Toyota Picnic 2010 Review: Price, Interior, Model, Performance, Specs, & More

Jan 09, 2018

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1. Toyota Picnic 2010 Review: Introduction

Toyota Picnic walked in the auto market in 1995 as an abandoned kid of Toyota but time flies, the car has been recognized as one of the most popular MPV in Nigeria and all over the world. As its name evokes, the car is designed to picture a picnic and a combination of soft curves, sharp details and bulky silhouettes.

Even though this seems to be failed in the Picnic, it is still a well-thought concept with an excellently-designed interior. These factors serve to make a use of Toyota Picnic a bargain to enter a hot and competitive market.

In this article, will bring you a comprehensive review of the Toyota Picnic 2010 with a hope that it will be a useful article for those who have and even haven’t yet fallen in love with this great family car.

Born to be a five-door MPV, the Toyota Picnic 2010 comes with 4 variants including the GS, GL, GX and GLS. The versions are powered by 2.0 petrol and 2.2 diesel engines.

2. Toyota Picnic 2010 Interior: What you get

The Toyota Picnic 2010 hasn’t received numerous changes in its design since it made the first debut in 1996 but it is still highly appreciated in its practical and prominent features. Other contenders may dominate the Picnic in the equipment and attractiveness but at least, it is still a car that some on-market models perform an imitation. In fact, the Kia Caren and the Mitsubishi Space Star related to the parody with this Toyota vehicle as the Kia and the Mitsubishi get the basic body shape of the Toyota Picnic and gave their own explanation about that.

Angular front of a Toyota Picnic 2010

The Picnic hasn’t received numerous changes in its design since it made the first debut in 1996

Looking at the equipment of all variants, it can be said that the carmaker purported to make the car focus on the safety, as Toyota has been well-known for.

The entry-level version - the 2.0 GS comes equipped with adjustable and electrically heated door mirrors, front seatbelt pre-tensioners, high-level stop light, side impact beams and electric tinted windows. Additionally, it also has immobilizer, central locking, a Sony radio cassette unit with optional steering wheel control and remote security system.

Toyota Picnic 2010 interior

The car has immobilizer, central locking, a Sony radio cassette unit

Meanwhile, in May 1998, the GL was renamed to the GLS and came with an additional second row of armrests, luggage hooks and CD compatible Sony stereo, driver’s seat height adjustment and security etched windows. Moreover, there is an optional pack for the car owner with a dual roof and a seven-seat configuration. The top-of-the-line GX is adorned with a high-end Sony radio cassette with steering column control, air-conditioning system and twin sunroofs.

In both diesel and petrol, there are six, full-sized and separate seats, each of them has its own lap, diagonal seatbelt and an adjustable headrest. Both passengers and the driver also like comfortable seats with great width and length, bur this seems to a bit difficult for the Picnic to satisfy all people, especially those who have a considerable height and weight. This lack of breadth means that the front seats do not spin like larger MPVs. But you can do everything else to fit the interior with your needs.

Toyota Picnic 2010 seatings

In both diesel and petrol, there are six, full-sized and separate seats, each of them has its own lap, diagonal seatbelt  and  an adjustable headrest

In general, there are no less than 17 seats available in the Toyota Picnic 2010. The seats can be folded, slid, reclined, especially, the third row can even be removed for additional cargo space. This allows you to bring large items, luggage along with your trips and the second row even can be folded in half to make this much easier and more convenient.

Toyota Picnic 2010 cargo space

The seats can be folded, slid, reclined, especially, the third row can even be removed for additional cargo space

3. Toyota Picnic 2010 Review: What to Look for

Like all vehicles used to bring children along, check for stains, laceration and other damage to upholstered furniture and small parts. You should also remember that a number of Picnics are driven in urban roads, so check the car for parking knocks.

The Toyota Picnic 2010 is also expected to bring the usual reliability of Toyota. Although the Toyota Picnic 2.0 variant comes equipped with the same engine used in the RAV4, it may not have been driven so regularly and enthusiastically. However, checking for the car’s service history is not excessive at all.

