5 companies provide car hire in Port Harcourt you can trust & prices

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These are some of the best car hire in Port Harcourt to move you around in comfort, and a good number of them have vehicles you can hire to move items as well. Check out what they offer and prices!

Mobility with cars and road transportation is completely necessary in our everyday lives; and they save more time on movement within same region. Car hire in Port Harcourt happens to be a solution to many situations that require movement for meetings, shopping, haulage, and so many other events. A car owner could use a car hire service instead of driving to a location or an event for specific reasons, and a person who does not own a car could use the service as well. The types of cars and the scope of hire service which they provide can be understood in this article as we progress. If you live in Port Harcourt, check out prices of car hire in Port Harcourt from 5 best rental companies you can trust.


If you are yet to able to afford a car, or just need a car one in a while, no problem: car hire is the answer for you

Events where people use car hire in Port Harcourt the most

There can be many different reasons for using car hire in Port Harcourt; these may include personal and collective decisions depending on the situation of the movement. The more popular reasons have been mentioned below and discussed accordingly.

  • Association trips

  • Airport drop off and pick up

  • Interstate travel

  • Relocation

  • Haulage of goods

  • Ceremony convoy

When visiting Port Harcourt, you will see a lot of vehicles parked with a sign placed them saying “car for hire”; walking up to negotiate the cost of their service will make you understand that they lack standard. You have come to the best location with enough recommendations to provide you with the right company for the purpose of your car hire in Port Harcourt.

Prices of car hire in Port Harcourt from 5 best car rental companies

Here are the popular companies that offer car hire in Port Harcourt.

1. Xclusive rent a car - the wide range of options for car hire in Port Harcourt

This is a professional car hire company with top customer service, their hiring services includes long and short term car hire, airport pick up and drops, as well as protocol service.

List of services:

Xclusive rent a car offers two major services, and they include;

  • Car hire: This service comes with the vehicle you need and a professional driver
  • Car leasing: This service allows you to choose a car for any function you need vehicle to do.

Fleet/ car models:

The following vehicles are among the fleet of cars for hire from Xclusive rent a car;

  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Prado TX-L
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Lexus Lx570
  • Buses


You can find from popular vehicles like Toyota Corolla, Camry, to bullet proof SUVs at Xclusive Rent a Car

Car hire prices

Customers can get the price range when they call the company with details of their request.

How to book a car from Xclusive rent a car

The company gets booking through phone calls to their customer service line which has been included in the contact section above. Customers can visit their business web address to see the vehicles they need, and then click the "call now" button to book the service.


2. Sixt Rent a Car - new vehicles for car hire in Port Harcourt

Car hire in Port Harcourt has just seen a classic standard with Sixt company, and they are positioned at a central location in the city. Their fleet of vehicles includes sedans, off-road vehicles and heavy duty trucks. Having a top customer service keeps them competitive in the business, and the client reviews are really positive. Sixt Rent a Car prices are quite higher than other car hire companies in Port Harcourt but their fleet are very new cars - on an average 3 months old. 

List of services:

The services offered by this company includes;

  • Car hire: The vehicle service that comes with the company's professional driver.
  • Moving services: Hauling office or home items to a new location.


You can book a vehicle via Sixt Rent a Car via their website for mobile app

Fleet/ car models:

This company is a global car hire service provider with over 222,000 cars on their fleet, their vehicle brand includes BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, and some other top manufacturer brands the following;

  • Luxury SUV cars
  • Luxury Sedan cars
  • Convertible cars
  • Minivan
  • Passenger vans

Car hire prices

The pricing for their car hire service ranges from N10,000 per day to about N60,000 per day; this depends on the class and type of vehicle which the customer wishes to hire.

How to book a car from Sixt Rent a Car

Sixt company has a new website, customers can request bookings using the following methods;


  • Address: Port Harcourt - Aba expressway, Rumuola, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Phone: 07088606711, 07007498742 (0700SIXTPHC)
  • Website: www.sixt.com

3. PamDrive service - Cheap price for car hire in Port Harcourt

A garden city top car rent company which provides their services with the use of a mobile app. They have interactive platforms that meet the taste of the PH city people, and the feedback information prove satisfactory. "Pay less than street taxi" is their slogan and you can actually hire good vehicles at a very affordable price.

List of services:

  • Corporate hire
  • Event car hire
  • Educational car hire
  • Logistics car hire

Fleet/ car models:

Find the types of cars in the categories which PamDrive places their fleet;

  • Comfort: The cars here includes from 2004 to 2008 models of Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, and a few other comfortable sedan cars.
  • Premium: This class has 2010 to 2013 models some great sedan vehicles like the Toyota and Honda variants.
  • Executive: Here, you will get the most recent sedan vehicles and SUV models that are fit for executive functions.


You can opt for affordable car rent with 2004-2008 models or stylish and comfortable latest models

Car hire prices

They begin pricing at N300 and then charge the following for different service classes;

  • Comfort: N80 per km, or N7 per minute
  • Premium: N110 per km, or N10 per minute
  • Executive: N150 per km, or N25 per minute

How to book a car from PamDrive service:

There are various methods to book a car hire service from PamDrive, and these includes;

Mobile App booking:

  • Download the mobile App at 




  • Register you phone number beginning with '234' without the (+) sign.
  • Fill your information to complete registration with a code which will be sent to your phone.
  • Your location will be detected by the App whenever you need to book a car service.
  • Select your car class and click "Get Taxi"

Phone Call booking

Chat or SMS booking: Customers can send a message through SMS or a WhatsApp chat to +2348099904445 with  details of their location, and time for car hire.

Their social media bookings are functional; so, send thecompany a message on Pamdriveng on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Website booking: Visit their website to book a car service.


  • Address: 19 Trans Amadi Industrial Layout , Port Harcourt, Rivers
  • Phone: +2348099904442, +2348099904443
  • Website: www.pamdrive.com

4. Mega Cab services

This company provides quick response car hire services in Port Harcourt with affordable pricing and exclusive services to fit the customers' requests.

List of services:

The company offers the following services;

  • Corporate hire
  • School bus hire service
  • Airport pick up and drop offs
  • Car leasing

Fleet/ car models:

They have a fleet of Toyota Corolla cars.

Car hire prices

They have a low price offer for airport pick up and drop off, and it begins at N3500.


You can hire Toyota Corollas at Mega Cab service

How to book a car from Mega cab service:

The best way to book a service with Mega cab services is placing a call to the phone lines with details of your request.


  • Address: 33 Sani Abacha Road, Autograph Mall, GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Phone: 09035000020
  • Website: megacabph.com

5. Prima Nova Chauffeur Services

This company provides corporate car hire services and professional protocol services. They are usually available for more than 10 hours everyday, so feel free to call for a car hire.

List of services:

This company offers these sevices;

  • Executive car hire
  • Vehicle leasing services
  • Taxi cab
  • Logistics services
  • Fleet management services

Fleet/ car models:

The fleet of cars available from Prima Nova are classed under executive and economy levels.

  • Luxury SUV
  • Luxury sedan
  • Pick up trucks
  • Passenger vans

Car hire prices

The cost of car hiring from Prima Nova Chauffeur service vary with the classes of vehicles they offer, and customer requests.

How to book a car from Prima Nova Chauffeur service:

Customers have to give the company a phone call in order to book a car hire service in Port Harcourt. They also respond promptly to their social media links so bookings can be placed through those media.

Prima Nova Chauffeur is very active on social media pages


Above are all the information you need to know when looking for car hire in Port Hacourt. Naijauto truly hopes you'll have a nice experience riding. Good luck!

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