What to do if your car bonnet flies open while driving


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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When seeing your car bonnet flies open while driving, the very first action you may do is stepping on brake pedal. Can you think of some consequences after your car suddenly stops on highway? Check here safe ways to handle in that case!

It is definitely not a good experience to see your car bonnet flying open when on motion. Your heart freezes and pauses for few seconds. This is the very moment you are likely to make one of the most irrational decisions of your life, which could claim many lives on that road.

Here on Naijauto, we will walk you through what you should do when you are faced with such situation.

What to do when car bonnet flies open on road

It is a good practice to do general check up on your vehicle regularly before you set out for work or any other daily activities you plan for. However when you do basic checkup like checking the water level in the engine or level of oil, you will need to open your bonnet and perform this small task, after which you close your engine bonnet back. It is not a new thing to have your mind skipping the closing of bonnet once in a lifetime, even though you can avoid that. When it happens, the most obvious solution that comes to mind is to press brake instantly.

Do not do that, it is very risky. Before it gets worse, it might have been giving you signs of a loose bonnet. It is better you move your car to the road side and fix it. When you are moving on the highway at a top speed, the pressure of the wind will force your loose bonnet to fly out and can sometimes hit your windscreen. Because of this unfortunate situation, you brake hard since the bonnet and the cracked windscreen have obstructed your vision.


When the bonnet flies openly while driving, it may shatter your windshield

This is where you need to wear your thinking cap and resist the urge to step on the brake pedal.

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Use your side mirror quickly to calculate the distance between you and car behind. When you feel there is enough distance, you can halt your car slowly. Hold tight to your steering because of wind pressure and use all the available mirrors in your car. You can look through the driver’s window to avoid possible collision upfront. The most important lesson here is to manage the situation calmly.

Watch how this Lagos Danfo handles a flying bonnet!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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