Toyota Rav4 2010 review & prices in Nigeria

May 17, 2019

Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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1. Introduction

In 1994, Toyota made the first ever compact SUV - the Toyota RAV4. The idea of the vehicle was one that wasn't as big as other SUVs made around the time but could do what all other SUVs could. It has just enough cargo room, can maneuver on rugged roads and is also fuel efficient. All these was achieved with the Rav4.

When the vehicle first launched in Japan and Europe, sales spiked, causing them to distribute to America and later, other parts of the world. Since then it had become popular on major roads in Nigeria. Known as "Small box", "the Raven" and so on in Nigeria, the RAV4 has seen quite a number of generations and some of the most loved are the 1994 and 2010 versions. In this article, we'll be carrying out a review and prices of the Toyota RAV4 2010 - but before then, here are a thing or two more you need to know about the RAV4.


The Toyota Rav4 2010 has more space and tech features than its previous versions

Not all RAV4's are all-wheel drives but that was the initial idea when the first ones were launched. The model boasts five generations, with the 2010 version being a third generation Toyota RAV4. The first generation is known as XA10, produced between 1994 - 2000. It's the popular one in light blue colour you always see on Nigerian roads. The ones made from 2001 - 2005 are the second generation RAV4's known as the XA20. The third generation (which has the 2010 version) includes the models made between 2006 - 2012, and is known as the XA30. The XA40 are those made in the fourth generation, from 2013 - 2018. The fifth generation, also known as the XA40 are those made from 2019.

The 2010 Toyota RAV4 has always gone head to head with the Honda CRV, Subaru Forester and Chevrolet Equinox all made in the same year. Arguments about fuel economy, performance, reliability, affordability and so on, have been ongoing endless.

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2. Toyota Rav4 2010 trims & features

The 2010 Toyota RAV4 comes in different trim levels of limited, sport and base levels. The compact crossover SUV also gives users the choice of a V6 or 4 cylinder engine. All trim levels also come in 4-wheel and front-wheel drives - as against the standard all-wheel drive the RAV4 is generally known for. And all trim levels give you an option of rear view camera and third row seats.

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Base trim

The base trim level is the smallest with:

  • 16 inch wheel,
  • an option of 17 inch wheels if you go for the all-wheel drive,
  • an upgraded CD player with auxiliary audio jack and 6 speakers,
  • driver seat that allows you adjust the height, tilt and telescoping steering wheel,
  • key-less entry,
  • adaptive cruise control


All trim levels give you an option of rear view camera and third row seats

Limited trim

The Limited trim level comes with

  • a 6-CD changer,
  • satellite radio,
  • dual zone automatic climate control system,
  • key-less ignition and entry,
  • heated mirrors that work with sensors,
  • automatic headlights,
  • great suspensions,
  • 17 inch wheels and
  • a spare tyre cover

Sport trim

The 2010 RAV4 sport trim level on the other hand, comes with

  • an 18 inch wheel,
  • adaptive heated side mirrors,
  • steering wheel wrapped in pure leather,
  • sporty suspensions,
  • an option of adaptive headlamps 

3. Toyota Rav4 2010 fuel economy and performance

On fuel economy, the 2010 Toyota RAV4 doesn't entirely do badly. The all-wheel drive comes with up-to 27 miles per gallon on the highway and 24 mpg in the city. The front wheel drive comes with 28 mpg on the highway and 22 mpg in the city. Generally, the version has a 4-speed automatic transmission with 5-speed options. They also have 25 liter inline 4 cylinder engine which puts out into 172 lb-feet of torque. But you also have an option of getting a 3.5 liter V6 that puts out almost twice the amount of torque and horsepower you will find in the standard RAV4.

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4. Toyota Rav4 2010 safety features

Toyota took time to upgrade the driver assistance and safety system of the 2010 RAV4 with top notch tech features. The vehicle comes with

  • uphill and downhill assist controls,
  • full length side curtain airbags,
  • front seat side airbags,
  • traction control, and
  • anti-lock disc brakes

The body in charge of highway traffic and safety in the United States of America IIHS carried out accident tests on the vehicle and it earned a whopping five stars. When in collision with a vehicle from the front or the side, occupants are likely safe due to how strong the metals are and the other safety systems. All in all, the vehicle showed the promise of being able to handle a level of impact.


Toyota Rav4 2010 gets a 5 star IIHS test

5. Toyota Rav4 2010 common issues and maintenance

It's worthy to note that the 2010 Toyota RAV4 might have road noise issues when it gets older, but wind noise isn't a problem. What's most important is maintaining the vehicle and ensure you carry out routine maintenance after every 8,000 kilometers covered.

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6. Toyota Rav4 2010 prices in Nigeria and clearing cost

6.1 Toyota Rav4 2010 prices in Nigeria (new, tokunbo and Nigerian used)

You can get a new Toyota Rav4 2010 from ₦6 million while used ones are priced from ₦2.5 million. Cost of clearing the 2010 Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria in case you buy a tokunbo one from abroad is 800,000 naira!

2010 Toyota RAV4 prices in Nigeria
Model Prices in naira
New Toyota Rav4 2010 From ₦6,000,000
Tokunbo/Foreign used Toyota Rav4  2010 ₦3,800,000 - ₦5,700,000
Nigerian used/Locally used Toyota Rav4  2010 ₦2,500,000 - ₦3,500,000

6.2 Where to buy Toyota Rav4 2010 in Nigeria

Here are some popular dealerships:

Where you can buy Toyota Rav4 2010 in Nigeria
Name Address Contact
Elizade Nigeria

ELIZADE-TOYOTA Plaza, 322A, Ikorodu Road,

Anthony Village, Maryland, Lagos

09033841867, 09033470489
RT Briscoe

6/18 Fatai Atere way, Matori Oshodi


08060297988, 01-4520516
Omoregie motors

45, Alhaji Tokan Street

Alaka Estate Surulere,


08034030150, 08058280808
Germaine Auto Center

2nd Roundabout Lekki Express way,

v/Island , Lagos.

Mandilas Enterprise

35, Simpson Street,



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7. Conclusion

The Toyota Rav4 2010 is a good choice for a compact SUV. It has decent fuel economy, easy to maintain with affordable and available parts. If you are going to drive a small or medium size family, Toyota Rav4 2010 is worth your consideration. 

This article of Toyota Rav4 2010 review and prices in Nigeria is brought to you by Naijauto team.

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