2022 Toyota Sienna Review - What has changed?

Jul 05, 2022

Posted by: Henry Egan

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Overview of the 2022 Toyota Sienna

The Sienna is by far one of the most explicit vehicles produced by Toyota. It's a model that dates far back as 1997 when it replaced the first-generation Previa van. It came with a more comfortable front-wheel drive and a platform similar to that of the Camry. Before we dive into the 2022 Toyota Sienna review, let's quickly run through its inception story. 

The first-generation Siennas were much smaller than their contemporaries at the time, but a redesign in 2003 brought with it an increase in the dimensions of the Sienna that matched what was obtainable in competing minivans. The third-generation Sienna came in 2010, with Toyota focusing attention on the vehicle's safety. This eventually paid off, with the 2010 Sienna being the first-ever Toyota sienna to receive the "Top safety pick" award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Despite the Covid 19 Pandemic, Toyota still went on to produce an amazing redesign in 2020 that literally announced the fourth generation of the Sienna. Interestingly, the redesign made sure all trims of the Sienna were offered with an optional hybrid powertrain.

Over the years, there has been no argument about minivans being the best when it comes to family convenience, utility and space. There's also no doubt that the 2022 Toyota Sienna is among the very best in the Minivan category. This article will look at what’s new in the 2022 Toyota Sienna even as we highlight major feature differences between the 2022 Sienna and her immediate predecessor, the 2021 Toyota Sienna.


The 2022 Toyota Sienna is a perfect family vehicle

The most significant addition to the 2022 Sienna is the all-new special trim, Woodland Edition. The new Woodland Edition comes with an all-wheel drivetrain (AWD), 18-inch composite wheels, a family-friendly 1500W capable electric outlet, along with exceptional trim identification features. It likewise has 6.9 inches of ground freedom, which is 0.6 inches more than all other 2022 Sienna trims.

This special trim also incorporates a tow hitch with a maximum towing capacity of about 3500lb. On the inside, the 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland edition offers a top-notch cabin with lots of room to comfortably accommodate 7 to 8 passengers and their luggage. Let’s talk more about the 2022 Toyota Sienna Interior in the section below.

2022 Toyota Sienna - The Design & Appeal

1. Interior

The 2022 Toyota Sienna reflects its smooth outside with a fairly fresh and present-day inside. Compared to the 2021 Sienna, there are no significant changes in the interior design and styling. Both Sienna’s offer some 33.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind their third-row seats. This region is so spacious it can undoubtedly fit a buggy, a couple of golf sacks, or a heap of food. The seats overlap helpfully into the floor too, opening up a bigger 75.2 cubic feet of room behind the second row.

Overall, the interior passenger volume increased in the 2022 models of the Sienna from 159.7 cubic feet on offer in the 2021 models to 162.5 cubic feet.

Just like the 2021 Toyota Sienna, the new 2022 Sienna model comes with eight seats as standard, although a 7-seat format is available in models that come with a second-row captain’s chair.

Interestingly, the front seat area is just as cool as the rest. Yes, this area offers steady and all-around padded front seats with adequate head and legroom to accommodate even the tallest guys. Below are some interior features you will find in the different models of the 2022 Sienna:

  • Second-Row Captain’s seats with built-in ottomans slide back
  • Hands-free power lift-gate and sliding side door
  • 1500W capable power outlet
  • Driver easy speak


The 2022 Toyota Sienna seats are covered in the finest quality material

You can also watch the video below to see a highlight of the 2022 Toyota Sienna interior features.

2022 Toyota Sienna Interior Highlight

2. Exterior

The exterior design of the 2022 Toyota Sienna is a true definition of a modern vehicle design where style and functionality merge seamlessly. The 2022 Sienna’s modern style and sleek lines mean that you’ll always drive around in a ride that can never go unnoticed.

Its carefully crafted honeycomb grille offers her a bold, athletic, and unmistakably fierce aura only a Sienna can exude. It also maintains the recognizable profile of its predecessor yet includes more etched lines although It might seem over-styled, but, it’s still a sexily unique family vehicle.

Compared to the 2021 year models, the 2022 Sienna sports a slight increase in overall length from 203.5 inches to 203.7 inches. 


The 2022 Sienna sports an unmistakable sleek style

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2022 Toyota Sienna - Engine & Performance

When it comes to what’s on offer under the hood of the 2022 Toyota Sienna, there is literally no difference from what was on offer in the previous year's models. Just like the 2021 models, the new 2022 Toyota Sienna models all sport a 245hp hybrid-only powertrain which incorporates a 2.5-litre In-line 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors to match.  Power from this engine is transferred to the vehicle’s wheels by a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) powering the Front-wheel drivetrain (FWD).

Interestingly, the Front-Wheel-drive system is offered as the standard drivetrain for the 2022 Sienna while the all-wheel drivetrain comes as an optional offering.

On the performance side of things, the 2022 Sienna is not as robust and aggressive compared to when it sported the V6 engine. Nonetheless, it accelerates smoothly from rest but gets sluggish when you hit the high notes on the highways.

 However as a trade-off, the 2022 Toyota Sienna hybrid-only powertrain posts some really impressive fuel economy numbers. Powered by the FWD train, the 2022 Sienna gets a 36/36 mpg fuel economy rating for city and highway drive, while the All-wheel-drive variation returns a comparable 35/36 mpg (city/highway).

Interestingly too, the 2022 Sienna offers a respectable ride handling that feels very steady and solid even around sharp turns. The steering is responsive and sporty. The suspension absorbs most knocks and dunks in the street, yielding a smooth ride with the standard 17-and 18-inch wheels.


