Canned drinks can explode in a heated car cabin


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"What a tiny can of soda could possibly do to a car?", you might ask. Read on and we'll explain why.

Under the scorching hot weather of Nigeria, the heat inside cars, especially ones with the windows up can be significantly higher than the environment outside, it can even burst gas lighter or canned drinks if they are left in direct sunlight for too long.

Every one of us can feel the intense heat inside our cars under the sun of the summer. A research from Korea Transportation Safety Administration shows that the temperature inside the cabin is normally around 32 Celsius degree and can reach as high as 50 degree Celsius if the vehicle is parked under shades, and even 60 degree Celsius under direct sunlight - a shocking number, literally. This research is from a country in the cold climates region, imagine what it would be like in a tropical country like Nigeria. 

a broken open can of drink

Carbonated drink cans can explode inside cars if left in direct sunlight of the summer

In the test, the testing agency attempted to raise the temperature inside to 90 degree Celsius to see if there's any strange thing happen. Many carbonated drinks exploded when the temperature is around 78 degree Celsius. They did another test with a highly inflammable device - the gas lighter. Surprisingly, the lighter also exploded when the temperature reached 78 degree Celsius. So it's safe to assume that the pressure generated from the heat is the main reason that caused those to exploded from the inside, not the nature of the chemicals/liquid they contain.

The director of the Korean Transportation Safety administration expresses the concern about cars owners' habit to leave canned goods and carbonated drinks inside their vehicles. He said "The heat from the scorching summer could accumulated very quickly inside any enclosed environment, and not just cars. This will cause vacuum goods to explode. What's more, leaving inflammable things inside could pose a huge risk to the owner and their furniture.

Beware of oven-like car interiors in summer

According to experts, you should lower your car windows from 10 to 20mm before leaving the vehicle so that the heated air inside the car would be circulated and mixed with the cooler stream of air from outside environment. Doing this will prevent the greenhouse effect from happening inside. What's more, your car is best parked in shades, or at least you should cover your car with protection pads stuck to 4 windows. Besides, never leave inflammable pieces of stuff near the windows or in the car at all because they'll very likely to explode.

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