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Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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Except you want to feel the wrath of stomach upset or tiredness during a long trip, check out the best food intakes for either short or long drive!

Have you ever felt discomfort while driving after a certain meal? Don’t rush to a doctor yet. There are certain food intakes that are not suitable for driving. These set of foods will give you a nervous breakdown and makes driving such a hell for you. The human body functions just like a regular car. You cannot fill petrol tank with transmission oil nor fill engine oil with wipers’ fluid. Every part requires a certain treatment to function optimally. The kind of food you consume goes a long way in determining how your body reacts to it. Why some might go so wrong, some might be really perfect for any kind of driving.

Though many drivers might not know this, Naijauto feels it is very important they know the best food to take while they're travelling. We are not overriding the interest of those that consistently take short trips, but we are paying attention on those whose length of journey might be so dependent on what lies in their stomach, especially the public transport or commercial buses. Private car owners are also included.

Getting an urge to energize oneself before taking that trip is absolutely normal. Totally refrain from food that will really purge you. This applies to drivers and passengers. You don’t want to be stopping at every 10 minutes to use the toilet. For your information, your most possible toilet is the bush. This will infuriate the passengers and even put your life at risk on a deserted highway.


Eating some certain foods before driving can make you feel so uncomfortable during the long trip

1. Light weighted and crunchy foods are recommended

Don’t forget you will be sitting in that bus for a whole lot of hours. It is highly advisable you stick to light weighted and crunchy foods. These will prevent any form of stomach upset while driving or as a passenger. When you take foods or snacks such as sausage rolls, plantain chips, potato chips, nuts among several others, you will definitely have a smooth trip without any fear of stomach trouble. Though many people might decide to take a sugary drink to wash down these snacks or food down the throats, it isn’t a bad idea actually. It is often recommended you drink just water if possible.

Don't Eat While Traveling: Why You Shouldn't Eat Food While On The Move - Remedies One

2. Say No to "heavy" foods

One thing of note is that, the most method people use to fill their tummy is buying and eating all sort of food from food vendors or hawkers at the motor park. If you consume these non-homemade meals such as cooked rice or heavy foods such as swallows, burger and so on, you might become a victim of serious stomach issue at the middle of the road. Not just that. When you take heavy food while traveling, it is very much possible you start feeling sleepy or tired as a driver. It would be really catastrophic if you doze off while sitting behind the wheel on the highway.

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3. Certain fruits are okay

Fruits such as apple, banana, cucumber and carrot are also smart choices. You can decide to take them raw or have them blended separately or together into liquid form. They will supply you with the much needed energy during your long trip.

Don’t fall into any temptation of eating beans. It is definitely a NO! You will not like yourself. Even pepper soup is not advisable.

One thing that Nigerians are so fond of is eating uncontrollably inside the bus. Some can eat from the beginning of the journey till their destinations. You need to stop this habit. You might not be opportuned to relief yourself considering the unsafe nature of many highways in the country.

Please adhere to smart and required eating habit before embarking on that trip.

Safe journey!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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