The 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Trim offers a maximum towing capacity of about 3500lb

2022 Toyota Sienna - Safety and Technology

Safety Features

The 2022 Sienna is a true reflection of Toyota’s stance when it comes to safety. Even as no major changes are evident, the 2022 Sienna still manages to clinch the 2022 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick Award in the Minivan category by getting top scores in areas like

  • Crashworthiness
  • Crash avoidance & mitigation
  • Seat belts & child restraints
  • Roof strength        
  • Front crash prevention etc

2022 Toyota Sienna driver-side small overlap IIHS crash test

So, the 2022 Sienna comes fitted with the best of what Toyota can offer when it comes to safety. You will find present the various Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 features like:

  • Automatic High Beams
  • Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist
  • Lane Tracing Assist
  • Road Sign Assist

Other features include, a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist, hands-free park assist, road sign recognition, forward collision warning etc.

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There've been slight changes when it comes to the technology aspect of this vehicle, the auxiliary audio input is no longer standard but optional, likewise the Wifi hotspot. The 2022 sienna now comes with an optional onboard Hands-free communication system which was previously standard.

The infotainment system is a blend of a responsive 9-inch multimedia touchscreen and actual buttons allowing you to pick your inclination with a non-laboured touch. The local route is exact and simple to peruse with the Toyota Dynamic navigation utility while Apple CarPlay or Android Auto makes it more standard and fun.

Other features include:

  • A liberal number of USB ports for every one of the three rows
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Remote Connect using the Toyota App
  • Split and Stow 3rd Row seat
  • There is third-party adaptive mobility equipment on offer for the elderly and infirm


The 2022 Sienna can be fitted with specially designed third-party adaptive mobility equipment

2022 Toyota Sienna - Prices

The prices of the various models of the 2022 Sienna are not so different from the 2021 versions considering how similar both year models are. Interestingly, just like the 2021 models, Toyota offered her flagship Minivan in 5 different trims with the only exception being the special edition quasi-SUV Woodland Edition.

Below are all the trims of the 2022 Toyota sienna and their prices according to the drivetrain on offer,

   2022 Toyota Sienna Prices by Models
Trims AWD (all-wheel-drive) FWD  (front-wheel-drive)
 2022 Toyota Sienna LE Trim $36,710 ₦15.24 million $34710 ₦14.41 million
 2022 Toyota Sienna XLE Trim  $42000 ₦17.44 million $40000 ₦16.61 million
 2022 Toyota Sienna XSE Trim  $43010 ₦17.86 million $42250  ₦17.54 million
 2022 Toyota Sienna Limited Trim  $48950 ₦20.32 million  $46950 ₦19.50 million
 2022 Toyota Sienna Platinum Trim  $50910 ₦21.13 million  $50150 ₦20.82 million
 2022 Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition  $45350 ₦18.83 million    

However, some buyers might be interested in the older model of the Toyota Sienna, either as the result of price or as a result of their engine choice, considering that the 2022 Toyota Sienna hybrid powertrain is the only engine option on offer. 

All the same, if your plan is to purchase an older version of the Sienna, then the tables below showing the tokunbo prices of previous year's models of Toyota Sienna, should really interest you. 

Prices of Tokunbo Models of Toyota Sienna
Models    Prices
 2021 Toyota Sienna Models $43,701 - $59,555 ₦18.14 million - ₦24.72 million
 2020 Toyota Sienna Models $34,002 - $48,375 ₦14.12 million - ₦ 20.08 million
 2019 Toyota Sienna Models $34,072 - $45,399 ₦14.14 million - ₦ 18.85 million
 2018 Toyota Sienna Models $31,303 - $42,512 ₦13.0 million - ₦ 17.65 million
 2017 Toyota Sienna Models $27,121 - $35,920 ₦11.26 million - ₦ 14.91 million
 2016 Toyota Sienna Models $24,472 - $32,603 ₦10.16 million - ₦ 13.53 million
 2015 Toyota Sienna Models $22,109 - $29,243 ₦9.18 million - ₦ 12.14 million
 2014 Toyota Sienna Models $17,391 - $22,261 ₦7.21 million - ₦ 9.24 million
 2013 Toyota Sienna Models $15,596 - $20,344 ₦6.47 million - ₦ 8.44 million
 2012 Toyota Sienna Models $11,982 - $17,046 ₦4.97 million - ₦ 7.07 million
 2011 Toyota Sienna Models  $9,595 - $16,309 ₦3.98 million - ₦ 6.77 million
 2010 Toyota Sienna Models $8,735 - $17,127 ₦3.63 million - ₦ 7.11 million
 2009 Toyota Sienna Models $7,532 - $14,108 ₦3.12 million - ₦ 5.86 million
 2008 Toyota Sienna Models $6,367 - $13,171 ₦2.64 million - ₦ 5.47 million
 2007 Toyota Sienna Models $6,110 - $9,527  ₦2.54 million - ₦ 3.96 million



..The 2022 Toyota Sienna is a beautiful continuation of the 2021 upgrade, with 6 carefully crafted trims on offer. All of the trims really do offer good value for your money including both front-wheel-drive FWD and All-wheel-drive AWD models. Our best pick of the trims on offer is the Special Woodland Edition, as it offers the best price and mechanical consideration. As seen on the table in the price segment above, the 2022 Sienna Woodland trim goes for about $45,350 (₦18.83 million); that's a fair bargain for a ride that comes with some really cool features as well as an all-wheel drivetrain.

However, the 2022 Toyota Sienna XSE Trim is another good pick in terms of price and features on offer. So, if you desire some kind of sports ride experience from your Sienna, as well as something within a good price range, then the Sienna XSE Trim should be your pick. Overall, this brings us to the end of our 2022 Toyota Sienna review at the moment. 

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