Why you should buy a good GPS tracker for your car


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A good GPS tracking system not only helps drivers with directions but also is an agent in disguise whenever your car might be stolen. Check these reasons for buying GPS tracker for your car, suggested by Naijauto experts!

The Global Positioning System (GPS), originally created by the United States, operates on no fewer than 31 satellites. Connected to these satellites, the GPS gets signals to track vehicles. If you install a GPS in your car, it can be located wherever it is. In addition to this, the good GPS tracking system serves as your map, guiding you to the destination you are heading to while shielding you and your loved ones from possible harms as well.

One of the key components of GPS is Geo-Fencing. This feature notifies you either via text or email when humans or objects cross your location. It also boasts of advanced features that can determine the speed of a moving car, and detect when a car driver is facing trouble.

Please refer to 9 reasons for choosing a good GPS tracker for your car below, suggested by Naijauto.com!

1. Real-time tracking

The number one thing you should check is whether or not the GPS enables real-time tracking. You need to know where your car is at each point in time. When you open the GPS interface on the system, you will see a map indicating your car and other vehicles or items around it. It also shows you whether your car is parked in one location or it is in motion. The moving speed is also indicated.


It delivers real-time data about your car to keep you informed

2. Trip record

A good GPS shows you a record of your car movement. It presents indices displayed on a map, showing you where your car was driven to over a period of time. If you happen to give your car to someone, you do not have to lose sleep over their whereabouts. From the GPS interface, you can know everywhere the person has been to. The system takes it further to show you if your car has been overspending. If someone else is driving the car, you can caution them to reduce speed.

3. Alerts

The GPS offers warning alerts to prevent damage or danger. If your car is being used beyond its limits, a notification is sent you immediately. This is very handy especially if someone else is driving your car. You get to know how they are handling it.

Types of alerts sent to you include speed, route deviation, tempering, excess stoppage, fuel pilferage etc. Taking measures to address these alerts will foster maintenance and increase the lifespan of your car.

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4. Track chauffeur-driven car

Sometimes, we let our loved ones be driven around. When kids are involved, they are most likely not able to protect themselves from danger. As a parent or guardian, you need to be aware of your wards’ safety whenever you place them in the hands of a stranger.


Track where your loved ones are being driven to

A good GPS helps you to keep track of their whereabouts from your end. If you notice that the car is moving in a strange or unplanned direction, you can take action immediately. There have been cases where drivers abducted children kept in their care, and demanded ransom from their parents or guardians. With this system, you can assist the authorities in tracking them down.

5. Geo-fencing alerts

Geo-fencing is basically e-fencing. You can create an electronic fence on the system around certain landmarks. The fenced area is taken to be your private area, and out of bound to intruders. If someone enters the fenced area, the system will send you a notification. There is no room for surprises. By creating a geo-fence around your car, you get to know when someone is getting close to it.

6. Summary of report on dashboard

A good GPS gives you a report of your car for the last 90 days on your dashboard. You get to know where the car was and how it was operated. With this information, you are better positioned to make decisions that are in your best interest.

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7. User-friendliness

Despite all the features offered by a GPS, it becomes a problem if you cannot easily operate it. A complex GPS is hard to understand, let alone operate. As your car moves around, you should be able to understand the information displayed at one glance because it will not remain in a particular location for too long. You should be able to differentiate between real-time and historical data and interpret them accordingly.


You should be able to operate the GPS with ease

8. Simple installation and maintenance

You are better off with a GPS that can be easily installed and maintained. One that can be fixed below the dashboard makes a good fit. But it should not be conspicuous for strangers to detect it. There are four major types of GPS including Marine GPS, Car Navigation GPS, GPS/PDA hybrid and Portable Outdoor GPS. Amongst these, Car Navigation GPS is the easiest to install and maintain.

9. Analytics and voice instructions

If you are on the highway, you will not have the chance to visually operate the system. Opt for a GPS that has voice instructions – one that can tell you the state of things, without you having to pay full attention to its interface.

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