[Expert comparison review] 2010 Honda Pilot vs 2010 Ford Edge

May 08, 2019

Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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1. Introduction

SUVs are a popular vehicle type in Nigeria, accounting for millions in sales from happy customers. When two SUVs seem to have almost the same features and performance level, it is quite a task to make a choice between them. One way we can determine which one is tops is by comparing them using reviews.

No doubt, the Honda Pilot and the Edge Ford SUVs have gained quite a number of loyalty from happy customers.  Each of the moderns has had a good run up to its 2010 model being well accepted by buyers. If you are interested in purchasing the 2010 Honda Pilot or the 2010 Edge Ford, can’t quite decide the features and model you prefer, let’s help you at naijauto.com to make it easier to finally choose.


2010 Ford Edge vs 2010 Honda Pilot, close cousins or rivals? 

2. Overview of 2010 Honda Pilot

The second generation of Honda Pilot gave birth to the 2010 Honda Pilot, which is an eight seating, 4 doors vehicle from first introduction in 2002. After its 83,901 sales in 2009, Honda continued the production of this mid-sized SUV with some upgrades in the 2010 model. This was to ensure good quality features to enhance sales and keep customers happy


The 2010 Honda Pilot belongs to the second generation

3. Overview of 2010 Ford Edge

The 2010 Ford Edge is the first generation, after the first model started production in the year 2007, and was built on the Ford CD3 platform as a 4 doors, five-seat car. One remarkable thing about Ford’s 2010 Edge is that, though the automaker came late to the production of mid-size SUVs when compared with other mid-size SUVs companies, the Ford Edge still maintained a place in the top space when listing the best mid-size SUVs in that year, or any year for that matter.


The 2010 Ford Edge is a new face in the midsize SUV segment then, but it still claims a top place

4. 2010 Honda Pilot vs 2010 Ford Edge exterior design: Ford Edge 2010 is the clear winner!

A look at the exterior of these two midsize SUVs will have you agree that the 2010 Ford Edge has a better appearance than the 2010 Honda Pilot. Even with the few changes that Honda made to the 2010 Pilot, it did not significantly make it better than the stylish and sporty look of the 2010 Ford Edge. While the 2010 Honda Pilot has a boxy look, the 2010 Ford Edge has well-defined curves and a better looking grille.


The sportier exterior is what brings the Escape the advantage in this category


Despite notable improvements on its beauty, the Pilot needs more to catch up with the exterior aesthetics of the 2010 Ford Edge

Their external design gives them each a different body size measurement:

Honda Pilot vs Ford Edge body size measurement   
Measurement 2010 Honda Pilot 2010 Ford Edge
 Length  190.9 inches  185.7 inches
 Height  72.7 inches  67.0 inches
 Width  78.5 inches  75.8 inches
 Curb weight  4,504 lbs.  4,086 lbs.
 Wheelbase  109.2 inches  111.2 inches

5. Interior comparison of 2010 Honda Pilot and 2010 Ford Edge

5.1. Cockpit: Basic features for both models

While they both have a comfortable, roomy interior with a moderate appearance, the 2010 Pilot’s cabin is larger in size than the 2010 Ford Edge’s. One thing they both have in common when it comes to design, is that the quality of materials used in making their dashboard is on the average and does not carry any classic touch. While other features are in standard, they have similar infotainment systems which comprise:

  • front air conditioning, manual
  • AM/FM/Satellite-prep, seek-scan Radio
  • front air conditioning, dual zone automatic
  • front air conditioning, manual
  • leather-wrapped steering wheel,
  • a premium stereo system with six-disc CD player
  • sound system speakers (Nine in Ford Edge and Seven in Honda Pilot)


2010 Honda Pilot cockpit


2010 Ford Edge cockpit

5.2. Seats: Go for Honda Pilot if you have a large family!

The Ford Edge is a two-row 5-seats SUV. Compared to the the Ford Edge, the Honda Pilot has a 3-row seat arrangemnt that can take 7 persons; 6 passengers and a driver. This makes the Honda Pilot seating arrangement decidedly more attractive, especiall for a large family. SUVs are traditionally large haulers and the capacity to carry more is a sure asset.


