Toyota Corolla 2004 model review & prices in Nigeria

Feb 01, 2018

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1. Introduction

Toyota Corolla is considered as one of the best of the compact sedans in the auto market. It's thrifty and reliable yet comfortable and refined. Although has already published two reviews of this car model, the great love for it from us and Nigerian car lovers has inspired us to continue bringing you one more article about the beloved Corolla. This time is the review of Toyota Corolla 2004 model. Now, come with us to admire and get a deeper understanding of this favorite sedan.

2. Toyota Corolla 2004 model lineup

The Toyota Corolla 2004 gets only one body type - a four-door sedan (not including the hatchback Toyota Matrix). All variants of the Corolla come equipped with a 16-valve 4-cylinder 1.8-L engine and an option of an automatic or manual transmission. The car comes with three versions including the base CE, the S and the top-of-line LE.

2.1. Toyota Corolla 2004 Sport

The Corolla CE and Corolla S 2004 get a common name - the Toyota Corolla Sport 2004.

The base CE runs with an automatic gearbox and is equipped with standard air conditioning system (added an air filter), power steering, tachometer, digital clock, a dome light with delay, trunk lamp, tilt steering column, outside temperature gauge and intermittent wipers.

Toyota Corolla Sport 2004 on the road

The Corolla CE and Corolla S 2004 get a common name - the Toyota Corolla Sport 2004

The Corolla S gets an automatic gearbox and boasts styling sporty design including integrated fog lamps, rocker panel extensions, smoked headlight lens extenders, rear underbody spoilers, rear mudguards and an aerodynamic body package with color-keyed front. It is also adorned with larger 195/65R15 tires. Stepping inside, the S is decorated with a nice leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel, a unique cloth interior, chrome accents and a sporty tachometer. A vertical seat-height, power mirrors, power door locks, mirror-mounted map lights and a vertical seat-height are also included. An optional package is available with keyless entry and power windows.

2.2. Toyota Corolla 2004 LE

The top-spec LE has additional power windows, keyless entry, variable intermittent wipers and halogen headlamps. Unlike the S version, the LE doesn’t come with the sporty body cladding but gets body-colored door handles, upgraded cloth seating surfaces and wood-like trim, bringing it a better and more luxurious look. The car’s luxury is also improved with an optional leather package and cruise control. Moreover, coming armed with aluminum wheels, the LE gets a more striking appearance and a slightly enhanced handling capacity.

Toyota Corolla 2004 LE on the road

The top-spec LE has additional power windows, keyless entry, variable intermittent wipers and halogen headlamps

Options for the LE include side-impact airbags and the anti-lock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution, both of them are essential and helpful safety features for reducing injuries and saving lives as an accident happens. Other available choices are a sunroof and cruise control.

3. Toyota Corolla 2004 model: interior

The Corolla is well-known for not only its elegant design, good performance but also its comfortable and roomy interior. The Toyota Corolla 2004 interior is simple yet stylish and practical. Front seating row is comfortable but lacks support for the side. Front headroom and legroom are perfectly acceptable for both the driver and passengers. The rear seats are spacious for a compact car, they are also foldable, widening the 13.6 cu. ft cargo space to house up bigger and logger kinds of stuff. 

Toyota Corolla 2004 interior

The Toyota Corolla 2004 interior is simple yet stylish and practical

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4. Toyota Corolla 2004 model engine and performance

​4.1. Toyota Corolla 2004 engine

A 16-valve 4-cylinder 1.8-L 130-hp VVT-i is the base engine of the Toyota Corolla 2004. The engine comes equipped with a long-lasting timing chain and has no timing belt. The engine showcases a good performance with a few problems for maintenance.

a 1.8 L 4-cylinder VVT-i engine

A 16-valve 4-cylinder 1.8-L 130-hp VVT-i is the base engine of the Toyota Corolla 2004

4.2. Toyota Corolla 2004 performance

On the road, the Toyota Corolla 2004 performs a good handling capacity but not sporty. Its ride is fairly quiet, smooth and soft.

Speaking of the car’s fuel economy, the Corolla is considered as one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its class. The car drinks 9.0/6.7 L/100 km or 26/35 mpg, which means the driver can drive it up to 554 km (345 miles) with a full tank of gas until it is out of gas. It is estimated that the annual fuel cost for driving a Corolla is about N703,756.

In general, the Toyota Corolla is a great choice for those who prefer a reliable and simple transportation with good fuel efficiency and an easy maintenance. The Toyota Corolla keeps its value very well and if one day you want to say goodbye to this car by selling it for some reasons, finding a purchaser is completely not a problem.

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5. Toyota Corolla 2004 model pictures

Angular front of a Toyota Corolla 2003

Angular front of a Toyota Corolla 2003

Angular rear of the Toyota Corolla S 2003

The Corolla 2003 on the road

Side view of the Toyota Corolla 2003

Angular front of a Toyota Corolla 2005

Toyota Corolla 2005 driver's seat

6. Toyota Corolla 2004 model specifications

Toyota Corolla 2004 model specifications
Toyota Corolla CE
  • 1.8L I-4 Engine
  • 130 @ 6,000 rpm Horsepower
  • Front air conditioning, manual
  • 125 @ 4,200 rpm Torque
  • 5-spd man w/OD Transmission
  • 15" steel Wheels
  • Front-wheel Drive type
  • Cloth Seat trim
  • AM/FM stereo, seek-scan Radio
Toyota Corolla S
  • Front Fog/driving lights
Toyota Corolla LE
  • Keyfob (all doors) Remote keyless entry
  • Premium Cloth Seat trim
Toyota Corolla XRS
  • 6-spd man w/OD Transmission
  • 170 @ 7,600 rpm Horsepower
  • 127 @ 4,400 rpm Torque
  • 16" silver aluminum Wheels

7. Toyota Corolla 2004 price in Nigeria

If you are in need of purchasing a used Toyota Corolla 2004, take a look at these prices of Tokunbo and locally used Toyota Corolla 2004 in Nigeria. Please note that this is for reference only, the actual prices many vary due to car condition, car mileage, currency exchange rate, clearing cost and some other factors.

   Toyota Corolla 2004 prices in Nigeria
Trim levels Tokunbo/ Foreign used price Nigerian/ Locally used price
Toyota Corolla 2004 4dr sedan CE ₦2 million – ₦2.8 million ₦800,000 - ₦1.2 million
Toyota Corolla 2004 4dr sedan S ₦1.8 million – ₦2.5 million ₦600,000 - ₦1.1 million
Toyota Corolla 2004 4dr sedan LE ₦1.7 million – ₦2.5 million ₦600,000 - ₦1.0 million

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8. Toyota Corolla 2004 problems

  • A failed EVAP system causes Check Engine Light on

According to some car experts, a failed evaporative emission system (EVAP) could turn the Check Engine Light on. This is difficult to diagnose but easy to recognize a loose or worn gas cap or a failed charcoal canister.

  • The automatic gearbox may not be changed precisely at high mileage

In the Toyota Corolla 2004, the automatic transmission may not shift precisely at higher mileages (from 125,000 to 150,000). This fault can be led by an out-of-adjustment throttle position sensor and an old shift solenoid. Usually, the transmission doesn’t need to be absolutely overhauled.

  • Engine can’t operate due to starter

If the engine does not operate, the most common reason is laid on the starter. These often occur when the car has reached a mileage of around 100,000 to 125,000 miles. Sometimes, it requires replacing only the starter solenoid but normally, you have to replace the full parts of the starter (not except for the solenoid).

Lastly, hope that our review of Toyota Corolla 2004 model will completely win your heart and make your love for this excellent sedan come greater.

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