7 annoying things Nigerian drivers do to other road users that needs to stop immediately


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We have a lot of annoying drivers on the road today that don't even know they are doing something wrong. Read more to discover!


Do you know how driving can be fun or a stressful activity depending on a lot of conditions? It is the same way driving can be very cool or annoying to other road users.

We have good and thoughtful drivers in Nigeria that follow the top safety tips while driving and we have careless drivers always making the same mistakes.


We all get pissed at someone while driving 

Today, we would be discussing 7 annoying things Nigerian drivers do to other road users that needs to stop immediately. Most drivers don’t even know how annoying these things are but we would elaborate that today and you will feel small guilt afterwards. Try to forgive yourself easily because we learn every day.

7 Annoying Things Nigerian Drivers Do!

1. Blasting horn in people’s ears

Little wonder why using the horn in a car is prohibited in some parts of European countries, which is one of the bizarre traffic laws in the world. Blasting a car’s horn unnecessarily is a form of noise pollution and every driver needs to be aware of it.


Pressing the horn with care and regard for others is very important

If there is no pressing need to honk excessively, then you should quit doing it for fun. It gets worse when the car’s horn is really loud.

Don’t you know how frustrating it gets when a trailer suddenly honks around you? Sometimes it even causes a panic attack.

Honk responsibly, my friend!

2. Using high beam lights to distract other drivers and road users

High beam lights directed at people’s eyes at night can cause quick blindness and sharp pain. As a driver, once you are directly opposing another approaching vehicle, dim your high beams so that the driver can see and manoeuvre properly.

This has been one of the causes of many accidents on the road and it can be easily controlled.


High Beam Lights can really make one go blind temporarily

Also, whenever your high beam lights are on and you are approaching people seated, never forget to dim it because it is very annoying when they have to complain. A lot of frustration comes out of it.

People easily get angry over high beam lights being shone directly at their faces.

3. Splashing mud/pud water on passers-by and other drivers

If you do this to anyone on a Monday morning, you will see crazy.


Splashing Water on pedestrians can be controlled by just being mindful

A lot of passers-by on the road whenever there is stagnant water avoid walking past the same time a car is driving by because a lot of drivers forget to slow down at that point.

As a responsible and cool driver, you should always slow down when you get to stagnant water knowing fully well that the slightest acceleration of your car will splash the rainwater on others around.

Even on the road, you should drive carefully when water is gathered on a part of the road you are driving through. Splashing dirty water on people in cars is something you don’t want to do

4. Using a cell phone while driving

Using a cell phone while driving is one of the most distracting activities a driver can engage in while driving. That thing called “mobile phone” has sent a lot of Nigerian drivers to their early grave through fatal accidents.


Using a phone is the easiest way to get distracted while driving

When you use a phone while driving, you just mess up the flow of traffic on the road because your attention span has reduced by more than half.

When pedestrians are trying to cross the streets you won’t see them, you won’t know when to brake adequately, you won’t know when to turn your steering to change direction if need be.

If you ever have to use your phone, you should totally come to a stop and then press it all you want.

5. Forgetting to indicate while driving

If I hear you say ‘trafficate’, which is one of the car vocabularies Nigerians always use wrongly, again, I will seize your phone/laptop or whatever you are reading this article with. ‘Indicate’ is the right word.


You have to always indicate while turning...always

It is very annoying when drivers take a turn and forget to indicate by using the trafficator switch of their cars. You should always let other road users know when you want to turn so that they can anticipate the move and adjust accordingly. 

6. Taking Two Spaces in a Parking Lot

Nothing is as annoying as a car taking up two spaces at the last parking lot available in the mall. This often happens with learner drivers trying to park in public parking lots.

Learning how to park is so downplayed in the Nigerian learner driver scene and we need to talk about it to create awareness.


Waste of space!

Proper parking makes traffic flow very well especially within streets of residential areas.

I currently live in a busy area of Lagos, Nigeria where there are a lot of cars parked on the road around after work hours. Somedays, I come back from work tired and I see a car parked in between two spaces that would have normally contained two full-sized cars.  

7. Driving way too fast

Speed without control is a death trap waiting to be triggered. I get that your car is fast, new, exotic, luxurious and other good attributes there is but you can’t be speeding like a racer on public roads that have pedestrians actively walking to and fro.


Driving Fast Without Control is very wrong

It is also annoying to other drivers on the road when you drive at excessive speed and they have to hold their brakes just so that you don’t crash your car.

Always move below speed limits and when you have to speed, make sure you can easily control it at all times.


Now that you know about 7 annoying things Nigerian drivers do to other road users that needs to stop immediately, you should go on to check out other important car tips and advice for you as a Nigerian car driver. Please pay a visit to our website and discover more!




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