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Apr 26, 2020

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Introduction: Meet the ACE

Do you know how it feels to be the only person in the world that owns a particular car? Well, I think that is very impossible except it's a specially built vehicle but I can tell you for sure that I know how it feels being the only person who owns and drives a particular car in Nigeria because my internet friend has the only BRABUS 760 based on the S63 AMG 4MATIC COUPE in Nigeria. This car carries a customized number plates "ACE". 


The only Brabus 760 in Nigeria 

Brabus took the C217 Coupe based on the W222 which is the present generation of the S-Class started from 2014. The S63 Coupe is Mercedes' flagship performance luxury coupe that passes for a grand tourer. A grand tourer is a performance car that is still comfortable for driving long distances.

When this car drove into the car park where I was waiting, every Tom, Dick, and Harry gathered round because they were confused about how a Mercedes-Benz carries a bold "B" emblem. You know a lot of people don't know about Brabus in Nigeria. 

The S63 coupe is a 5.5-liter-Turbo V8 engine car coupled with a 7-speed Automatic drive sending power to all 4 wheels at the same time because of the 4-Matic feature.
Brabus did tonnes of modifications to the S63 coupe that took the car from a 577 horsepower machine to a 760 horsepower road champion hence the name "Brabus 760." Now, let us see what Brabus did and how they went about it in this car.


S63 AMG vs Brabus 760 coupe

The Exterior of the only Brabus 760 in Nigeria

The standard S63 felt enormous, bulky, and still streamlined, leaving a statement that the car is sleek. It's that kind of car design that Nigerians see and start hailing, not because they think it is fast but because they are sure it is luxurious.

The first obvious change Brabus made is the grille that now carries a bold "B" sign on the front, then you will notice the lower bumper area has carbon fiber front lip/spoilers for aerodynamics and weight reduction. Carbon fiber is a very strong material that is light and we know that a light material used in building a car makes the car go faster. 


Front view of the 760 (Source: 234DRIVE)

On the side of the car, there is a side skirt that the standard S63 also has but it is now replaced with carbon fiber on the Brabus 760. This trend doesn't stop here as you would find out, meaning Brabus was on a weight reduction journey with their modification on this car.

At the rear, the car has a lip spoiler made fully out of carbon fiber and also a rear diffuser attached to a rectangular quad exhaust tip system around the lower part of the rear bumper. There is also carbon fiber just to make sure this car is very aerodynamic bouncing away air that tries to drag the car back as it glides through the air.


Carbon fiber rear Diffuser

The side mirror is fully carbon fiber and the headlight has an internally shaded style that boldly reveals the light strobes, giving the car a human eye effect from the headlights. The roofline of the car is not fast-sloping at the rear, allowing enough headroom for the rear seats on the inside.


Carbon fiber side mirror 

The Drive-train

The 5.5 liter V8 bi-turbo engine has been heavily tuned by Brabus on the inside but still, you notice a carbon-fibre engine top cover and a performance air intake system down to a performance header/exhaust system that gives the car a unique growling sound as you rev the engine.


The engine of the Brabus 760 Coupe (Source: 234DRIVE) 

The car retains the 7-speed automatic transmission that is also tuned for better performance.

Make sure you watch my walkaround video on this car here :

Video: A walkaround video of the Brabus 760

The Interior of the only Brabus 760 in Nigeria

The interior has a very strong burgundy wrap all-around in high-quality leather, looking very techy because of the two large 10-inch digital touchscreens on the dashboard. 

The left screen directly in front of the driver is the instrument cluster that has the speedometer, odometer, tachometer, the car's information and trip information while the right screen at the centre console is the infotainment system that controls all forms of entertainment and utility on this car.


Infotainment in the S63 AMG Coupe 

The infotainment screen has a special feature that allows you to watch a video from your media while it still shows the driver-vehicle information at the same time. The speakers on the car are the Burmeister luxury sound for the premium audio system that is controlled with the large rotary knob at the center console of the car. The sound quality is perfect! I listened to some Wizkid's songs and it felt like a studio session with the windows fully wound up. 

