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The concern of parents for children safety is something to admire; baby car seats contribute to the efforts made towards safety while driving with their kids. Check out how much baby car seats cost in Nigeria!

It is not uncommon for young parents to look to buy baby car seats and seek information of baby car seat price in Nigeria, since safety is the biggest thought on the minds of parents whenever they prepare to go out with children. Specially made for made young kids, baby car seats allow them better comfort and convenience in the car.


Baby car seat is very important to the safety of your children

Because normal car seats are designed fo adult comfort and the seat belt can reach around the body of adults better, the safety of young children cannot be guaranteed in the normal car seat. Investing in a quality baby car seat is necessary for your kids.

Now check out how much baby car seats cost in the market:

1. Baby car seat price in Nigeria

Different products come with different prices. Below are the prices of different kinds of baby car seat in Nigeria:

  Prices of Baby Car Seat in Nigeria
 Type  Prices
 LMV Baby Car Seat  N45,000 up to N75,000
 Graco  Baby Car seat  N50,000 to N70,000
 Chicco Booster Baby Car seat  N70,000 to N85,000
 Universal portable baby car seat  N13,000 to 30,000
 Universal baby Car Seat  N27,000 to N35,000
 Bravo Baby Car Seat  N35,000 to N45,000
 Disney Baby Car seat  N45,000 to N 85,000
 Graceland baby car seat  N40,000 to N48,000
 Evenflo Baby car seat  N50,000 to N90,000
 Happy baby car seat  N25,000 to N30,000

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2. Safety reasons for using baby car seats

These reasons are necessary to guide your decision to get a baby car seat for young children. Be reminded that you cannot afford to compromise on safety.

  • Prevent injury:

The number of children deaths in auto-accident is high and the reason for the menace has been drawn from the fact that children or kids are not appropriately seated in the car. They have to be strapped properly while in the car just like every occupant, and knowing that the seat belt on the car seat cannot hold the kids firmly, you have to get them a baby car seat. Children are meant to be properly restrained in other to minimize or avoid unintentional injury or death in the situation of an auto accident.

  • Baby transport:

A newly born baby that is to be taken home by a car from the hospital will certainly need a baby car seat from the very first day. For example, in the US, all 50 states have laws stating that a child should be well tightened-up in a car seat up until when they grow to a size that can use the normal car seat belt. The acceptable age for many laws is 7 years old, depending on the weight of the child. In fact, some of the states demand that children should be on a booster seat until when their weight is up to 60 pounds.

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  • Concentration:

Another good reason is to enable the driver to concentrate on the road instead of attending to a displaced child while driving. This point is relative to parents who prefer to go out often with their little ones. Children like to play a lot, and they do not mind the situation of each moment. The baby car seat will help keep them in a position; they can have their lightweight toys or books while you drive safely.

3. Classification of car seats

Car seats are classified based on how the car seats are positioned inside the car. Some car seats are designed in such a way that the child will back the car, this is called rear-facing car seat. There are some that make the child look forward, which are called front-facing car seats or forward-facing car seat.

Car seat types are based on the age, size, weight and height of the child. We have some car seats that are specially designed for the infants and the subsequent ages of the child has his or her own type of car seat.

The following are the types of car seats available:

3.1. Infant Car Seat

This is a type of car seat that is specially designed for infants. It can be used for children from birth up to 2 years old after which the child will need another one.  It is very important to know how to install the infant car seat, it is not advisable to place this type of car seat in the grocery cart. Sometimes this might seem to work but highly dangerous. Most of the producers of the infant car seat made it easy to install either by strapping it into the car or using a base for it. There are times when it will be needful to buy multiple bases in case of multiple cars.


Infant car seats are for children of 2 years old or younger

It should be noted that a child can only use the infant car seat for 1 year. But there are cases when the child will have a rapid growth in height and weight, if this should happen, then urgent need to get another car seat is needed for the child. But suggest that parent or guardian should always check the specification as to the limit of weight or height of the child to be made seated on the infant car seat. Premature infants under a certain weight may need to use a car bed prior to riding in an infant car seat.

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3.2. Convertible Car Seat

These car seats are designed for use from when a child is 1 day old, and it can be used till the child outgrows using a car seat. Convertible baby car seat, as its name sound can be used both for the rear-facing and also the forward-facing car seat. A child can start using a forward-facing car seat at the age of 3, therefore there is no need of getting another car seat when a child is to be changed from rear-facing car seat to forward-facing car seat. The only problem with this setup or design is that it cannot be easily carried around like the Infant car seat.


Convertible baby car seats can be used both for the rear-facing and forward-facing car seat

3.3. Booster Seat

The booster car seats are fashioned to suit the children that have grown up to use the forward-facing car seat position. The way the booster is made, it can be used to a point at which the child will need no more car seat to be in the car. Base on the design on the car seat, it always comes with its own buckles and one can use the seat belt of the car with it. Since the child will probably use the car seat till when he/she needs no car seat, it therefore advisable for your child to have tried the car seat before procuring it.


The booster car seats suit the children that have grown up to use the forward-facing car seat position

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3.4. 3-in-1 seats

All-in-one seats allow you to achieve the phase of a child using the car seat without purchasing another car seat. A child can use it from rear-facing car seat to forward-facing car seat. Then also works as a booster up till when a child will be able to use seat belt without problem of safety.

4. What to look after before purchasing a baby car seat

The top considerations to deal with when you plan to buy a baby car seat for your infant are discussed below; you can include colour, material, and brand at will.

  • Comfort:

The child always had to be comfortable or else the parents will not have peace. The baby car seat has to be very comfortable for the child. They may want to sleep, play and feed while you drive; so, let these things guide your decision.

  • Easy to install and adjust:

When the child needs to sleep or play, the baby car seat may have to be adjusted. This feature is supposed to be easy for parents to reach out and activate without loosing concentration on the road while driving.

  • Child’s age

The age of the young child determines what kind of baby car seat they will fit into, this tells you which seat will allow them comfort. Go for the best fit always, and there will be so little you will have to worry about while driving.

As a parent who completely understands safety, make sure you go for the best choices of baby car seats for your child’s safety, comfort and happiness. The feedback effect of these three conditions from your baby will go a long way to satisfy you as parents.


There you are, baby car seat prices in Nigeria and everything you need to know to buy a good baby car seat for your kids. For more safety tips for car drivers, don't forget to come back to Nauijauto.

Safe and happy trips! 

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