Can rats in a car give you Lassa fever?


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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As the coronavirus continues to spread, you must be careful rats in your car don't give you Lassa Fever.


Rats in a car can spell bad news

Having rats in your cars can be dangerous and may expose you to a lot of dangers. Rats in cars can invade uncovered leftover food, and pass deadly diseases through such foods. When you eat food infected by rats, your body may develop chronic diseases such as Lassa fever, Hantavirus, leptospirosis, and other deadly diseases. You could apply preventive measures to block rats from invading your car. However, rats can bypass your preventive approaches and take their spot in your car anyway.

In this article, wants you to understand the dangers of having a rat in your car. You will also discover the preventive measures to prevent rats from invading your car.

Most at times, you feel so comfortable eating your favorite snacks or food in your car. You might be riding in the company of rats without your knowledge. Rats in your car are ever ready to invade your leftovers and leave droppings on the food which can give you Lassa fever.

How do rats enter your car?

Rats prefer a hidden strategic position where they can stay away from predators. Your car can become a convenient option for rats if you are always parking your car close to a dirty gutter, or next to a trash can. However, an untidy garage can house some of these rats. Whenever your car is left open in such a garage, these rats may sneak in and hide in under a convenient hidden spot for safety. If you have developed the habit of dropping leftover food in your car, you can attract rodents.

What kind of damage can rats cause in your car?

Rodents can cause several kinds of damage to your car. When rats hole up in your car, they might search around for leftover foods. But if you are clean enough to remove every food particle in your car, the rats will be left with nothing. For these rats to stay alive, they will search for an alternative option for food. Rats will destroy the following:

  • Electrical wiring system: In the absence of food, rats can choose your car's electrical wiring system as an alternative option. When the damages caused by the rats are massive, you may find it difficult in starting your car. 
  • Car documents: Your car documents may suffer damage from these rats. When they destroy your car papers, you may find it difficult to use the car unless you have a duplicate copy of the documents.
  • Seat cover: Your seat cover might attract the rodents if you leave some food stains on it.


Rats can damage seats and other car features

How rats in cars can give you Lassa fever

Rats in cars can give rise to health complications like Lassa fever. Almost everybody prefers to eat food in a quiet and secure place. Most people usually feel relaxed in their car and enjoy their meals whenever they are far from home. While eating your food, when you have rats in your car, if you leave your food without covering it even for a minute or two, rats can get into your plate and enjoy a portion of the food. They may also leave droppings in the meal. When you consume the same food, you can develop Lassa fever.

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How to prevent rat damage in your car

To prevent rats from invading your car and damaging something, you have to apply these safety measures;

  • Clean off any food source from the car: Before you exit from your car, endeavor to remove every food stain or drop from your car. When you neglect to remove the food drops on the car floor, rodents will attack your vehicle and consume the leftover.
  • Use a mousetrap to eliminate the rodents: Once you notice some damages caused by rats in your car, don't hesitate to set a mousetrap at a strategic location in your car. However, you can use a sound repelling device to shield your car from the rats.
  • Do not park your cars in areas with rodent problems: Avoid areas with rodents’ problem. When you park your car in areas suffering from rodents, rats may enter your car through any convenient opening.


Leaving food in your car attracts rats

How to clean your car when infested by rats

Humans can contract chronic diseases when they stay in an infected place for a long time. For instance, if rats hole up in your car, you can contract the Hantavirus through breathing. You have to be extra careful while cleaning up the rats' mess. Use a suitable disinfectant to clean up the rats' urine and droppings. You can remove every form of rat stain from your car when you abide by these instructions:

  1. Endeavor to cover your hands with plastic or rubber gloves: Since you are cleaning off an infectious mess caused by the rats, you must cover your hands.
  2. Mix water with bleach: You can mix a portion of bleach with some gallons of water and allow the mixture to stay together for a while before using it.
  3. Apply the mixture in the affected areas: You can apply the mixture in the affected areas and allow it to stay for a while before you can wash it off.
  4. Clean off the surface with any suitable cloth: When the mixture has lasted for some minutes, then you can clean it off with a cloth.
  5. Scrub the surface: You can scrub the surface using a sponge or brush to make it cleaner.
  6. Wash your hands: When you are satisfied with the cleaning exercise, you can wash your hands with sanitizer to remove every form of germs from it.


Make sure you take care of your car to avoid infestation

You can keep rats away from your car and avoid Lassa Fever with these tips.

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