Brabus didn't do much on the interior apart from the strategic placement of carbon fiber trims across the interior. The performance sports car seats still remain as the standard for the Brabus with fully adjustable functions, a bolstering function, and a massage function. Bolstering holds drivers in place when going around a bend.


Full interior of the Brabus 760 Coupe

I sat at the rear seat that comfortably contains two people but to my surprise, the legroom was insufficient for standard comfort even though the car has a long length. Another weird thing about the S63 generally is that for a big car, it has a small trunk and you can tell from the small trunk lid(door). Do not expect the Brabus 760 to be a cargo carrier to your village, it will disappoint you.


Sports seat and rear seats of the Coupe 

The steering wheel doesn't feel sporty at all for a Brabus and I think it is because Brabus didn't modify it. I imagined a Brabus badged steering and what it will look like in my head. I just smiled because the car would look exactly like a supercar (Why is it a struggle to own a supercar in Nigeria?) from the wheel.

The Brabus 760 has a performance metallic pedal with the "B" sign meaning you are sure it will never break no matter how hard you push down on the pedals.

The feeling behind the wheel of the only Brabus 760 in Nigeria

The Brabus tuned engine pushes the 760hp coupe from 0 to 60 in just 3.1 seconds while the standard S63 does this in 3.9 seconds. On the regular S63, there is the complaint of a lag in the delivery of the transmission but the Brabus tuned transmission of the 760 leaves no room for lagging as it pushes my friend's ACE through all the power levels this car has to offer smoothly.


Driving the 760 in Lagos (Source : @carcontinent)

This car suffers from bad fuel living in Nigeria and the car gets to spend a lot of time in the workshop and now, it permanently smokes as it accelerates because bad fuel in Nigeria has messed up the whole combustion and exhaust system of the car. The owner always needs to add additives to the petrol in the tank at all times and with time, it will deteriorate the performance of the engine.

The handling also suffers because of the car's bulkiness even with the adaptive air suspension it uses.


Adjustable air suspension button (Source: @carcontinent )

Apart from the fact that the acceleration is quick, the car leaves little room for aggressive driving because of how bad the weight shifts as you steer and accelerate.
The clearance is all right for Nigerian roads as it maneuvers well through bumpy roads but still won't do good on very bad roads. Remember you can also adjust the height you want to ride the car on.


The Brabus 800 (Source: Carscoops)

The Brabus 800 above is the follow up to the 760 by Brabus. 800 signifies it produces 800hp also from a V-8 bi-turbo engine. None in Nigeria yet but we will surely see one soon and I will be the first to get a video of it for you to see the improvement made on it. 

The Safety

The Brabus 760 coupe retains the adaptive high beams, active lane-keeping assist, 360-degree camera, night vision camera, a pedestrian detector, and many more.

The sports seats also keep you safe by making driver and passenger stay in a proper position as the car throttles down either on a straight road or around bends/corners.

The cost and maintenance

This car was limited in production, costing over  ₦100,000,000 to purchase to ship into Nigeria and clear at the customs.

Daily-driving this luxury performance coupe in Nigeria exposes it to a lot of risks because of how bad driving conditions in Lagos, Nigeria are. Bad roads can weaken the adaptive air suspension and it will cost a couple of millions to replace.


Rear of the Brabus 760 Coupe (Source: @carcontinent) 

This car has a lot of performance parts that are not cheap and can't be replaced with regular parts which will drop the performance significantly.

This car is a very bad daily-driver because it has an 18 MPG combined rating showing how much of a fuel guzzler it is. 

Maybe that's why it is still the only one in Nigeria


Legendary actions come with legendary responsibilities. I often advise people not to buy rare cars in Nigeria because, after the bragging rights, you are at a very gross disadvantage in maintaining the car. If the owner of this only Brabus 760 in Nigeria decides to sell it today, it will have very bad resale value because every buyer would be scared of maintenance and economy.

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