Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019: A sportscar not so sporty

Dec 27, 2019

Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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1. Introduction of Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019

The Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019 looks so much like its predecessor on the outside, you would think that you are staring at the same car. But that is not the case. The model was updated with more advanced features.  The resemblance is understandable. Since the current design upstages the Freelander in 2015, the automaker has maintained the same outlook. Take a closer look at the Discovery, and you will see what it has underneath. It would be a disservice to refer to it as just a facelift. Read along as Naijauto's X-Rays the new model.


Updates of the Discovery Sport are more visible on the inside than outside


The little tweaks made to the exterior of the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019 may not be conspicuous, but the architecture upon which the car is built is not the same as that of the previous models. The initial architecture was a reconstructed LR-MS platform which was used for models like the first-gen Range Rover Evoque. That architecture is now history as the automaker’s Premium Transverse Architecture (PTA) has taken center stage. The Evoque’s second generation was underpinned under the same frame.

2. Engine Performance of Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019

Opportunities for improvements abound in the PTA framework. These include enhanced passenger safety, cabin isolation, and body stiffness.

One of the core aims of the PTA’s emergence is its accommodation of electric powertrain models. But that is not to say that the Discovery Sport has an electric powertrain. The four-cylinder engine offered in the model offers diesel and petrol options. A good number of these engines are supported by a hybrid architecture of 48 volts. This is similar to what the Evoque offers.

The front-wheel-drive has a manual gearbox of six speeds and a 148bhp non-hybrid engine. 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport has the wellbeing of the environment at heart with low CO2 emissions of 140g/km. It records 47.8mpg for its official fuel economy when combined.


Power of the model is not poor for a small SUV

Land Rover offers a standard four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 237 horsepower. This is adequate given that the vehicle is a small SUV. However, if you are keen on having more power, you should consider other options. You get to drive on 286 horsepower when you opt for the HSE trim as well as the HSE luxury trim. The top speed of these trims rises to 137 mph. In just 60 seconds, it does 0 to 60 mph.

This automaker has a reputation for building cars with high off-road performance. Expectedly, the Discovery Sport does not disappoint in this area. There are four settings in the terrain response element. These include general driving, sand, mud and ruts and grass/snow/gravel. These features maximize the car’s speed as it drives along rough terrains.


Bad road? The Discovery Sport will be fine!

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3. Interior & safety features of Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019

The standard configuration of the Land Rover Discovery Sport offers two seating rows, accommodating five people. There is an option to add an additional third-row seat. With this, the seating capacity increases to seven. You get a port for USB and cooling vents with the additional third row.

Land Rover maintains high taste in its interior design with leather upholstery. While this is available in all trims, the upper trims boast of higher leather quality.


The interior is designed with leather upholstery

The front seats have a power-adjustable feature. However, you may enjoy the second-row seats more as they offer adequate legroom. The seats can also slide and recline. With the third row being optional, it is obvious that having it installed will obstruct the arrangement. But for accommodating kids, there is hardly enough legroom for adults. Finding your way in and out of that row is a bit of a challenge too. So, unless you have a pressing need for a third row, you will enjoy the Discovery better without it.

The Discovery Sport is equipped with good safety features including rear parking sensors, rearview camera, cruise control, emergency brake assist and rain-sensing wipers in the standard model.

Safety features offered in upper trims include autonomous emergency braking, lane keep assist, traffic sign recognition, parallel park assist, rear cross-traffic light, head-up display and rear cross-traffic light among others.

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4. Price of Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019

Getting yourself a new Land Rover is made easier with the Discovery Sport. It is the least expensive in the automaker’s brand-new car lineup. It is more affordable than the mid-sized Discovery and subcompact Evoque. You can get the MSRP for $37,800 (₦13.6 million) and the HSE Luxury for $46,800 (₦16.9 million).

However, please note that these numbers are manufacturer's suggested retail prices, excluding delivery fees and custom clearing cost. They may also vary at different car dealers.


Despite its advanced features, the Discovery Sport is relatively affordable.

5. Conclusion

If you are particular about buying an affordable brand-new SUV with impressive off-road performance, you will have no regrets getting the Land Rover Discovery Sport 2019. Other than that, its competitors offer better options in general.

2019 Land Rover Discovery review - King of SUV

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