These are 7 best tyres you would ever need for your car


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Finding the best tyres is as important as buying the best cars. For all you know, bad tyres can shorten the longevity of your car. Therefore, emphasis must be placed on buying only the best and this is what we would be discussing here.

Ever woken up to check your car and discovered that all the tyres were deflated? Are you tired of spending sizable part of monthly income on replacing tyres? Or maybe you have been to the auto-parts shop and you don’t know the type of tyre to get for your car?

No need to worry anymore, we’ve got you covered. While there could other factors affecting the longevity of your tyres, one of the most common reasons is the use of substandard tyres.

In this article, we have curated some of 7 best tyres you would ever need for your car, so when next you find yourself in the auto-parts shop, you don’t feel stranded. Journey with us as we serve you some of the best tyres in no particular order.


The Potenza RE980AS is so highly rated that it would be a huge miss if it is not on our list of best tyres. This tyre is designed for all sizes from 16-20 inches and is loved for its adaptability in any weather conditions.



Its polyester sidewall plies and high stiffness sidewall filler makes it functional for comfort and hard cornering. It has an excellent grip that makes it perfect for all conditions and doesn’t lose its traction under hard acceleration.

It is suited for sporty sedan and coupes. Its weakness, however, is that as with most high performance, it is not good for off-road driving, so it may be best to avoid rocky and dirty roads if you want your tyre to last. Oh, by the way, it is noise optimized giving you a noise-free, comfortable drive.


Hold on now, this is not a list of tyres made by Bridgestone alone. Bear with me, their tyres are just so good. Founded in the early 1930s as a Japanese company, Bridgestone is no stranger to producing tyres.


The Potenza S001 is a unique high-performance tyre

The Potenza S001 is specifically tailored high-performance sports cars, sedans and coupes. It is has a good braking system and it is a top favourite during the wet and dry conditions- though it performs a lot better during dry conditions- and it has nice handling and steering feel to it. It was originally rolled out in 2010. The chink in the armour of this tyre is that tread wear could be a little too quick giving it a reduced life span. In spite of these chink, we still think it is a good tyre worth placing on our list of best tyres.

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The creativity in forming the acronym DWS which stands for “dry, wet and snow” might just be a pointer to the thought and creativity that went into the creation of the Extreme Contact DWS06.


Dry Wet and snow, the DWS06 is ready!

This tyre favorably competes with the Potenza RE980AS.

Made by the famous  Continental AG company who have in the tyre game as far back as 1898, the DWS06 is one to give its competitors a run for their money. Its chamfered edges make for an excellent grip on a dry surface.

The thoughtfully designed advanced silica coupled with its positive Silane additives makes handling on wet and snowy road a piece of cake.

Just the like the RE980AS, this ultra-high performance tyre is also sound efficient making your ride all the more soothing.

It is also tailor-made for sporty cars. Its slightly pricy value and the fact that it wears faster are what makes or its weaknesses. In spite of its cons, we deem it fit to make our list.

Enjoying our list so far?


There is no way to talk about tyres without giving the Michelin brand of tyres a mention. Founded in 1889 by French brothers Edouard Michelin and Andre Michelin, the company’s innovativeness and creativity has been instrumental to its success as a company.

  Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3 Plus

The Michelin Pilot Sport A3 is one of the best ultra high performance tyres

It was this creativity that saw the production of the Pilot Sport 3. It is a close competitor of the DWS06 and the RE980AS.

Like its competitors, this tyre is also an ultra-high performance tyre. It is suitable for all conditions and it is particularly has a good grip when driving on dry surface tarmacs.

It is easy to handle and like its competitors, it is optimally sound efficient too. Its high Silica content makes it suitable to ride in wet conditions. Like its competitors, it has as its con, the inability to handle to move as efficiently on snow.


Our best tyres list isn’t all about ultra-high and speed performance tyres alone. We’ve got something for almost every type of personality.

If you are the adventurous type who loves exploring, then, for your off-road and rocky trips, you might wanna consider the Scorpion All Terrain Plus


The Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus

Made by the famous Italian Pirelli company which was founded in Milan in 1872, this tyre has been specifically designed for on/off-road trips.

Its symmetric void pattern helps it to make smooth road trips while also possessing deep grooves, independent tread and conical stone that serve as clawing mechanisms to help with the grip when in loose terrains and puncture resistants against small rocks.

It is a perfect choice for drivers of SUVs, pickup trucks and crossovers. It comes in sizes ranging from 16-20 and for that it makes it on to list. We know we just saved you some stress…. You are welcome!!!

Told you would like our list!


If you are one who loves eco-friendly and energy-efficient products, then the Ecopia EP300 by Bridgestone is one tyre product you would definitely love.

With its uniquely designed rounded tail protector for twisting, the EP300 also features a new rubber groove and rib tread design that helps reduce wear and also helping increase the longevity of your tyre.


One for the road, one with the road

The brakes are better in wet conditions and is certainly an improvement from the various models. This model of tyre prides itself on being able to save you more money through its fuel efficiency.

And finally for the culture.


Ever wonder what it is like to have that rugged all in one multi-purpose tyre? We do too. And that is why we went all out to search for such a tyre that could answer our question. Let me introduce you to the Wrangler Duatrac by the Goodyear company. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is an America tyre manufacturing company originally founded in 1898 in Akron, Ohio.


               The GOODYEAR WRANGLER DURATRAC tyre would take you anywhere you want to go!

The Wrangler Duatrac possesses symmetric tread design and a highly angled center tread to give it stability and traction when in dry and wet conditions. Did we mention it could be used for both on-road and off-road trips? It is suitable full-sized pickups, vans, sport utility and commercial vehicle. Its weakness lies in the noise it generates and it can sometimes be on the pricy side.

So that’s it, folks. We at Naijauto just served you 7 best tyres you could ever need for your car. So when next you go shopping for tyres, we hope you don’t feel stranded.


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