5 driving benefits of using a dash cam

By Chris Odogwu
Publish on June 17, 2019

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Technology has made driving easier with the dash cam. You get to see happenings around you in real time! Check out some cool benefits of using a dash cam!

Maintaining undivided attention on the road continues to be a major concern in driving especially as it affects road crashes. If every driver could be a little more attentive, and take note of their driving environment, road crashes would be almost non-existent.

The need to assist drivers with technology in enhancing their vision on the road has long been established. The dash cam, also referred to as dashboard camera, is one tool that makes that possible. It gives you real time footage of happenings around you. See the 5 benefits of using dash cam while driving listed by Naijauto.com as below!

1. Used as evidence for road accidents

God forbid? Well, no one prays for accidents to happen to them. But unfortunately, accidents happen on a daily basis. The best you can do is to be very careful.

In the event of an accident, the authorities like to know who was at fault. Naturally, no one would like to take blame for an accident especially a fatal one. If you have a dash cam, you do not need to try so hard to prove your innocence, if you are truly innocent. Just present your dash cam and let them watch the footage recorded. This would save you a lot of stress and time.

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The dash cam footage will show how the accident happened

2. Have proof of drivers flouting traffic laws

Expecting all drivers to be prim and proper on the road is a tall order. There will always be those who are in a hurry to somewhere, and see no need to obey traffic laws. If they had their way, they would drive over you, and keep it moving without even looking back.

We live in a country where people tend to mind their business until something affects them personally. Reporting a faulting driver might seem like a waste of time, after all, na who send you message? But calling one reckless driver to order could save a life. And you never know if that life saved could be your loved on.

You do not have to start explaining anything to the authorities. The footage captured by your dash cam will give them all the information they need to prosecute traffic offenders.

3. Avoid falling victim to crash fraud

Are you familiar with crash for cash? This is a new tactic used by people to extort money from insurance companies. Crash for cash is becoming common with the rising popularity of vehicle insurance in the country.

Someone might deliberately hit you just so they can make an insurance claim. If all you have to prove your innocence is word of mouth, you might hit a road block as it will be your word against theirs. But with a dash cam, you will just stay calm and let them blab. When they are done, you present the footage and shut them up completely.

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4. Have proof of unruly law enforcement officers

It is no news that some law enforcement officers on the road go out of their way to intimate and harass drivers. When they stop you on the road and ask for bribe, failure to oblige them turns you into a criminal instantly.


Record encounters during routine road checks

Did you say you would record the incident with your phone? They will snatch your phone if you dare bring it out. With a dash cam, there is no cause for alarm. You can just play along knowing that everything is being recorded. You will have concrete evidence to make your case in court.

5. Record interesting stuff

The road is one of the places where you can find interesting things. There is so much going on traffic, from those hawking to those fighting. While you are having a good laugh, your dash cam is recording everything for you to watch later. If you are on a road trip, you could come across some exciting things too. Your dash cam will help you document them.

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Chris Odogwu

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