Top tips for Car Decoration this Christmas day


Posted by: Oluwatobi Ogunrinde

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Your car doesn't have to look like Santa's living room, you can just something really simple. Below are 12 top tips for decorating the car this Christmas day!

2019 is getting wrapped up, and Christmas decorations are all over the place. On the streets, in Churches, offices, garages, homes, shops, parks, but how about cars? Are there any decorations available for cars or your car will have to go through the season looking the same way it looked in August? 


If you can get this done, your car will probably get a lot of snapshots while on the move

If you really love the Christmas season and want to enjoy the feeling while on the road, Naijauto has listed a few Christmas decoration ideas you can utilize. Depending on what you love, you can pick between color Green, Red, White, Gold, Purple, and Blue.

1. Stockings

Christmas stockings are a perfect way to decorate your car interior in a really calm way. They could be any of the colors above or even a mixture. The stockings can be hung on the rearview mirror or if you place it strategically, it can look really cool on the widescreen.


Based on preference, you can get smaller stockings so they don't disturb you in any way.

2. Christmas steering covers

For men who don't want to look too girly, a Green Christmas steering cover will be awesome! Otherwise, you can opt for white and red just like the above picture.

3. Santa Claus caps

The caps are usually red and white. You can wear them on the car seat headrest on wear them on your head while in the car.


Put your Santa cap on and bring Christmas to the town!

4. Use bows

Bows can be in any colour and will look good on the steering wheel, behind the headrest, and on the mirrors.

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5. Snowballs on the dashboard

Snowballs are so cute, even when it's off Christmas season. The best place to put one is on the dashboard or behind the rear seat.


In our opinion, the snowball with a tiny Santa Claus is the best way to decorate your car this season

6. Santa Claus stickers

Santa Claus stickers can be placed on the car glass, definitely not on your windshield though. 

7. Miniature Santa Claus

You can get a little Santa Claus and drop it on your dashboard. Some of them sing, some drum and some are just standing with a tiny trumpet. It's best to put it on the dashboard because if it's behind, your little one might just yank it off.


What do you think of this miniature package?

8. Miniature statues of angels and baby Jesus

For oldies, miniature statues of angels, Mother Mary and Baby Jesus will sit perfectly on the dashboard.

9. Christmas chair covers

If you want to go all out, get Christmas chair covers and cover up your car seats. It's a great way to make a huge Christmas statement, you can always store them and use them next Christmas.

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You can order this Christmas-theme seat cover on Amazon

10. Christmas lights

The lights don't have to be too much, just a little hung inside and outside your car. Most people may not like having Christmas lights hanging outside their cars, you can just have a few lit ropes inside. If the lights look like doing "too much" for you, the other nine options will look great.

11. Hang some balls, miniature bells, gift box on the car ceiling

Since you can't have a whole Christmas tree in your car, you can at least get use the decorations around it. To get the gingling feeling while you drive, hang miniature balls, bells, and gift boxes on your car ceiling. If you have kids, be ready to scream "don't touch that bell" from time to time.


Not much but will look good inside your car

12. Get a brand new Christmas paint job

For every Christmas season, there's always going to be someone who's willing to go all out. If you intend to use the car over and over again for Christmas (maybe you're in the Santa Claus business) or just want to feel the season deeply, you can do a complete Christmas paint job. As expected, the colors will be around white, Green, Red and Blue.


If you can afford, buy a brand new red car for Christmas!

There you go! You're all set for Christmas, in your home, and in your car.

The decorations are even much better when you have a road trip ahead, finish decorating and get on the road in high Christmas spirit! Don't forget to check all the car parts before hitting the road.

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