A review of the best Peugeot sports car ever - the Peugeot RCZ (Update in 2021)

Apr 25, 2019

Posted by: Kennedy Ilediagu

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For so many years, Peugeot has released some of the finest cars into the automobile market. But one stands out due it's wide variety of turbocharged engines and sleek lines - the Peugeot RCZ. This Peugeot sports car is stylish and is believed to be the best the automaker has ever manufactured. It has been compared with similar models made by Audi but the RCZ's double bubble roof and exquisite detailing has made it the toast of many. Here is an exclusive review of the best Peugeot sports car ever.


The peugeot RCZ has remained the best Peugeot sports car ever by several standards

It has enough space

In as much as it is a sports car, it can comfortably sit two people in front as compared to a typical sports car. But that doesn't mean you can easily climb into it and out like other small sport cars. The Volkswagen Scirocco and Audi TT have a much lower roof. The RCZ also has a more compact backseat. Well, as expected of a sports car, you aren't meant to stay in it for so long. The boot of the car is a bit spacious as well. Since it's not a hatchback, you won't expect it to be made for much cargo. But it fits quite right.

It's comfortable while you're driving

A lot of tall people who love sport cars don't like the fact that it doesn't give them enough room while driving. This issue was sorted with the RCZ. Regardless of how short or long your legs and arms are, you will be comfortable behind the steering wheel. The seats are also firm, so you don't sink in while driving. The only issue with that is, when driving on rough roads, you may feel way too much impact and also as a result of it's suspensions.

Peugeot RCZ-driver-seat

Regardless of how short or long your legs and arms are, you will be comfortable behind the steering wheel of the Peugeot RCZ

It has a great interior

The interior of this Peugeot sports car is quite attractive. From the dashboard to the seats and the gear area, you will not only long to fiddle with them, but they aren't complex to use either. There's a clock that matches the dashboard, circular vents that are well aligned along the centre console and the leather feel from the seats to handles. It gives a beautiful aura when riding in it. There's also an LCD screen that enables display, buttons for controlling the radio amongst others.


The peugeot RCZ has more space than similar sports cars made by other brands

Fuel economy

This Peugeot sports car uses a lot less fuel than its competitors. Not only that, it tends to deliver more power while at it. The only comparable model might be the RCZ-R - which is the fastest of the Peugeot sports car series.

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How affordable is the RCZ?

The RCZ models are actually quite affordable for those who are into luxury cars. For 15 million naira or less, you should be able to get one unit. It's also way cheaper to maintain and service as compared to those made by its competitors. The cheapest of this Peugeot sports car model is the one with 154 horsepower. Also to add, Peugeot gives a two year warranty regardless of the mileage at the time.

Finally, this Peugeot sports car is loaded with features that protect its occupants in case there's an accident - including children. Therefore, it's safe to drive.

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Kennedy Ilediagu
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