How a bottle of water can set your car ablaze


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A "harmless" bottle of water can cause you so much damage than you can ever imagine. See how having a bottle of water in your car can cause fire and how to prevent it!

The topic of this article is horrific, isn’t it? It isn’t a clickbait. A bottle of water can actually set your car on fire. The question on your mind now is: how’s that possible? Don’t worry, will explain everything in detail.

How a water bottle can cause car fire

Did you know that glasses, when exposed to the sun can ignite fire? A car owner got to his car parked outside, and saw that the car was on fire. But for his timely arrival, nothing would be left of his car. He wondered where the fire came from. Unknown to him, it was from a water bottle.

A bottle of water is made of glasses. In a situation where light penetrates a glass, the light rays are concentrated on a particular spot. If you are familiar with Physics, you’d know that it’s called Refraction.


Sun rays can penetrate the glass and accumulate heat at one point

When you park your car under a scorching sun with a bottle of water inside. If the hot sun penetrates your car windscreen and concentrates on your car seat, or on a piece of paper somewhere inside, the temperature will be raised to a high level. It’s only a matter of time before fire is ignited.

This might sound like fiction, but it isn’t. It isn’t advisable to try it out, otherwise, you could experiment it.

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How to prevent this from happening

Keep bottles of water in your car away from exposure to sunlight. If you must keep a bottle of water in your car, have it well covered and hidden in a corner.

Eye glasses are dangerous too. As the name implies, they are made of glasses. Don’t keep your glasses on your dashboard or seat where they are exposed to sunlight. Have them covered and tucked aside.

Where you park your car is very important. If your car isn’t exposed to sunlight in the first place, there’d be no reason for an explosion. Always park your car in a shade.


See this scene familiar to Physics experiment? The one to ignite fire through glass

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Chris Odogwu

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