Toyota Corolla 2001 reviews: interior, specs, engine & prices in Nigeria

Jun 12, 2019

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1. Introduction

The Toyota Corolla appeals more to buyers, far and wide, introducing three trim levels: the sleek CE, the sporty S and the high-class LE. The sedan qualifies to be among the most sought after in the US, even up to this current time.

For over three decades, the car continues to keep its reputations of affordability, reliability and durability; and has drawn remarkable recognition, within and without. Here’s a detailed review of the 2001 Toyota Corolla that reveals the beauty of this car for what it truly is.



2001 Corolla comes with a 16-valve 1.8 liter four -cylinder engine

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2. How good is engine & performance of Toyota Corolla 2001?

The 2001 Corolla comes with a 16-valve 1.8 liter four-cylinder engine, powered by a five-speed manual transmission. What’s optional for the CE is a 3-speed automatic transmission, of course, that’s not regular so that’d incur more costs. The S and LE also get option transmission engines, a four- speed automatic. The Corolla proposes competence in terms of road performance, responsive handling and comfort. The vehicle’s all-aluminium engine is really powerful and has got awesome fuel economy.

What’s new for 2001, as opposed to Toyota’s 2000 model, is a VVT-i (variable-valve timing). The technology builds a determined low-rpm torque that pushes away from traffic signals, dashing elegantly on the road. On the highway, this same engine gives off a 39 mpg, not emitting unpleasant noises in its road mission. At cruising speeds or at shifting modes, one would expect loud vibrations. However, the Corolla is good at pulling things off and impressing everyone with its skills. The result therefore is a ‘tip toeing’ of the car in times like these.

2001 Toyota Corolla walk round

3. Interior

Seat capacity

The Corolla is comfy for four, yet it can accommodate five. With snug lean-back seats, the car provides enough room for both driver and fore-seat passenger. The rear seat however, is less spacious and much convenient for two, rather than for three (though it’s not a bad idea for a third person to squeeze in, if the other two are more than willing to manage). All the same, leg room wouldn’t be something to look forward to, in the event that that happens.

Interior design

Far from the Corolla’s outlook, the interior design is finely finished and upscale attractive. The rev counter (otherwise known as tachometer) together with a temperature gauge also comes installed. Control buttons are ample in size and user-friendly. The center console also holds out some functions like housing a cup holder, storage box and a closed-in bin.


Its instruments are competently managed in a curve-shaped dashboard

Moving on, the cloth upholstery is enticing and carries a lasting appearance. One could almost say that it’s a permanent setting, like the makers installed it just so it would never be changed again. Moving stuff just got easier. The trunk is roomy enough to open through to the bumper for convenient loading, much so. Its maximum trunk cargo space is 12.1 cubic feet and 33.2 inches rear leg room for back seat passengers.  



It has a maximum trunk cargo space of 12.1 cubic feet

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4. How does the exterior of the Toyota Corolla 2001 look like?

The 2001 Corolla presents a traditional outlook, not pulling attraction to itself. Though plain, the Corolla is neat and lets show of a certain level of exuberance. For its walk around, it’s got a new fascia, beaming halogen headlights, chrome trim and fashionable taillights.

What we get for the S model is a little upgrade, quite distinct from the regular base Corolla. There’s a new grille, coloured side moldings and new fenders.

By width, the Corolla gets a few inches shorter and in compensation of that, it gets longer by a total of 174 inches. The CE trim is built with a 97 inch wheelbase and with curb weight of 2410 lb.


The CE trim is built with a 97 inch wheelbase and with curb weight of 2410 lb

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5. Toyota Corolla 2001 specifications

  Toyota Corolla 2001 specifications
 Front head room  39"
 Rear head room  37"
 Front shoulder room  53"
 Rear shoulder room  52"
 Front hip room  51"
 Rear hip room  51"
 Front leg room  42.5"
 Rear leg room  33.2"
 Luggage capacity  12.1 Cu.Ft.
 Maximum cargo capacity  12.1 Cu.Ft.
 Standard seating  5
 Length  174.0"
 Body width  66.7"
 Body height  54.5"
 Wheelbase  97.0"
 Ground clearance  4.7"
 Curb  2,410 Lbs.
 Fuel tank capacity 13.2 Gal.
 EPA mileage estimates 32 City / 41 Hwy
 Base engine size 1.8 Liters
 Base engine type  I-4
 Horsepower 125 Hp
 Horsepower rpm 5,800
 Torque 125 Lb-Ft.
 Torque rpm 4,000
 Maximum towing capacity 1,500 Lbs
 Drive type Front-Wheel
Turning radius 16.1 '

6. Safety & Technology

Side impact dual airbags, antilock brakes, power steering, temperature gauge, back window defoggers, variable-speed intermittent windshield wipers, premium four-speaker sound system, front seatbelt tensioners and force limiters, safety rear door locks, adjustable belt anchors, side-impact beam doors etc. are all standard for all trims.  

7. Prices of Toyota Corolla 2001

6.1 Brand new Toyota Corolla 2001 prices in Nigeria

It is almost impossible to find brand new unit of Corolla of such old model year. If you insist owning tear rubber Corolla, consult the prices of more recent Corolla models.

The Toyota Corolla CE begins at $12,568 (4.5 million naira), excluding available options like side-impact airbags. The Sporty S starts at $12,793 (4.6 million naira) if you’re not ordering options. The last but not the least LE goes for $13,383 (4.8 million naira), again with no added features.

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6.2 Tokunbo/Foreign used Toyota Corolla 2001 prices in Nigeria

Foreign used price for 2001 Toyota Corolla starts at 1.25 million naira, extending to 2 million naira, which is largely dependent upon preference and personalization options.

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6.3 Nigerian used / Locally used Toyota Corolla 2001 prices in Nigeria

Nigerian used price for 2001 Toyota Corolla starts at 500,000 Nigerian naira, levelling up to about 1.5 million naira which should be the highest price, regardless of what the features are.

Prices of 2001 Toyota Corolla in Nigeria
Tokumbo/Foreign used ₦1.25 Million to ₦2 million
Brand New ₦4.6 million to ₦4.8 million
Nigerian Used ₦500 Thousand to ₦1.5 million
Cost of Clearing 2003 Toyota Camry in Nigeria ₦500 to ₦800 thousand

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8. Conclusion

The Corolla is a rugged tracker on the road, damning the odds and proving itself nonetheless. Handling is perfect and transportation is more than convenient with this car. It’s also budget-friendly on fuel basis. If you’re frugal and looking for a well-balanced car, then look no further. The Corolla would thrill you in so many different ways. If you want a little upgrade, you could go for the S. It’s sporty and irresistible. You can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with the 2001 Toyota Corolla.

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