2020 Toyota Sienna review - all trims and prices

Dec 31, 2019

Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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1. Introduction

The first thing to say about the 2020 Toyota Sienna is actually the last thing anyone needs to, seeing that it is already so well known. This is that the Sienna is the quintessential family minivan or car. It has always been this, right from its pre-2011 design overhaul, and since then. The 2020 Sienna would not be a Sienna to begin with if it bucked this tradition. However, that is not the only plus this vehicle brings to the auto-table.


The 2020 Toyota Sienna will continue its line-up success

2. Trims of Toyota Sienna 2020

There are five basic trims for the 2020 Sienna; basic because 3 of those trims have sub-trims of their own called “premium”, bringing actual trims to 8. Basic trims are L, LE, SE, XLE and Limited.

The base or minimum standard trim as per usual is the L. This base trim has the standard features that define a 2020 Sienna, including a 3.5L engine, 8-speed auto transmission, 17-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, and Toyota Safety Sense which comes with a whole box full of safety gizmos of its own like pedestrian detection, and automatic headlights.

Alas, optional all-wheel powertrain is available to all but the L trim, so you will need to level up to get that. Many other features are trim-sensitive also like 7 or 8 seat capacity for one. Trims add on options the higher you go. To sum it up, the SE is the sporty trim, the XLE is the executive, everything plus trim, and the Limited is the top of the line king of the trims, with name-it-you-got-it clout.


2020 Toyota Sienna is offered in 5 basic trim levels

3. Design of Toyota Sienna 2020

What does the 2020 Toyota Sienna look like on the outside?

Well, to begin, almost exactly like the 2018 version. We did mention earlier that the Sienna had its last major redesign splurge in 2011, and since then the basic engineering has remained status quo, bar a different head or taillight or sunroof here and there. This has made the Sienna not as competitive in the looks department against rivals like the design-conscious Honda Odyssey, which had its last tune-up in 2018.

To get into details of the 2020 Sienna’s form factor: 18-inches alloy wheels for all-drive trims, (17-in for the L trim), sliding side doors, sporty side panels, signature open grill, and fantastic front and rear bumpers. The SE carries a pointier, narrowed front, and the Limited sports different grillwork.


2020 Toyota Sienna is ideal for a large family

Take a look at the table below for more exterior specifications of the 2020 Toyota Sienna:

2020 Toyota Sienna exterior specifications
Description Specs
Wheelbase 119.3 in.
Length 200.6 in.
Width 78.1 in.
Height 70.7 in.
Curb Weight 4590 lbs.


2020 Toyota Sienna back view looks neat and seemingly spacious

4. Engine performance of 2020 Toyota Sienna

Did we mention the 296 horsepower, 3.5-liter V-6 engine putting out an impressive 263 pound-feet of torque? That is a powertrain that can haul a large family without difficulty at all anywhere, or tow along a 3,500-pound trailer. 18 inches alloy wheels (17 for the L trim’s front drive) if you exercise the all-wheel option, give you fairly smooth drives.


2020 Toyota Sienna packs a powerful v6 engine for all trims

The 8-speed auto transmission is great for fuel economy which is pegged at 19 mpg inner city and 27 mpg expressway. Manufacturer’s fuel economy specs are much better. Customers report some stiffness in handling but that can be expected with a vehicle that has had no serious internal tinkering since 2015. Having said that, the SE trim exhibits none of that, and responds admirably. Overall, it is a minivan and basically handles like one. There is also a bit of noise when compared to rival minivans.

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2020 Toyota Sienna - Beating SUVs at their own game

5. Prices of 2020 Toyota Sienna for all trims

Check out the price for the 2020 Toyota Sienna all trims below.

2020 Toyota Sienna prices in Nigerian naira  
 Model  Price
2020 Toyota Sienna L (7 passengers) ₦11.3 million
2020 Toyota Sienna LE (7 passengers mob) ₦12.3 million
2020 Toyota Sienna LE (7 passenger auto access) ₦14.4 million
2020 Toyota Sienna LE (8 passengers) ₦12.2 million
2020 Toyota Sienna SE (7 passengers) ₦14 million
2020 Toyota Sienna SE (8 passengers) ₦13.5 million
2020 Toyota Sienna SE Premium ₦16.2 million
2020 Toyota Sienna XLE (7 passengers) ₦14.4 million
2020 Toyota Sienna XLE (8 passengers) ₦13.5 million
2020 Toyota Sienna XLE Premium ₦14.9 million
2020 Toyota Sienna Limited (7 passengers) ₦17.7 million
2020 Toyota Sienna Limited Premium ₦17.7 million

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The cutting-edge technologies to assist the disabled offered by 2020 Toyota Sienna

6. Conclusion

The 2020 Toyota Sienna aspires to be nothing more than it already is: a solid performing minivan with the capacity and endurance to serve a large family group. Also, you would do well to remember that powertrain with the al wheel drive option.

If we are to assign scores for this model, we will give it a 7.5 out of 10. What do you think?

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