2010 Honda Pilot 7-Seats capacity


2010 Ford Edge 5-Seats capacity

5.3. Safety: Basic features for both models

When you are you looking for an ‘extra’ in safety features, you might not be able to totally find it in either the 2010 Ford Edge or in the 2010 Honda Pilot. This is because these mid-sized SUVs’ safety features are just standard. The safety features found on both are:

  • the traction control
  • height-adjustable safety belts (available for third row seats in Honda Pilot)
  • a seatbelt pre-tensioners
  • a halogen headlight type
  • an exterior light control
  • a delay-Off headlights
  • a headlight washer
  • daytime running lights
  • illuminated entry
  • a parking assist
  • low-tire-pressure warning
  • occupant sensor and air bags for the driver and the passengers (also available for third row seat in Honda Pilot)

There seems to be a few important safety features missing in the two and these include the in-vehicle assistance service, LED brake lights, lane-departure warning, blind-spot monitoring system and the forward collision warning. However, when it comes to safety, you can rest assured you are in good hands with Honda cars. See Reasons why Honda vehicles are among the safest.

5.4. Security: It is more secured with Honda Pilot 2010

Comparing the anti-theft features of both the 2010 Honda Pilot and the 2010 Ford Edge, we can conclude that the 2010 Honda Pilot is better equipped with anti-theft technology that keeps car thieves at bay.

Honda Pilot 2010 vs Ford Edge 2010: Security features   
 2010 Ford Edge  2010 Honda Pilot
 Stolen Vehicle Tracking  Not available  Not available
 Theft-Deterrent Radio  Not available  Yes
 Ignition Disable  Yes  Yes
 Key fob Remote Keyless Entry (all doors)  Yes  Yes
 Keyless Access System  Not available  Not available
 Panic Alarm  Yes  Yes
 Door Locks  Yes  Yes
 Rear Child Safety Door Locks  Yes  Yes
Content Theft-Deterrent Alarm System  Not available  Yes

6. 2010 Honda Pilot engine vs 2010 Ford Edge engine: more gears and better MPG with the Edge!

A close comparison of the engines these SUVs have; it’s very much notable that they have almost similar V6 engines and specifications but very different gas mileage as the Ford Edge has 18, 25, 20 mpg for city, highway and combined respectively while Honda Pilot has 17, 23, 19 mpg for city, highway and combined too. Comparing the engines thus:

Honda Pilot vs Ford Edge: engine specification
 Honda Pilot  Ford Edge
 Engine Type  Gas V6  Gas V6
 Fuel System  MPFI  SMPI
 Transmission  5-speed automatic w/OD  6-speed automatic w/OD
 Drive train  4 wheel drive  All-wheel drive
 Net Torque @ RPM  253 @ 4800  250 @ 4500
 Displacement  3.5L/212  3.5L/213
 Net Horsepower @ RPM  250 @ 5700  265 @ 6250


The 2010 Ford Edge and 2010 Honda Pilot engine comparision

7. 2010 Honda Pilot vs 2010 Ford Edge: Prices

Here are prices compared for both vehicles:

   Honda Pilot 2010 vs Ford Edge: price comparison
 2010 Honda Pilot  2010 Ford Edge
 New models  $8,524 - $12,236 (MSRP)  $7,074 - $10,016 (MSRP)
 Tokunbo/foreign used models  ₦2.9m - ₦8.m  ₦4.5m - ₦6.8m
 Nigerian used models  ₦1.9m - ₦4.2m  ₦1.5m - ₦3.5m
 Cost of clearing  ₦2.23m  ₦ 1.55m

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8. Final take

Both the 2010 Ford Edge and the 2010 Honda Pilot seem to be great SUVs good for the Nigerian climate and roads but if you have a small size family and are especially keen on styling and design, then the 2010 Ford Edge will be a better choice as it is a 5-seats vehicle. The 2010 Honda Pilot may not have that touch of styling like its counterpart but it is very suitable for a large family with good cargo space, as it is an 8 seating vehicle with an adjustable third row seating. Another thing you should always have in mind is the availability of the car parts in Nigeria and fuel economy. The Honda Pilot has a slight “edge” here. Happy driving.

Honda Pilot 2010 vs Ford Edge 2010 - Comparision review - Naijauto.com

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