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Drivers in Nigeria and all over the world listen to music when being behind the wheel. Find out the bét driving songs you can listen to when hopping in the car now!


Generally, music is regarded as the food for the soul. Almost every human on earth derives inspiration from listening to some particular songs. A scientific study has revealed that music helps to activate every part of the human brain. From this study, you should understand the positive impacts of listening to music while participating in your daily engagements. Having said this, what would you say are the best driving songs in Nigeria?


Music is very important in Nigeria, and music stars are extremely popular

Does music help drivers?

Driving is a specialized activity that requires emotional supporting music to facilitate the road trip. When you drive a vehicle without a working media system, your chances of enjoying the road trip will be slim. Hence, there is a need to have a complete music playlist set up in your car before hitting the road. Several studies have revealed that music can help minimize driving stress, enable the driver to focus, and positively impact the driver's mood.

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The right driving music

Drivers can only enjoy all these privileges if they play the right music at the right time. However, another research revealed that music can distract teenagers while handling the steering. Some teenagers may tend to play music louder than normal, and their focus may concentrate more on loud music, making them lose focus on the road. Parents should educate their children on both the positive and negative impacts of music during driving.

10 Best driving songs in Nigeria and in the world

While considering the best songs to play on any road trip, you should try and avoid high energy songs. Experts have revealed that music above tempos above 120 beats per minute (BPM) can motivate drivers to increase their driving speed above normal. Therefore, you should consider music less than 120BPM to keep the driving activity safe, fun, and engaging. Musicians across the globe are releasing interesting music to suit both road users and party houses.


The right music can make driving fun and exciting

While selecting your music playlist to use while driving, you should consider adding the following best driving songs in Nigeria and in the world to the collection:

1. Rema- “Dumebi” 

The afrobeat song was released by Rema, under the Jonzing world record label. This is a subsidiary of Mavins Records.

"Dumebi" was released in March 2019. The music is to be played with 110bpm making it a perfect song for road trips. Dumebi is a unique vibe on its own. The song tends to increase the self-confidence and freedom of its listeners.

These attributes of the song make it a perfect option for drivers. As every driver is looking for a safe driving option, a low tempo song like Dumebi can make your road trip fun and exciting.

2. “Laugh now Cry later” by Drake & Durk

In 2020, Drake decided to release another inspiring song with Lil Durk. So, they came up with an amazing song title “Laugh now Cry later,” which served as a source of inspiration to many people.

This song was released on the 14th of August 2020 as a lead single of Drakes yet to be released as an album titled "Certified Loverboy."

Since the song is played at 67 BPM, it makes a perfect option for road trips. The Laugh now Cry Later track is good music that helps to drive away loneliness behind the wheel.

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3. Burna Boy- “Wonderful”

Burna Boy released "Wonderful" on 26th June 2020 as the single lead of his fifth studio album titled “Twice as Tall.” The song should be played at 119 bpm which makes it an ideal song for road trips. Music lovers both in Nigeria and abroad derive inspiration from this afrobeat song.

4. Ariana Grande- "7 Rings"

The next song in the list of best driving songs in Nigeria is 7-rings by Ariana Grande.

In 2019, Ariana Grande released her fifth studio album titled “Thank you Next.” The song was recorded as part of this popular album. It comes with a lot of vibe and inspiration for the world at large.

Since the music should be played at 70 bpm, it tends to enhance the driver’s focus during a road trip.

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5. The Weeknd- “Heartless”

The Weeknd is a famous Canadian singer who has released several songs to inspire the world at large.

This song should be played at 89 bpm in order to enjoy your driving or road trip.

"Heartless" is so inspiring that you will fall in love with its lyrics while listening. Your list of playlists is not complete without this one.

6. Simi- “Ayo”

Simi has been making Nigerians proud with her inspiring songs. "Ayo" was released in 2019, and it happens to be one of her most popular songs that inspired many Africans and beyond. The song should be played at 98 bpm, and it can motivate any driver to do better on every road trip.

7. Teni- “Power Rangers”

Teni came into the limelight after releasing her single titled "askamaya" in 2018. Ever since then, her music has served as a source of inspiration to many Africans and beyond.

"Power Rangers" was one of her songs that increased her fan base. This song is played at 105 bpm, which makes it safe music for road trips. The lyric is catchy and interesting.

8. Joe boy- “Baby”

In 2019, Joeboy surfaced in the music industry with an inspiring song titled “Baby.” The song has pushed Joeboy to embrace the limelight.

This R&B Song has inspired both Nigerians and foreigners to see music from a different angle.

he song should be played at 105 bpm, which makes it a good option for safe driving. You should add this song to your playlist to enjoy your driving selection.

9. Fireboy DML - “Vibration”

Fireboy is another talented artist that graces the Nigerian music industry with interesting songs. In November 2019, Fireboy released a song titled “Vibration.”

The song was a hit track and helped the singer to gain more attention from music lovers all over the globe.

This R&B song should be played at 105 bpm. You should add this amazing song to your playlist while driving one of the top 10 cars in Nigeria 2020 or other cars of your choice.

10. Miley Cyrus- “Wrecking ball”

When you desire to stay awake throughout your road trip, "Wrecking ball" by Miley Cyrus should always come to your mind.

This song comes with a specific motivation that inspires listeners to remain focused. The song should be played at 116 bpm.

Final note

The volume of your car media system is an important factor to consider while enjoying your road trip. When the song of choice comes with a higher tempo, you should adjust the volume to suit it accordingly.

The most important safety driving precaution to avoid is distractions from music. Learn to be selective while choosing your choices of music during a road trip. You must always choose from the music of the top musicians in Nigeria though.

The best driving songs in Nigeria listed above fall under different genres, which makes them unique for drivers. When you repeat the same genre of music while driving, you may lose interest in that genre, and at the same time, lose focus. While selecting your playlist, choose songs that are not too slow and not too energetic for a road trip.

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