Toyota Highlander 2008 review & prices in Nigeria

Jan 12, 2018

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1. Toyota Highlander 2008 model: What is new

The Toyota Highlander 2008 is among the most sought-after SUVs by Nigerians who wish to buy a versatile and spacious family vehicle. Belong to the second generation of the popular Highlander nameplate, the Highlander 2008 offers significantly more room, larger power and further improved conveniences over its predecessors. Let's explore more about this popular SUV in this review of the Toyota Highlander 2008 model.

The Toyota Highlander 2008 angular front

The Toyota Highlander 2008 

At the beginning of the 21st century, while other automakers were celebrating the profitability of their SUV products, Toyota was looking further ahead. The carmaker anticipated someday car buyers will no longer accept the poor fuel economy and the sloppy job of handling that traditional sport-utility vehicles are offering. They would start to look for vehicles that offer improvements including true SUV convenience and car-like driving maneuverability. And the first generation Toyota Highlander has been born as a result and immediately became a great hit. After seven years of successful sales and being a model for other rival brands to build plagiarized mid-sized SUVs, the Toyota Highlander began to feel outdated, especially from the inside where occupants suffer cramped space. Quickly, Toyota has worked on the complete makeover of the original model and the result is an all-new Toyota Highlander 2008 model, marking the second generation of the lineup.

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2. Toyota Highlander 2008 Interior

Speaking of the Toyota Highlander 2008 interior, the SUV shares the platform with the Camry, and the major part of its flavor is placed on the dashboard. The focal point is naturally the center control, with major functions being easily controlled via large knobs set in a convenient reach. On Sport and Limited models, above the stereo is a 3.5-inch screen displaying outside temperature, gas mileage and other necessary information. On the same screen, you can also see settings for the automatic climate control which allows to make up to three different temperature zones, two at the front and one at the rear. However, to select the settings, you have to deal with the cluttered controls consisting of 13 small buttons between two large knobs beneath the stereo. On the other hand, the basic air conditioning control is simple to use.

The Toyota Highlander 2008 third row

Access to the third row is made much easier thanks to the improved slide/fold mechanisms

The Toyota Highlander 2008’s cabin has been more accommodating for taller adults than in the past. Both the first and second-row seating have expanded in all directions. And overall, the interior is made with high-quality materials.

At the third row seats, the Highlander's legroom is still left behind by the GMC Acadia or Saturn Outlook, but it is made up by the much easier access thanks to the improved slide/fold mechanism. Dubbed as “Center Stow”, the advanced feature allows its users to stow away the center part of the second row to make a walk-through access. The “20” section can smoothly slide into the center console, in its own cubby with simple operation.

The Toyota Highlander 2008 dashboard

The focal point is naturally the center control, with major functions being easily controlled via large knobs set in a convenient reach

The Toyota Highlander 2008 gauges

The Toyota Highlander 2008's gauges

Parents will be attracted to the Toyota Highlander 2008’s storage option. The front seat center console offer accommodation for 4 cups and a large storage bin, and the glove box is huge enough to comfortably fit a laptop.   

The Toyota Highlander 2008 storage space

Parents will be attracted to the Toyota Highlander 2008’s storage option

Cargo space is rather limited with all three row being in use, at humble 10 cubic feet. However, once the third row is folded, 42 cubes will be released, and the second row being down brings the total space to a decent 95.4 cubic feet – lag behind the GM and Mazda SUVs, but still a competitive figure in its class. The only shortcoming we found is the third-row folding mechanism offers single-piece mode as the only option and lacks the 50/50-split mode that can be found on some other models, which is less flexible when you have both cargo and passengers to carry.

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3. Toyota Highlander 2008 model: performance

Despite being heavier and larger than the previous generation, the Toyota Highlander 2008 is still more drivable than most of its mid-sized SUV and crossover rivals. The excellent visibility leaves nothing to complain about and the steering is perfectly light, enabling the Highlander effortlessly maneuver through narrow spaces. The sturdy V6 engine coming standard delivers solid and pliant acceleration whatever situation comes. The ride quality of the 2008 Highlander is still more of a soft one, not too much is changed from its predecessor. That said, you can look for a Sport one which offers tighter control over body motions without any struggling in a harsh ride.

4. Toyota Highlander 2008 Problems

The Toyota Highlander is among the most reliable SUVs on sale so few problems are reported. Below are the most common problems found on the Toyota Highlander by users:

Toyota Highlander 2008 Problems  
Airbag light illuminates
Problem description The airbag experiences sudden illuminating
Reasons A defect center airbag sensor.
Check engine light illuminates 
Problem description The check engine light experience sudden beaming
Reasons A hose on the air filter housing is easy to be knocked off while changing the air filter, causing the check engine light to beam
The oxygen sensor fails, resulting in the engine computer being unable to decide the proper air-fuel ratio

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5. Toyota Highlander 2008 pictures

Please behold more Toyota Highlander 2008 pictures down below.

The Toyota Highlander 2008 frontal look

The Toyota Highlander 2008 is more drivable than most of its mid-sized SUV and crossover rivals 

The Toyota Highlander 2008 profile view

The Toyota Highlander 2008 profile

The Toyota Highlander 2008 angular rear

The Toyota Highlander 2008 angular rear

The Toyota Highlander 2008 rear

The Toyota Highlander 2008 rear

It is probably a good idea to opt for a newer model year than the 2008 as the later model years will have problems fixed by the manufacturer. But considering its affordable price, the Highlander 2008 is still the model year of choice by a large majority of Nigerian car buyers. Following are the items that you should look for any Toyota Highlander 2008 problems, as recommended by thousands of users worldwide:

  • During the test drive, start it cold and if the engine rattles, maybe it’s best to look for another car.
  • Check the engine compartment for any oil/coolant leak.
  • All the window should be able to go up and down without any hardship
  • Don’t forget the rear seat when checking the heaters and climate controls.
  • The steering should not feel any clunks
  • During the test drive, listen for any drivetrain noises and the shifts should feel smooth
  • If possible, always bring a mechanic or at least an experienced buddy

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6. Toyota Highlander 2008 model price

Please consult the below for the Toyota Highlander 2008 model price. We also provide fair market prices for other model years for your reference.

  Toyota Highlander model price list in Nigeria
Model year Price
2001 – 2004 Highlander price N2 million – N3 million
2005 – 2007 Highlander price N3 million – N3.7 million
2008 – 2012 Highlander price N5.3 million – N7.5 million
2013 – 2015 Highlander price N7 million – N10 million


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7. Toyota Highlander 2008 user manual

Below are all the Toyota Highlander 2008 user manual, as provided by Toyota:

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