06 Must-know safety precautions when ferry in Nigeria

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if you are planning or taking a ferry to your destination, there are several safety guidelines you must follow to secure yourself and loved ones. Click here to find out!

Transportation by ferry has proven to be an effective means of transportation in the coastal sections in the country, most especially the southern part. More often than said, a ferry just like we have vehicles’ mishaps, so we have accidents on ferry. Though accident associated with ferry may be due to bad road or heavy collision but can be very catastrophic especially when you do know how to swim. Naijauto.com has come up with simple safety tips you will need before boarding a ferry anywhere in Nigeria.


Adhering to these safety tips will guarantee your safety every time you board a ferry

Safety tips for ferry passengers in Nigeria

Before and after you are aboard, you should adhere strictly to these tips for your safety and these include:

1. Be very calm when at the point of entering a ferry. For your safety and that of your belongings, be patient when boarding.

2. One thing you must never do is to board a ferry without a life jacket. It is better you do not board at all. It is put for a purpose and the purpose is to safeguard your life in any case of mishap.

3. Having a basic swimming skill is not too much to ask of you. If you frequently take ferry to your destination, knowing how to swim might come handy.

4. Do not take an overcrowded ferry. When you notice that there are too many people on the ferry, try board another one or probably take different route.

5. Boarding a ferry in an extreme weather condition is definitely not a wise thing to do. It is better you take an alternative route to avoid any unwanted circumstance.

6. Always remain seated when you are on a ferry and if you are on board with your kids, keep them close to you. You do not want your kids playing around in a ferry.

Video: Safety tips while boarding a ferry

Your safety should always be your priority. We hope this piece is useful enough for you. You are free come back soon and read more info on safety tips and advice on Naijauto.com

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