10 parts on your car Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) will check for roadworthiness


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Check your car to make sure it meets VIO requirements for a car to run on Nigerian streets.

Failing to meet the following 10 VIO (Vehicle Inspection Officers) roadworthy requirements will lead to heavy punishments.

1. Tyres

Your tires must not be older than 4 years and have a tread depth of at least 0.063 inches.

2. Emission

The car must be equipped with an exhaust emission system.

3. Horn

Ensure the vehicle comes with a horn in good condition which enables other vehicles on the road to hear in a distance of at least 60 meters. However, the horn mustn’t sound harsh, unreasonably loud or whistle.

4. Windshield wipers

The windshield wipers must effectively function.

roadworthy vehicles on the road

Make sure your vehicle meets VIO requirements for roadworthiness to avoid hefty punishments 

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5. Number plates

The vehicle must include front and rear valid number plates.

6. Body

The whole car’s body should be in good condition.

7. Rearview mirrors

Your vehicle must have rearview mirrors well located to reflect your rear view for the distance of 60 meters when driving on the highway.

8. Lights

Your vehicle must offer effective head lights as well as tail lights. Turn signals and brake lights also have to be well-functioning.

9. Brake

Your foot brake has to stop the car at a distance of 8 meters at the speed of 32km/h. Moreover, parking brake ought to be good enough to hold the car.   

10. Other accessories

That involves other features including C-caution, jack, extinguisher etc.

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