5 things you must know to become a defensive driver


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Regardless of all the craze out there on the road, you can still learn these 5 important things that will greatly help you in becoming a defensive driver. See more!

Not everyone behind the wheel on city roads is driving in their right mind. Time-crunched drivers can sometimes infect other calm drivers with aggressive driving which could later turn the road to a “jungle”. Yes, those moments when everyone is angry, impatient, and making aggressive maneuvers that could lead to an accident. But regardless of all these common scenarios, you can learn a few important things from our tips below which will greatly help you become a defensive driver.


You can survive the common road rage and all other “craze” on the road these days when you drive defensively

5 important things you must know to become a defensive driver

A lot of people do not know that defensive driving isn’t only about knowing all the traffic rules and the best ways to manage road rage. It extends way beyond those points; this is why we have explained a few more things in the tips below. Read on!

1. Planning is key

Before you dash out of your house, office, restaurant, or anywhere – ask yourself; where am I headed?

You should always be aware of your destination and current weather condition in order for you to be mentally ready and stable before getting behind the wheel. Doing so will help you stay conscious of any bad parts of the road to your destination, bad weather, and sharp turns. All of which are necessary for defensive driving rather than you reacting badly to bumpy roads or entering sharp corners without remembering to slow down.


Take advantage of your weather app and navigation system to plan your journey ahead in order to avoid unpleasant surprises

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2. Scan the road ahead of time

The side mirrors are meant to help you see what’s coming behind you, likewise, the windows of your car were added for you to easily look around while driving. Yes, before you approach intersections, roundabouts, or turn to a new road/street; develop a habit of scanning your surroundings a few seconds ahead. You do not necessarily have to take your eyes off the road for too long but instead, just take a few seconds to do your scanning.


You can easily dodge a careless driver by scanning your surroundings and spotting his erratic driving ahead of time

3. Apply the brakes early

One common cause of crashes is the late application of brakes by some drivers. It just doesn’t make any sense to be right on the tail of the car ahead. This is what usually causes many drivers to apply the brakes abruptly at wrong times especially when the car ahead suddenly turns or stops abruptly as well. And in many unlucky situations, the car behind would hit or scratch the other vehicle(s) ahead of it before eventually coming to a halt due to the extreme “tailing”. 


Always apply the brakes early enough to maintain reasonable distance (gap) between your car and the vehicle ahead of you

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4. Don’t join the rage

Have you ever been in a room where everyone is stressed out or pissed off at each other? Such a room will definitely be as toxic as “hell”. This is just the same thing that usually happens on the road when everyone is hostile and driving with anger. The best favor you can do for yourself is to never join the rage or let the aggression of other drivers make you drive carelessly.


Road rage is completely pointless and can lead to careless (revenge) driving which puts everyone’s life at risk

5. Avoid distractions

The best way to drive defensively is to pay full attention when driving. Texting, chatting, eating, drinking and many other similar activities should be avoided when driving. It sometimes only takes a few minutes to lose one’s life or end the life of another road user just by being distracted while driving.


Defensive driving requires a driver to pay full attention and not be distracted by other things

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We might give you more tips in the future but for now, we believe the above points have properly explained the top 5 things you must know to become a defensive driver. Keep them in mind always!

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Oluwaseun Solomon

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