4. Toyota Picnic 2010 Review: Performance

The Picnic offers a good performance and handling capacity. However, the car comes with a heavyweight so it not only looks bulky but also runs with a relative sluggishness, compared to other mid-sized saloons on the market.

The car is powered by a 2.0-L RAV4 16-L petrol engine or a 2.2-L diesel powertrain. Even the latter engine is not bad, the Picnic TD whirs from 0-100km/h in a neck-snapping 14 seconds and drinks 36.2mpg in average.

In general, the Toyota Picnic 2010 performance provides a soft ride which can quickly achieve its limits on a very windy road.

Toyota Picnic 2010 on the road

The Picnic offers a good performance and handling capacity

5. Toyota Picnic 2010 Review: specs

Toyota Picnic 2010 specs
Engine Specifications
Power (kW) 110 kW 
Horsepower 150 hp 
Horsepower  148 bhp 
Rev. at Max Power 6000 
Torque  192 Nm
Torque (lb-ft)  142 lb-ft 
Rev. at Max Torque  4000 
Engine Configuration
Type of Engine  Internal Combustion Engine
Engine Configuration  Inline
Displacement  1998 cc
Number of Cylinders 
Dimensions & Weight
Length   4690 mm
Width  1760 mm
Height  1625 mm 
Track, Front  1505 mm 
Track, Rear  1500 mm 
Wheel Base   2825 mm 
Turning Circle  11 m 
Curb Weight 1540 kg 
Gross Weight  2185 kg
Cargo Capacity  645 kg
Second Seat Row Yes
Third Seat Row Yes 
Number of Seats  7
Rear Trunk Yes 
Drive Type  Two Wheel Drive
Type of Two Wheel Drive FWD
Transmission Type Automatic/Manual 
Number of Gears 4/5
Fuel Type  Petrol/Diesel 
Tank Capacity  60 l
Fuel Consumption
City  13 l/100km 
Highway 7.8 l/100km
Combined  9.7 l/100km
CO2 Emission  229 g/km 

6. Toyota Picnic 2010 Price

Please consult the below table for the fair market price of the Toyota Picnic 2010. We also include prices of other model years for your further information.

Toyota Picnic price list in Nigeria
Model Used Price Range
Used 1998 Toyota Picnic price N0.1 million - N1.8 million
Used 1999 Toyota Picnic price N0.2 million - N2.3 million
Used 2000 Toyota Picnic price N0.1 million - N2.3 million
Used 2001 Toyota Picnic​ price N0.6 million - N2.5 million
Used 2002 Toyota Picnic price N0.2 million - N2.5 million
Used 2003 Toyota Picnic price N0.5 million - N2.8 million
Used 2004 Toyota Picnic price N0.4 million - N3.1 million
Used 2005 Toyota Picnic price N0.3 million - N2.6 million
Used 2006 Toyota Picnic price N0.3 million - N2.0 million
Used 2010 Toyota Picnic price N0.5 million - N1.8 million

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7. Verdict

All are considered, the Toyota Picnic boasts a seductive style, a glossy and spacious cabin and a smooth ride, which makes the car comes as one of the most favorite family vehicles in Nigeria. Even others have amped its silhouette and some opponents have fallen behind, but the lifespan of the Picnic is because of its practicality. You know, as introduced in 1996, the Toyota Picnic was initially known as an invisible car of Toyota, but it has proven what it owns and how it worthy for the car owners to lay their money down. That is why there is a steady stream of Picnic buyers year by year, especially in our country. And that is also the reason choose the Toyota Picnic 2010 to bring you a fresh enjoyment in our review. Truly hope that this article will be helpful for those who are seeking a new or used Picnic or even for those who are having a Picnic, we hope you will give your car a greater love after reading this article.

A family with the Toyota Picnic 2010

Toyota Picnic 2010 is an ideal minivan for all families

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