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Posted by: Juliet Onyeachonam

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Having these top 10 cool car accessories in your car bring your experience to a new height. Also, this helps you drive more effectively. Check the list below!

With the advent of various car technologies in the world today, car owners can now pimp their cars to exquisite tastes with some cool car accessories available in the market today. With some of these cool car gadgets, older cars can now be made to deliver some smart features of newer model cars and modern cars can be made to look even cooler.

So, in this article by favourite car website, Naijauto.com, we are going to unveil the top 10 cool car accessories and gadgets which you can use to give your ride a stylish look and even better performance and efficiency.

1. Car Dash Cam

A dash cam is one of the coolest car accessories that can add great features to your car. Dash cam which is short for a dashboard camera is usually mounted on the dashboard of a car just as the name suggests. It is a portable digital camera that captures the progress of a driver’s trip.

Although the dashboard cam does not protect the occupants of a car from immediate danger, its footage can be used to determine the cause of an accident or as solid evidence in the case of a car robbery.


 A dash cam can serve as solid evidence in the case of a car accident or robbery

This dash cam starts recording the course of the journey the very second a car starts moving.

So, if you are looking for such security and is one who is interested in looking at clips from your journeys and car trips, then you should have a dash cam installed in your car to enjoy the benefits that it brings.

2. Car Jump Starter

Another of the cool car accessories which every driver should have in their vehicle is a jump starter kit. A jump starter kit is a must-have car gadget given that when your car battery suddenly goes dead you might not find someone to help with jumpstarting your vehicle. You probably also will not have the time to go for a full battery charge before you continue with your journey.

However, with a car jump starter kit, you are good to go as a driver can jump-start his car by clamping on the clamps of the kit unto the matching terminals of his car battery.

I strongly recommend that every driver should have a car jump starter kit tucked away somewhere in their vehicle at all times because you will need at some point in the lifetime of your car.

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3. Portable car tyre inflator pump

This car accessory is another essential gadget every driver should own in their car. This portable car tyre inflator can inflate your car tyre in 5-7 minutes while saving you the stress of locating a roadside vulcanizer before you can get help for your deflated car tyre. The most amazing thing about this piece of gadget is that it is both affordable and portable allowing you to carry it around in your vehicle at all times.


This device can inflate car tyre in 5-7 minutes while saving you the stress of locating a roadside vulcanizer

If you are wondering where you can get this device, it is available online on Jumia and Konga stores. You can also get it in some motor parts dealerships close to you.

4. GPS Tracker

The GPS car tracker is another essential item on our list of cool car accessories for your car. This device can be connected to a smartphone which then helps you to know and keep track of the exact location of your car per time.

This is good for transport businesses and also purposeful in the case of car theft.

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5. Bluetooth in-car speakerphone

Another cool car accessory which you can have in your car is the Bluetooth in-car speakerphone. This device can connect to your smartphone and allow you to make hands free calls without having to fiddle with your phone. The Bluetooth in-car speakerphone allows you to make calls and also play music from your phone on your car stereo.

Some of these Bluetooth speakerphones are so smart that they can even read out the name of your caller to you when it is connected to your phone leaving you enough free hands and eyes to drive with it.

6. Car mount holder

Another really cool accessory which you can add to your car for flexibility and comfort while driving is a car mount phone holder. This accessory allows you to mount your phone in a visible and accessible position while driving. The use of this device for your phone will keep your phone fixed unto one position, keeping it safe from falling or even cracking.

Car mount phone holder allows you to mount your phone in a visible and accessible position while drivingphone-mounted-in-the-car

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7. Car seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker

This device is simply a survival aiding car accessory. It is designed to help you cut loose your car seat belt in the case of an emergency like accidents where your seat belt refuses to unbuckle.

So if you are ever involved in an accident, with this device in your car, you don’t need to freak out due to a stuck seat belt. You only need to reach out for it and cut yourself loose and also break your car window if you need to in order to perfect your escape.

The seatbelt cutter and glass breaker are designed to shatter car glass and also equipped with a sharp razor blade to cut through stuck seat belts.

8. Bottle jack for car

A car jack is another very important car accessory to have in your vehicle at all times. Truth is you do not want to be left helpless in the middle of the road when your car tyre gets punctured.

A car jack can come in handy not only for a tyre change but also when you have some problems with your car engine and need to lift up some parts of your car.


A car jack can come in handy not only for a tyre change but also when you have problems with car engine

It is recommended that you have some type of car jack in your vehicle all the time. However, the bottle jack is an excellent type of car jack as it requires only minimal force to lift very heavy loads such as your car.

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9. Car Seat Organizer

A car seat organizer is another one of the best car accessories to have in your vehicle. A car seat organizer helps you to store all the car accessories and other stuff you have in your car in a tidy compact space. This car accessory is designed with enough pockets to accommodate all the things you might want to store up in them such as your smartphone, torchlight, umbrella etc. So, next time you are shopping for accessories for your car, remember to throw in a car seat organizer.


A car seat organizer is designed with enough pockets to accommodate all the things you might want to store

10. Back up camera

Another gadget in this list of cool accessories to have in your car is a backup camera. This car gadget is a protective device for your car that helps you see what is behind you while backing up your car.

This gadget protects your vehicle by showing you what is behind so you don’t end up hitting something and denting your car bumper. You should totally save yourself the stress of fixing a car dent by equipping your car with a backup camera.

In summary, it is always a great idea to tush up your vehicles with smart car accessories that will make driving both easier and enjoyable for you.

We are hopeful that you will find some really amazing car gadgets to add to your vehicle from this list of 10 cool car accessories to have in your car.

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