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Intending to apply for a driver’s licence soon? Here is the complete list of 65 accredited driving schools in Abuja where you can take courses and driving test certificate.

Driving schools in Abuja

Below is the updated list of all certified driving schools in Abuja. Besides popular schools such as AA Rescue or Aso driving school, there are many other accredited FRSC driving schools in Abuja, Nigeria.

However, the quality of these schools might not be guaranteed as AA driving school Abuja or Aso driving school Abuja. Having said that, prices for a training course in mainstream schools may be lower than those of reputed institutes.


AA Rescue and Aso driving schools are among the most popular (Photo source: AA Rescue)

Driving schools in Abuja
Accreditation number Name of driving school in Abuja Address
FRSC/00408/FCT/0029 Ace centre driving centre D35 Emab plaza Wuse II, Abuja
FRSC/00296/FCT/0024 Access driving school FHA Nyanya Along Karu road, Abuja
FRSC/00292/FCT/0020 Asetom drive right school 34 Ofem Oboma CBN Chods estate Wumba district Apo, Abuja
FRSC/00070/FCT/0003 Aso driving school Opp NNPC Mega station, Abuja
FRSC/00489/FCT/0029 Bamaje driving school Nepa junction, Oladipo Diya road Apo Abuja
FRSC/00490/FCT/0030 Best option driving school B35 Danziyal Plaza, OPP NNPC mega station Abuja
FRSC/00493/FCT/0033 Damarson driving school No 182 Cornershop Nyanya
FRSC/00289/FCT/0017 Divine Int. driving school Opp NNPC Mega station Abuja
FRSC/00494/FCT/0034 Dokun driving school Opp Nepa Office Kubwa Abuja
FRSC/00406/FCT/0027 Drive right driving school Suit 230 Zuzumba Plaza Abuja
FRSC/00798/FCT/0044 Excel global driving school No.1 Orozo ShOpping Complex street, Orozo FCT, Abuja
FRSC/00790/FCT/0041 Famous driving school Toto road Abaji
FRSC/00792/FCT/0042 FC driving school Beside Onwa Plaza by Car wash road Zuba Abuja
FRSC/00069/FCT/0002 Flame driving school Suit A42 M113 Plaza Gwarinpa Abuja
FRSC/00293/FCT/0021 God’s Grace driving school Opp. Nepa office Karu site FCT
FRSC/00695/FCT/0040 Heritage driving school Mob Plaza by VIO Mabushi
FRSC/00495/FCT/0035 Hike driving school FCDA Junction Kubwa
FRSC/00794/FCT/0043 Huzee car driving school A76/A77 Efab mall, area 11 Garki, Abuja
FRSC/00496/FCT/0036 Jewel driving school Luzumba commercial plaza area 10, Abuja
FRSC/00401/FCT/0026 Jotham driving institute Suite D 110 Efab mall, area 11 Garki Abuja
FRSC/00497/FCT/0037 Joy Int driving school Opp Inec office area 10, Garki Abuja
FRSC/00786/FCT/0040 KDJ driving school Madam Mercy road Dargi G/Lada Abuja
FRSC/00285/FCT/0013 Lucky star driving school

