10 dangerous driving habits


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Avoiding these 10 habits will save the lives of yourself and others.

New drivers usually drive very carefully, but when they get more familiar with it, they tend to pay less attention to driving and form bad habits which might lead to accidents. According to annual reports of the Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System, distraction and other human mistakes have been the main reason for crashes and accidents recently. So, check the list of dangerous things to avoid while driving here to make your drive safer for you and others.

1. Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs

Human brain doesn’t work well under the influence of alcohol

Driving while being drunk is prohibited by the law because the human brain doesn’t work well under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, drinking alcohol and driving must be separated. Drivers must deal with multiple tasks on the road and this ability is affected while they’re drunk.  Consequently, disaster might happen.

It’s not just drinking alcohol but also certain kinds of drug like cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana can have bad effect on human brain. Some research shows that people drive more recklessly and aggressively while using cocaine.

Don’t drive while you’re intoxicated or under the drug effect.

2. Driving while doing distracting things

Don't use electronic devices while driving

Doing other things that distract you from driving like reaching food and using mobile phone is considered as distractors.  The accident might happen in a split second when you don’t focus on the road.  It’s worth noticing that cellphone and other electronic devices are the most common distractors. So, it’s better to keep these things away while you’re driving.

3. Prepping up while driving

Don’t bet your life for this

Don’t bet your life for this. If you need to make up or prep up, do it at home.

4. Driving while feeling tired or drowsy

Parking your car and take a nap to recharge yourself

You can fall asleep anytime if you’re tired. Try to avoid driving while you’re sleepy and exhausted by parking your car and take a nap to recharge yourself. Don’t take risk of your life and others.

5. Speeding

It’s harder for you to control and deal with unexpected situations while speeding

It’s obvious that speeding is very dangerous for yourself and others. It’s harder for you to control and deal with unexpected situations while speeding. Slow down and drive carefully.

6. Raging on the road

Road rage leads to dangerous things while driving

People seem to be more aggressive nowadays. Try to keep calm and never lose your temper.

7. Driving with earphones on

Listening to earphone stops you from being alert to environmental sounds

Using your eyes is not enough for a safe drive. You should use your ear as well. Listening to earphone will stop you from being alert and noticing the sound outside. It’s better to use car speaker if you want to listen to music.

8. Driving recklessly

Keep calm whenever you find yourself in a bad temper

People can easily lose their mind and drive carelessly when being in anger. So take a deep breath and remind yourself to keep calm whenever you find yourself in a bad temper.

9. Driving without putting the seatbelt on

You don’t know if accidents will happen

It’s not against the law if you don’t use your seatbelt while driving but you don’t know if accidents will happen. It’s smart to prepare yourself for unlucky situations by fastening your seat belt.

10. Tailgating vehicles

Tailgating limit your view

It’s a dangerous thing to do because driving too closely behind other vehicles will limit your own view and you won’t able to react quickly enough in sudden situations.

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