Check out the new 2019 Jeep Renegade Limited 1.6 120hp TD!

Apr 18, 2019

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5. Can you live with the Renegade?

On the flip side of all the slow start of the Renegade is a great mini SUV that has such interesting and slightly features while able to keep its own in its SUV segment. It is not really off the hook in terms of performance but it sure has the ability to make other SUV jealous with the luxurious aura and the elegant looks that it parades. A 2WD that can convince any other 4WD that it’s capable of doing anything a 4WD can do, which might not be the reality.

3. What’s the interior like?

The interior is one of a mixed feeling even though there haven’t been changes that are off the hook. For instance, the jeep logos are still placed around the windows as well as around the interior trims, quite well placed as usual. However, there is some very noticeable infuriating feature in the boot compartment which is in the level of finish of the paint which is less than perfect.

Besides the imperfect paint job, the interiors are very spacious as before, with very comfy seats for a mini SUV. The views when looking outside are respectable, with no hindrances even with the big screen pillars as they have been shifted far from causing any obstruction.

The armrest in the centre between the driver and the front passenger is so extended backward that neither the driver nor the passenger can actually get rest for their arms.


The interiors of the Renegade are really comfy with the infotainment, and control just a reach away!


The Renegade has such roomy and spacious interiors despite being a mini crossover!


The boot can contain much more than it looks from outside!


Even more room is available in the boot with foldable seats! 


Jeep over the years has manufactured some of the most off-road reliable cars, which have over the years become even better with tweaks and performance improvements. The Jeep Renegade over the years have also been part of these improvements that extends to this 2019 version

Naijauto brings you a first-drive review of this American automobile that has a bit of an Italian mix, so there is no need to wonder where all the beauty comes from. If you’re ready, let’s go driving!


Jeep Renegade is a mini SUV that has an exuberant styling with a rugged off-roading prowess!

4. Is it affordable? - The cost

For a 2WD mini SUV that delivers up to 120Hp at 57.6 mpg fuel efficiency reaching 62mph in 10.2secs, the price which is inclusive of shipping (RORO), and customs duty (75%), starts at ₦24.7M, which is not bad. so if you think a mini SUV with off-road capacity is what you’re looking to get, the Jeep Renegade Limited 1.6 will be your best bet. However, you must be willing to part with some ₦24.7M of your money.

1. An Overview!

In general, the Jeep Renegade is nothing compared to the world war’s Willy’s Jeep as some other jeep brands like the Wrangler. However, the Renegade, with its extreme compact body has its own unique features where it stands out from the rest.
This mini crossover, with its rugged off-road body styling, has over the years seen an upgrade to some of its components including its bumpers, headlights, and a 1.6-litre 120Hp diesel engine. As a 2WD crossover, not much is expected from it, nonetheless, it should provide some comfort in driving both on and off-road, its fuel economy should surpass its regular counterparts. Let’s find out if it eventually makes it!


The Jeep Renegades bumper is all-time Jeep's signature with its 7-split grilles!


Renegade's headlight is another signature of Jeep but with a little tweaking!

6. Overall ruling on the Renegade!

To give the final results on the Jeep Renegade, one might have to look at its pros as well as its cons as given in the table below.

Elegant looks Slow Pick when stationary
Spacious Cabin Alarm door beeps
Comfortable Seas and interiors Infotainment screen a bit low

The Pros and Cons of the Jeep Renegade!


The iconic Renegade's badge firmly attached!


With all these listed for and against the Jeep Renegade, you still can’t help but fall for its personality. It brings its own exuberances to the party, not minding the other members of the jeep family. Though a 2x2 it gives you the confidence of a 4x4

With the Beats by Dre sounds -The Renegade is just stylish like that!

Segun Ogunbiyi
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