The Toyota Corona model Review, Price in Nigeria and Common Problems

Apr 08, 2020

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Checking the hierarchy of the Toyota collections of sedan cars from the Japanese automobile company, you will come to know that the Toyota Corona is the second model after the Toyota Crown. The word “Corona” is a Latin word for Crown, and the company made the Corona as a smaller edition of the Crown design available to customers.

Many countries received the Toyota Corona as the first sedan model introduced into their markets by the Toyopet Store which is currently Toyota Store. Toyota Corolla was later introduced as a smaller design with very similar cost of usage. After about 8 years of production, the company adopted the name “Corona” for a larger production platform when the Toyota Corona Mark II was introduced with larger interior space.


The Front View of a Toyota Corona

History of Toyota Corona in Nigeria

Toyota Motor Incorporation introduced the Toyota Corona over ten generations and a long period of more than 40 years. The Nigerian car market had only very few of the Toyopet Corona as the first generation which was introduced between 1957 to 1960; it relates closely in design and body parts to the Toyota Crown and Toyopet Master. The second generation of the Corona which is also called Tiara was manufactured from 1960 to 1964, and it sold more than the flagship Corona. Around 1964 to 1970, they produced and sold the third generation of the Toyota Corona successfully in foreign markets; and some of these cars came into Nigeria only as foreign-used models.


Rearview of the 1957 Toyota Corona


1962 Toyota Corona line

Toyota Corona's name was used to accommodate a larger design from the company known as Toyota Corona Mark II in 1968, and customers in Nigeria could get the feeling of a Toyota Crown from this vehicle. The Nissan Bluebird was a relevant competition for this generation of mid-sized cars in Nigeria. A fourth-generation design of the Corona was seen between 1970 to 1973 with a totally new design produced on a different platform from the Corona Mark II. The fifth-generation had the design of the grille, hood, and taillights revised in its production year between 1973 to 1979; it was popular with the name Toyota 2000.

The year 1978 to 1983 provided customers with the sixth generation of the Toyota Corona with the boxier design; it was the first model to be sold with the Toyota name instead of the old Toyopet brand. From 1982 to 1987, Toyota produced the seventh generation of the Corona. It was this model that lasted longer than every other generation in the market, and the company had the rear-wheel-drive variant with the front-wheel-drive known as Carina II. 


1973 Toyota Corona SE Sedan


Toyota Corona-CSi Wagon Overview

Although the company sold Toyota Carina as a different vehicle, it continued to market the eighth generation of the Corona series as Carina II between 1987 to 1992. The ninth generation of the Toyota Corona is also known as Carina E which replaces Carina E; Toyota redesigned the car between 1992 to 1998 to be heavier with improved aerodynamic body style. The tenth generation of the series captured the Corona Premio which was manufactured between 1996 to 2001; the wagon design of the ninth and tenth generation is marketed as Toyota Caldina.

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Toyota Corona Exterior and Interior review

The Toyota Corona was a successful series in the automobile market around the world; it attained that level gradually as the customers began to get used to its cost-effective and dependable performance. It has been exported under different names including the Corona Mark II, Carina and Caldina, and most special brands for Asian and European markets differently.

Toyota Corona exterior

The body style available with the Corona series is a wide variety that includes two-door Coupé with a hardtop, four-door sedan, four-door wagon, and five-door liftback. The mid-size dimensions of this vehicle have been consistent from its first generation till the latest models available which are 4.52 - 4.6m in length, 1.41 - 1.42m in height and 1.695 - 1.698m in Width; the body style is designed to appeal to regular customers and everyday use.


The 1978 Toyota Corona Exterior View

Toyota Corona Interior

The cabin of the Toyota Corona accommodates five passengers in most of its models with the driver and one passenger at the front, and three passengers at the rear seat which has a 40:60 split-fold design. The dashboard is very simple with stereo and temperature control equipment; the features are kept basic to allow the vehicle to sell at very affordable prices.


The 1991 Toyota Corona cabin view

Pros and Cons of Toyota Corona

For a convincing car with credible reviews all around the world, there are bound to be upsides and downsides to its functionality. We will mention some pros and cons for buyers to keep in mind as they go buying the Toyota Corona for sale.

Toyota Corona Pros

  • It can be easily maintained since the design is simple
  • Customers enjoy low fuel consumption
  • This car is highly reliable

Toyota Corona Cons

  • It does not give the classy feeling
  • It has poor suspensions
  • The spare parts for most of its models are scarce

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Toyota Corona price in Nigeria

  • Tokunbo Toyota Corona will be bought around N600,000 to N1.2 million
  • Nigerian used Toyota Corona can be bought for N450,000 to N800,000
Table: Toyota Corona price in Nigeria
 Condition Price
 Tokunbo Toyota Corona price in Nigeria  N600,000 - N1.2 million
 Nigerian used Toyota Corona  N450,000 - N800,000

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Toyota Corona buying tips in Nigeria

When buyers plan to purchase a simple vehicle as their first or next car, the Toyota brand easily comes to mind. The Toyota models for this kind of purchase include Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, Toyota Celica, and Toyota Corona or Toyota Korona. It is best to not confuse these models for high-class even when the company does their best to improve on features and designs. We recommend the following buying tips for potential customers below;

  • The models of the Toyota Corona available in the market are getting quite old, so ensure to inspect the car when you find one out there for sale.
  • The suspension of this car is not very efficient but you will get a fair ride on a properly maintained Corona.
  • It is better to avoid models older than the 1996 year model in Nigeria because the spare parts may not be available anymore.

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Toyota has been able to keep up the competition for mid-sized sedan cars with the Corona model, but the rivals like the Honda Accord deliver easier handling and interesting driving experiences. Many cars from Japanese manufacturers prove very reliable, and many used Toyota Coronas have shown top durability. Other Japanese products like Datsun or Nissan Bluebird sold many models around the same time as the Toyota Corona, and customers even found it slightly difficult to differentiate them. The discontinuity of the Toyota Corona in 2001 gave way for the name but Toyota Corona 2000, Toyota Corona 2002, Toyota Corona 2003, and Toyota Corona 2005 are being sold as the Toyota Avensis, Toyota Caldina or Toyota Premio depending on the country.

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