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You think car armoring can only be done abroad? Wrong! See more about car armoring and some of the best car armoring companies here in Nigeria!

Why car armoring is necessary

The spate of violent crimes across the country is really alarming and the current Convid-19 social distancing across the country has not helped at all. In fact, the number of criminal cases has rather increased with numerous reports in major cities during the lockdown. Lagos seems to be the hardest hit in the country with cases of coordinated attacks recorded in several areas in Lagos Mainland.

Some of these places include Abule Egba, Cinema, Ojuelegba, Ikotun, Iyana Ipaja, etc. Residents have resorted to local security and vigilantes to protect themselves against these criminals and cultists.

The video below should give you a perfect idea of the situation there:

Robbery cases reported in Lagos

Cases like these mentioned above have given rise to the need for people to protect themselves, especially when it comes to the cars they drive. Car armoring in Nigeria is becoming increasingly popular amongst the citizenry, as people are now spending big to buy brand new armored cars or even to have their personal vehicles customized into bulletproof cars. The big question now is, what really are armored cars?

What are armored cars?

Armored cars generally refer to cars that are designed and built to withstand impact from bullets from firearms and other projectiles. To do this, several layers of specially designed and tested armor plates are carefully fitted on various areas of the car to offer extra protection. Also, the normal glass is replaced with special glass which is generally reinforced glass made with special polymer materials. These materials improve the glass's resistance to bullets and other projectiles. There are generally two main classes of armored cars:

  • Military-grade armored cars
  • Personal armored cars for private individuals

The very first modern cases of car armoring were noticed during the 1st World War when several countries added special armor plates to their military vehicles as a means of protecting their men from the more ruthless and powerful guns used by enemy forces. Decades after, armored cars remained mainly in the military sphere except for a few exceptions, the use of bullion cars for cash or important paper transport for example. These days though, the narrative is changing as more private individuals and business executives are moving around in armored cars. 

The video below shows how Armored cars are built:

Video: How armored cars are built

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Top 3 companies specializing in car armoring in Nigeria

Car armoring in Nigeria is a rather young sector that only came about recently with just a few pioneers. Before this time, all car armoring was done overseas and then the vehicles were imported into the country. However, a number of Nigerian security firms took up the tough task of building and armoring different car models here in the country. Let's have a look at some car armoring and bulletproof car sales companies in Nigeria, building some of the best-armored vehicles in the country.

1. Armormax Nigeria

This is a Nigeria based company with the capacity to customize your passenger vehicles into an armored and bulletproof car. The company is an offshoot of and is wholly owned by the internationally acclaimed American armoring company, International Armoring Corporation.

Armormax was founded on the basic principle of manufacturing the finest, most technologically advanced armored passenger vehicles in the world. 

Armormax claims its Armormax® reduces an armored car's weight by as much as 60% and is the lightest military-grade armor in the industry.

The company offers the B6 armoring category in Nigeria which hands protection for your car's radiator, fuel tanks, all windows, and the car's body, including the underbody. The B6 category guarantees protection against different types of guns except for high powered ballistic armor-piercing weapons like RPGs.

Contact Information

  • Address: - Plot 795, Cadastral Zone C16, ldu Industrial Estate, Federal Capital Territory. Abuja
  • Telephone : - +234-703-473-2038
  • Email: - info@armormax.ng

The video below shows  a bulletproof car test with various ranges of firearms:

Video: Test of bulletproof windshields

2. Proforce Limited

Proforce Limited has been in the security industry for a while and was fully incorporated in 2008 as a security services company offering defense solutions to various clients. The company specializes in the design and production of armored vehicles and offers other defense solutions and consultancy bordering on personal protection services. 

Proforce is one of the few car armoring companies in Nigeria that has the capacity, in terms of a standard factory, to customize various car models into Bulletproof cars here in Nigeria. The company says that you can bring your personal car into their facility and then they will armor it up to standard considering your peculiar requirements. 

Its catalog of privately owned cars that it has customized includes the Toyota Camry, Lexus LX570, Range Rover SUV, Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, Rolls Royce Phantom, and BMW 750LI.

Besides customizing cars to bulletproof beasts, Proforce is also famed for building Special purpose  Armoured fighting vehicles for various clients including the Nigerian Army and even the UN for its military operations. Just last year, the company signed a purchase agreement with the government of Chad for the supply for 20 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected combat vehicles code-named the ARA or Thunder. Below is a list of the company's catalog of products, but you will have to directly contact Proforce for the bulletproof car price:

Proforce's catalog of products:

  • Military: These include Armoured Tanks, Military Trucks, Infantry Combat Vehicles and Tactical Armoured Vehicles
  • Armoured Cash-In-Transit Vehicles
  • Armoured Personnel Carriers for the Nigerian Police Force
  • Marine: These include armored marine vessels and boats
  • Security: These include armoring of sedans and saloon cars, SUVs, as well as the production of bulletproof vests and helmets
  • Architectural Armouring

Proforce is now exporting Military-grade special purpose vehicles to other African nations

Contact Information

  • Address: - 54, Balarabe Musa Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone : - +2348023890712​
  • Email: -  info@proforcedefence.com​

3. Inkas Trans Limited

Inkas Trans Limited is a joint venture effort between a Nigerian company Sapid Holdings of Nigeria and the Canadian armoring company Inkas offering some of the best-armored vehicles. The company is mainly an armored-cars-for-sale firm offering various models of armored vehicles, including Armored SUVs, armored saloon cars, and sedans, armored cash-in-Transit Vans, as well as armored Transport Vehicles.

Inkas has its factory in Canada and so if you have a need to get your car armored then you should know that the company will have to move your car to Canada and then return it here after being fully armored.

Contact Information

  • Address: - Plot 22 Elsie Femi Pearse, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone : - + 234 703 102 5657
  • Email: -  haresh@inkastrans.com

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Those are our top 3 companies that specialize in car armoring in Nigeria you should consider the next time you need to armor up your cars. Please make sure you stay safe especially as we experience more cases of violent crime across the country.

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