6 cars you should never drive to a co-operate business meeting or discussion: You might not achieve your goal


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There are cars for various occasions; in the co-operate world there are cars you shouldn't drive for various reasons.

There are cars for different occasions but a lot of us fail to realize this. You can't be going to plead for an outstanding ₦50,000 payment from a client and drive an S-Class in Nigeria, the debtor would never take you seriously.

There are some cars that as a co-operate entrepreneur or business owner in Nigeria, you should not be driving for your business dealings because it will give off a wrong first impression.

If you are in the creative line of business, then you can drive whatever you like to an extent. Co-operate business individuals always have this very serious approach to their dealings. From how you dress, hairstyle, the form of communication, and cars (you never thought of it, I know).

6 types of cars you should never go to a Co-operate business meeting!

1. Performance cars with loud exhausts 

You don't want to show outside the meeting point of your business dealing, then create a panic with your monstrous exhaust note triggering people and alarm systems of cars. This just leaves a hanging doubt in the minds of your clients on the type of person you are and they start to re-think the business deals they are about to strike with you.


A loud exhaust is cool but not on a Monday morning in a business only environment

If you have a loud performance car without an electronic sound control button that switches the exhaust note, leave the car at home and take a cab or borrow a car for your business meeting. 

Watch this compilation of insanely loud car exhaust pipes and tell me if you as a client that does not know about cars will trust a person that drives a loud car with your money :

Video: Insanely loud exhaust compilation

2. Pick-up Trucks with a lift kit

Driving a pick-up truck is cool but when it is very high above the ground because it has a lift kit in the suspension system, it becomes playful when you are trying to get in or out of the truck.

There is a high probability that your pant trouser, chinos, or whatever you are wearing can tear when you are trying to jump out or in of the truck because of how high it is from the ground. To avoid this unnecessary embarrassment, you can fix up a ladder at the stepping board of the cars.


Would you be carrying a ladder everywhere? No, you cannot 

Also, parking monster trucks can be very difficult in parking lots of office buildings. If you are driving a Monster Truck to a business meeting, just park it well around the venue of the meeting and make sure your trousers don't get torn when you are jumping out haha. 

3. A car that is way more expensive than the client's

You can do small background research on the client(s) you are meeting. Two things here for you to learn: First, you should not take a car that is way more expensive than the worth of the potential contract or deal you want to strike. Second, you also should not take a car that is way more expensive than the Client's car. 


You can't be displaying wealth to your potential client 

If you take a Rolls-Royce Ghost to a co-operate business meeting where the client shows up in a 2004 Corolla, he/she would think you don't need the money from the deal and your chances to get the contract will reduce drastically. It is a psychological thing. 

4. Cars with overly custom paint job/wrap job 

Except you are trying to get a contract to pimp cars for a company, you should never drive an extensively customized car to a business deal or discussion. It makes you look very vain to the client and they start to think about how you will go and buy new parts to make your car look more rad.


This heavily modified Lexus IS would make you seem like a "yahoo yahoo" boy (a very bad stereotype) 

This car above, for example, looks like a yahoo-yahoo boy's car in Nigeria. As much as this yahoo-yahoo boy car thing is a stereotype, it has come to stay in the minds of your clients, especially the ones that don't know so much about cars.

Not everyone knows that with just ₦150,000 you can make your regular car look sporty. Your clients would think you have wasted million of naira in making your car look like a Ferrari and you cannot be trusted with funds and their plans.

5. Space bus or minivans 

Minivans like the Toyota Sienna and Honda Oddysey are family cars in Nigeria. The moment you pull up in a Sienna at a business meeting, the clients immediately feel you can easily be bullied especially if you are male. There is a soft spot that comes with drivers of space buses because it is a family-oriented car. Your driving habit with minivans when your whole family is sitting in the back seat needs to be very subtle.


A family car for a business meeting seems odd

If you can avoid pulling up in a Space-Bus or Minivan then please do.  

6. A car without a functioning air conditioning

Dust and heat will attack you when you drive around in the afternoon around Nigeria without a fully wound-up window. You cannot show up for a business discussion sweating or wearing a mud-stained shirt that was caused by a careless driver splashing you mud water.

Your car must have a functioning air conditioning system to prevent the chances of showing up the wrong way. There are enough cheap cars in Nigeria for sale with perfect air conditioning system that you can buy.


Sweating like this to a meeting will reduce your self-confidence

You really don't have to drive to a co-operate business discussion, you can just show up in an Uber looking fly and relaxed. A sweaty face or stained shirt reduces your self-confidence as a person and you might not get to the full potential of what the business discussion could have offered you.  


I know you are about to thank me for opening your eyes to this aspect of motoring in Nigeria that you have never thought of. Your car says a lot about you and it creates a strong first impression about you to your clients. You need to always show up in the right car to increase your chances of sealing a business deal. And, remember to avoid the mentioned-above 6 cars you should never drive to a business meeting in Nigeria!

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