How to choose the best bus driving school in Nigeria


Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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If you are interested in Bus driving in Nigeria, there are quite a number of people willing to train you, but you have to choose your ideal bus driving school. Here are tips to help you make the right decision!

If you plan on being a school bus driver, commercial bus driver, traveler's bus driver (commonly known as luxurious bus in Nigeria) or even private bus driver, you have to go to a bus driving school. This gives you the necessary training you need to drive a bus and operate it as well. There are quite a number of people willing to train you, but choosing your ideal bus driving school in Nigeria can be a bit tasking. Therefore, Naijauto has decided to bring you tips to help you make the right decision.


A career in bus driving is profitable and worth the while

1. Carry out an online research

Good thing is that the world is becoming a really small place, thanks to the Internet. You can literally find anything you seek by just typing your question and searching on Google. This applies to bus driving schools too. You can find local driving schools, national ones and even tutorials to help prepare you. Once you get a list of schools that tickle your fancy, you can search for reviews to know what their customers think of them.

You can also cross check their names with list of accredited driving schools of FRSC. This way you can somewhat know how tested and trusted they are.

2. Visit those around you

Once you find a list of bus driving schools around you, visit a handful of them one after the other. This way you can have first hand information and know if it's in line with your search results. You can also use that as an opportunity to know if you would be comfortable with their vehicles, around their instructors and within their facility. After you must have visited them, compare the prices and decide.


Being a woman? No problem, just pursue your career dream!

3. Compare the rates

Rates for driving courses differ from state to state, city to city and brands. When you get the rates, compare them and see which you can work with. Put into consideration the duration, the reputation or reliability rating of the brand and quality of equipment you see. It won't make any sense paying 50,000 naira for one week to learn only driving when another bus driving school is offering to teach you driving and operations for a month at the cost of 60,000 naira.

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4. Find out more information from those around you

The good old tradition of asking questions and getting referrals from family and friends hasn't totally gone away. It's pretty easy. Just talk to commercial bus drivers around and find out what bus driving school they attended and can recommend. You can also go to companies that employ drivers and find out where they hire their employees from or where they train them. Not only will this save you the stress of looking too hard, but you'll also have the possibility of being hired when done.

Finally, be sure you really want to be a bus driver before enrolling into a bus driving school. You won't want to be feeling out of line when done and you later realise it really isn't your thing. Follow these tips today and be on the right track to fulfilling your driving goals.

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