9 easy techniques to make you drive like a champ!


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Whether you are an old or new driver, these easy steps will make your driving skill much more pro! Check the post inside to grab these tips!

Driving in today’s world is an essential skill. While a lot of people know the rudiments of taking their vehicles from point A to B, not so many are great drivers. Whether you have driven for years, or are just beginning to learn how to drive a car, the techniques below will transform you into a champ!

1. Steering technique

This first skill is fundamentally important because, what after all is driving, if not guiding your car exactly where you want it to go, through manipulating the steering wheel? When handling the steering, keep these in mind:

1.1. Firm grip:

Keep a firm grip on the wheel at all times, even in low speeds. Preferably place both hands on the wheel at the same time, with your hands on the outside of the wheel and your thumbs along the seam of the wheel. Never let the wheel run away from you. Be especially careful when your car runs over an obstruction, because that tends to wrench the wheel loose from you.


Good steering technique is essential to safe driving

1.2. Smooth movements:

Imagine your steering wheel is a great work of Art in progress. Abrupt, uncontrolled splashes with the brush will certainly ruin that masterpiece. Similarly, sudden, jerking spins of your steering wheel will definitely send the car in a direction you didn’t plan on. Let your hands delicately produce small, smooth yet firm adjustments on the wheel. When you inadvertently make a wrong motion, do not over-correct. Keep it small and tight, and you will be just fine.

2. Know road signs and traffic laws, and follow them

A champion driver endeavors to know the most basic road signs such as “STOP”, “X-CROSSING”, “U-TURN”, and bends signs along the road. He or she is also abreast with the local driving regulations in their areas. Sometimes, these change fractionally from place to place, although traffic laws are generally the same in most parts of the country. A little handbook of road signs from the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corp), the VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officers), or your local traffic regulating Authority such as LASTMA in Lagos, will explain the fundamental laws governing driving in your immediate area, and the state at large. Infringement of traffic laws attract heavy fines, and even time spent behind bars, so you need to get on-top of this pronto!


Road signs are for everyone's benefit

3. Use your mirrors

Your driving mirrors are there for a reason, although you would not believe it judging from the way some drivers carry on when plying the roads. Your side mirrors enable you to see traffic on either side of your car, while the rear-view mirror competently takes care of your blind spot, revealing what is immediately behind you. Driving without mirrors is like a blind man walking without a cane or a guide. Accidents are a matter of when, not if. True driving champs use the mirror every five to ten seconds, and every time they want to make a turn, slow down, or overtake.


You don't have eyes behind your head, a mirror helps!

4. Respect other road users

Be considerate and patient when you are driving. It is not a competition, no matter how much danfo drivers want to make it look that way. Allow cars that want to turn into the road to do so, once they have indicated that with their lights. When another car is overtaking, if possible, reduce your speed so it is easier. Never use abusive language on other drivers or pedestrians.

5. Overtaking in a proper manner

Champions horn before they overtake - always. Then they carefully check all mirrors before they pull out. Make sure you have adequate allowance for pulling out, and for snapping back into your lane later. You can be rear-ended if you pull back in too quickly after you overtake.

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Give your rear some breathing room

6. Drive the cars in front of you and behind you

Champion drivers are always alert and aware of all that is happening on either side, in front, and behind their vehicles. While “defensive driving” sounds like a battle strategy, it really should be called “protective driving”, and is an approach designed to help you avoid the worst of any dangerous situation that arises. Some of the highlights include the “2-4 second rule”, which stipulates keeping a distance of 2-4 seconds drive time between you and the car in front. If you are doing 90 kmph and over, the safe distance is at least 6-cars length.

Always have an exit or escape strategy in place, for avoiding risky circumstances.

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7. Brake like a champ

Do I hear you say, “what’s there to braking?” You just need a heavy foot, right? Wrong! Wrongful braking technique has landed more people in hot water than perhaps any other single driving factor. Jamming your foot hard on the pedal is a no deal. The correct approach is the 2-step process: First, a slight quick pressure to take the edge of the speed, then a slow steady pressure until you have slowed enough.

8. Zero distractions

Driving is a potentially dangerous activity; therefore, there can be no distractions on the road. Using your phone, looking anywhere else but the road for more than a second, and even distracting conversation, are all unacceptable.


Keep your eyes on the road at all times!

9. Relax

Don’t drive as if it’s a do-or-die affair. Champs handle their driving like the pleasure it is. So, relax. Your posture, seat adjustment, and general demeanor should be stress-free.  When you are driving long distances, this is especially important. Take 15-minute breaks every two hours or so.

Driving is a skill that can be learned. These techniques will have you driving like a winner in no time!

Basic driving techniques for everyone

>>> More safe driving tips are available at Safe Driving on Naijauto.com

Joshua-Philip Okeafor




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