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Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Driving at night could be very sweet and tempting; however, there are many challenges associated with night driving in Nigeria. To be safe while driving, check this piece out!

Driving at night can be very interesting and fun especially on free highway and you get to enjoy the cool breeze that goes with the night. However, safety wise, it is quite challenging especially in a country like Nigeria. Some people are day time drivers; anything night, just count them out as they claim they don’t usually see clearly at night. What you need to know is that circumstance can make night drive a necessity. This is why Naijauto has decided to give us safety hints on night driving here in Nigeria.

Safety hints for night driving

1. Always use your headlights

It isn’t such a bad idea to turn on your car headlight when driving at night. You can even decide to switch it on when it starts getting darker. This will inform other motorists of your presence on the road. This doesn’t only apply to night driving.

There are extreme weather conditions that could prompt you to switch your headlights on even during the day. Conditions such as a very thick fog, thunder storm or even a very rare solar eclipse that happens once in many years might require you to use the headlights. It is safer to allow other drivers see you while driving and always avoid incessant use of high beam light that could cause distraction or even confusion by obstructing other drivers from seeing anything.

How to drive your car flawlessly at night

2. Do not follow any car too closely

Always give space between your car and surrounding cars. This is a golden rule that applies not just in the night, but every time you put your car on the road. When you get too close to a car in the night, you might be confusing the driver or even make him feel nervous. Consequently, this can lead to several other irrational decisions such as wreckage or worse, fatal accident. Also, by getting too close to a car during night driving might reduce the visibility of the other driver since your headlight becomes brighter when closer. Thus, it confuses the driver.

For your own safety, when you move too close to a car while driving at night, you are limiting your option to maneuver your way out when you instantly confront a very deep pothole or even a bump. Your visibility is limited in the night and when you hit your car on such pothole, it could be catastrophic for you and your car.


Leave enough space between you and the next car when driving at night

3. Always be at alert and be attentive

This literally means you should keep your eyes open. Shine your eyes! It can be really unsafe driving around some areas in the night. You need to be sensitive to every place you pass. Make sure you always use all the mirrors in your car to lookout for the cars at your rear, most especially heavy truck or fuel tanker.

When you are driving on the highway, prepare your mind for possibility of wild animals crossing the road. That has caused many accidents not just in Nigeria, but the world entirely. Do not just stop for anyone especially in some very unsafe areas. Concentrate on the road so as to get to your destination safely at night.


It is better not to drive at night if you are feeling tired

4. Avoid sleeping while driving

Like we mentioned earlier, night driving can be so sweet and at the same time risky. Some people are conditioned to sleep at specific time in the night. When such people get behind the wheel in the night, you can expect a costly accident like this asleep delivery man crashes 4 Ferraris worth ₦625 million at best, or casualties in the worst case. So make sure you cling onto these 6 tips to avoid sleepiness behind the wheel.

It can be really tempting to sleep behind the wheels at night especially when you are very tired from the day’s work. If possible, please do not drive but if it is very necessary to do so, make sure you go with someone who will put you back on track anything you show sign of sleepiness behind wheel.

We believe here that your safety is paramount and that is why we always update you on safety tips and advice on

Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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