Urban Market car park charges a fixed rate of ₦500 for a day

Other Car Parks

There are a number of other car parks within the city, a very famous one is the Marina Underbridge paid car park run and managed by area boys. The Marina Underbridge car park charges a fixed rate of ₦500 daily. Other parks include the Palms Mall Parking Lot, New Airport Car park, etc.


Above is a detailed discussion on car parking fees and where to park in Lagos. The need for car parking cannot be overemphasized, car parks go a long way in mitigating the issues of traffic congestion especially in a place like Lagos. Alongside this, Car parks have an artistic and beauty value, which will make Lagos a lot more friendly and welcoming, as well as super organized. 

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