Opp Danvile APO Abuja

FRSC/00072/FCT/0005 Miracle driving school Opposite Nana basic academy Mpape, FCT, Abuja
FRSC/00291/FCT/0019 Martins Int driving school Opp Nepa area 10 Abuja
FRSC/00288/FCT/0016 Natus driving school Opp Uni Abuja teaching hospital Gwagwalada
FRSC/00498/FCT/0038 New world driving school Opp NNPC Mega station, Abuja
FRSC/00290/FCT/0018 Newman driving school Behind New Chelsea hotel Abuja
FRSC/00073/FCT/0006 Olabisi driving school 1st Avenue by Kado Biko Gwarinpa
FRSC/00499/FCT/0039 Pioneer driving school Mallam Shehu plaza Jabi upstairs, Abuja
FRSC/00297/FCT/0025 Riti global driving school Behind Civic centre Gwagwalada Abuja
FRSC/00295/FCT/0023 Save life/ Excellence driving school Opp Jikoyi Police station Abuja
FRSC/00078/FCT/0011 Standard driving school Opp Oceanic bank 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa Abuja
FRSC/00492/FCT/0032 Cannanland driving school Opp Defence Ministry area 10, Abuja
FRSC/00287/FCT/0015 Tessy driving school Opp Defence Ministry area 10, Abuja
FRSC/00294/FCT/0022 Wisdom driving school Opp Custom Clinic Karu Abuja
FRSC/00812/FCT/0045 Fetal driving school DO6 Fatal cloce Dabo estate life camp extension, Abuja
FRSC/00824/FCT/0046 I drive smart driving school No 9A Rabat street, street Wuse Zone 6, Abuja
FRSC/00829/FCT/0047 AA Rescue driving school Suite 1C Adisa Plaza, No.39 Davis Ejoor Cresent OPP NNPC Filling station Gudu district, Abuja
FRSC/00839/FCT/0048 Army headquarter (AHQ) Garrison driving school Army Headquarter Garrison Mogadishu Cantoment, Abuja
FRSC/00840/FCT/0049 FB Damsel driving school Suite S19 Amaden Plaza Mabushi FCT Abuja
FRSC/00844/FCT/0050 Don De Best driving school OPP. Catholic Church Old Karmo Life Camp, Abuja
FRSC/00845/FCT/0051 Executive driving school Limited Gate way Plaza 208 Zakayah Maimalari way, centra business area, Abuja
FRSC/00854/FCT/0052 Hephzibath driving school No. 1&2 Wowo park Kuje, Abuja
FRSC/00860/FCT/0053 Stanford drivers college Hariba Crescent, Wuse Jone 2, Abuja
FRSC/00897/FCT/0056 Master driving school Area 10, Opp Con Oil Abuja
FRSC/00945/FCT/0057 RSSP Geschenk Ltd Suite 3, Lozumba commercial complex area 10, Garki Abuja
FRSC/00957/FCT/0058 Komon sense school of motoring 103 Kwame Nkurma crescent, Asokolo
FRSC/00958/FCT/0059 Omenet driving school Suite 023 Fashare plaza Kubwa, Abuja
FRSC/00959/FCT/0060 OSE driving school No.5, 1, 616 junction Bwari Abuja
FRSC/010119/FCT/0061 Samten driving school Shop 2 BLK A Bakara Plaza & Garden, along 11 (H) Crescent Lugbe FHA Abuja
FRSC/01065/FCT/0062 Medallion driving academy 8th floor Labour House, central business district, Abuja FCT
FRSC/01067/FCT/0064 Chidon driving school NO7 Mano Street of Lukulu Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja
FRSC/01066/FCT/0063 Automobile accredited limited 22 KUMASI Crescent, WUSE II, Abuja
FRSC/01134/FCT/0067 Sky driving school F9 Nyanyan Plaza FCT Abuja
FRSC/01133/FCT/0066 Onelife Best driving school Suite 202A Plot 401 DBM Plaza, NAUOKLHOT Street Zone 1, Wuse, Abuja
FRSC/01132/FCT/0065 Bravura driving academy Block B Suite 20 Landmark Plaza, Yedseram St.Maitama, FCT, Abuja
FRSC/01135/FCT/0068 Peace and Unity driving school C 10 Nadashi Plaza Kurudu Bus Stop FCT, Abuja
FRSC/01137/FCT/0070 Tripod driving school Suite 42 Amac Market
FRSC/01138/FCT/0071 Buhari Raphael enterprises Idu Forest, Idu Industrial layout, Abuja
FRSC/01136/FCT/0069 Glory Int driving school Plot 217, Shettima, Munguno Crescent Utako District Abuja
FRSC/01144/FCT/0072 Safety vision driving school NO6, Akwa Street, Suite 207/208 Lozumba commercial complex area 10
FRSC/01180/FCT/0073 Kings city driving school Shop 295 Eda Plaza Jabi, Abuja
FRSC/01181/FCT/0074 Dav-Dan driving school Behind Garki supermarket, Opposite Diamond Bank area 11, Abuja
FRSC/01182/FCT/0075 Fais international driving school Gata plaza, suite 10 phase I Jikwoyi, Abuja

P/s: The list of driving schools in Abuja is extracted from FRSC official website at: https://frsc.gov.ng

What you need at accredited driving schools for driving license application?

As we mentioned earlier on previous posts around Driving license application in Nigeria, the very first step you need to take is attending a training course in an accredited school.

Needless to say, driving schools are established for the purpose of driver’s education. With the development of technology, modern driving schools offer a variety of services, ranging from traditional classroom training or convenient driving online courses.


You can either apply for classroom or online training in modern schools

In Abuja, the number of FRSC driving schools is plenty but most of them just focus on offline programs in which learners work closely with their own instructors in classroom for knowledge and in vehicles for practice.

Learner drivers will have to equip themselves with traffic rules and regulations, mandatory road signs in Nigeria as well as essential driving skills to handle the traffic flow, ensuring their own life and surrounding road safety.

During the course, teachers will have to remind them of the most basic safety rules like always wearing helmets for motoring riders or seatbelts for car drivers. They will, at the same time, raise learner’s situational awareness to avoid unwanted traffic accidents in specific cases.

After finishing the course, learners must take a driving test with the supervision of VIO (vehicle inspection officer) to obtain a learner’s permit or driving school certificate before proceeding to official FRSC driver’s license application.


Certificate from driving schools is a must in applying for driver’s licence

The end

Naijauto.com hopes the list above of all 65 driving schools in Abuja is helpful to you. To find the best driving school, you should refer to your relatives who have applied for FRSC driver’s license or check through several forums reviewing driving schools in the city.

>>> If you live in other region, check out the detailed list of FRSC accredited driving schools in each state:

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