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Among over 190 driving schools in Lagos, these 4 FRSC certified driving schools receive the most positive feedbacks about training quality and the highest pass mark. Check out!

Since operating a vehicle on the road is some real serious business, that involves the drivers life and that of other road users, as well as the property of the driver and others too. For this reason, the Government has published approved procedural steps to follow before a driver’s license is issued to any person by the Federal Road Safety Corps FRSC. The standard practice is that you must first enroll in an approved and accredited driving school, where it is expected that you will pass through a rigorous training program that will introduce you the basic activities involved in driving and managing a vehicle on Nigerian roads.


Lagos has over 190 driving schools

There are several approved driving schools across the 36 states of the country. However, we will be considering accredited driving in Lagos, the Center of Excellence. So, across Lagos, there are numerous driving schools with Government approval to offer training services to intending drivers seeking to obtain a drivers license. From the documents made available by the Federal Road Safety Commission, there are over 190 approved driving schools offering driving lessons services to their customers across Lagos. You can download the full list from the following link FRSC list of accredited driving schools in Lagos, where you can check to find the closest driving school in your area. For your safer driving, Naijauto is going to do a review of 4 best accredited driving schools in Lagos. First up is:

1. The Insight Driving School

Located on the 1st floor of Plot 13, Olufemi Road, off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos, Insight Driving School was established in 2003 with an objective to provide internationally approved and comprehensive driving training to the Lagos populace through her very sound and competent staffs and her state-of-the-art facilities. The firm also offers procurement consultancy services, License processing and drivers Assessment/Recruitment services.

She offers 3 notable training packages that covers all categories and needs. The beginners' package is mainly for driving newbies. The training fee for the beginners package is quoted at N24,999. The package includes a free learners permit, 45 minutes daily road test and practice lessons running into fifteen sessions cumulatively. The firm also offers the Advance Package which has a training fee of N19,999, as well as a Refresher package which cost about N10,000 only. Click here Insight Driving School  for more details.

Contact details:

  • Address: 1st Floor, Plot 13, Olufemi Road, Off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, 101283, Lagos – Nigeria
  • Tel: +234-1-342-9611, 0818-490-9009
  • Email:

2. Heritage Driving Schools

This is one good accredited driving school you can trust in Lagos with their head office located at Block D shop 10, Ajah royal complex by Berger bus stop, Ajah, Lagos and another office at Lekki phase one opposite four points hotel, Oniru, VI, Lagos. The company was incorporated in 2009 and was created to offer professional driving training of the highest standard to her clients and customers in Lagos and across the country at large. The company offers the following services; drivers license processing, car documentation, drivers recruitment and outsourcing services, automobile inspection and maintenance services etc.

Heritage Driving School offers free pickup service to their trainees, as well as give out free gift vouchers to her customers. Her staffs and instructors are very competent and qualified. Her friendly and reliable service, along with the incorporated digital training modules makes her a natural go to driving school. You can get more information by visiting her web page Heritage Driving School.

Contact details:

  • Address: Head of Office - Block D Shop 10, Ajah Royal Complex by Berger Bus Stop, behind SLOT Building, Ajah, Lagos.
  • Tel: +234-013427752, +234-08027573741,+234-07040980059, +234-08104144220
  • Email:,,

>>> Check out:

3. A1 Driving School and Motoring

Located at C70, road 2, Ikota shopping complex VGC, Ajah, Lagos. A1 Driving School and motoring refers to itself as the most experienced driving school in Nigeria with a 95% certification mark from the federal road safety commission FRSC. The company claims it trains over 1000 person annually and 97% of her graduated trainees do not hesitate to recommend their services to other persons. The company offers digital payment platform on her website for her customers who may which to take advantage of this payment option.

A1 offers four training to her customers, and they include:

  • Beginners package which runs for one month and covers all the basic rudiments of driving including road test drives, road sign education, mirrors and blind spot management, managing driving around roundabouts and junctions. This package ha s a total of 20 lesson within 4 weeks. This package cost about N43,500 only.

Class-room-training-at-A1-Driving-School-an- Motoring

Classroom training offers driving instructors an opportunity to teach learners

  • Refresher Package: This package is more of a tailored training program that covers a specific need of the customer. It is designed to assist her customers deal with a particular area of driving the need assistance and professional help to become better at. Be it areas like reversing, defensive driving, overtaking training etc. Here, the fee is dependent on the training required by the customer.
  • They also offer a five weekend package to her customers who may be starting from scratch or those who may can to do some catching up from where they stopped. This package goes for N29,500 only.

You can visit their website to gather more facts about this driving school A1 driving school.

Contact details:

  • Address: Suite C70 Ikota Business Complex, Victoria Garden City, Lekki-Epe Expy Way, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria
  • Tel: 01-2910533, 08156695569, 07040067948, 08064278288, 08028513684

4. Steerite Driving School

This is by far, one of the best accredited driving schools in Lagos. Steerite is located at No 1 Balogun street, Alausa bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos. Steerite driving school has some international affiliation with its membership of the Royal society for the prevention of accidents in the UK and the national safety council of the united states of America.

This Steerite driving school utilizes a structured training module that incorporates class room training, road test training and simulators to expose their learners to challenge of driving in our society. To get more information about this top class Driving school, please use the following link Steerite driving school .

Contact details:

  • Address: Balogun Street, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Alausa Bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Tel:08162120222, 08086603533, 07051906869
  • Email:


Driving simulator is the best off road training tool used by driving schools

5. Conclusion

There you go, above are 4 best accredited driving schools in Lagos that pass thousands of pupils every year. With attending accredited driving school compulsory to obtaining driver licence, don't hesitate to contact one of these schools to guarantee you success and safer driving. Good luck!

>>> If you live in another region, here is the detailed list of schools with exact address:

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