Review of Honda CR-V 2010 model in Nigeria: a practical and well-equiped SUV

Oct 26, 2020

Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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The Honda brand is one of the many Japanese carmakers that have taken over the auto market in Nigeria with various models out there favored by our fellows. One of such cars is the Honda CR-V that highlight its 2020 model year which is one of the most sought after among Nigerian users.

The 2020 Honda CR-V was a redesigned model for the 2007 version, with well-managed interior room for maximum usage. Despite the absence of hands-free Bluetooth, it promises a decent fuel economy, elegant exterior, impressive safety features and several other promising features.

Here on, is what you should look out for when going for the Honda CR-V 2010 model in Nigeria.

Nigerian background to Honda CR-V 2010

Nigerians are known to show love to what they trust and find reliable.

Giving nicknames to Honda products isn’t a new thing but we doubt if this particular model has a popular nickname.

Japanese auto products are always in high demands in the market. The availability of the Honda CR-V 2010 spare parts and decent maintenance cost make it one of the ideal cars to splurge your cash on.

Besides this, another area which is the availability of several auto mechanics who have the technical knowledge of repairing this particular model in the country also contributes to the popularity of the SUV in the country. Being a Sport Utility Vehicle, it is more suited to Nigerian roads, thanks to its decent ground clearance and availability of an optional all-drive system.

Honda CR-V 2010 exterior design

The Japanese automaker has offered the Honda CR-V 2010 an exterior design that appeals to many people across the globe.

Available in 3 trims - LX, LE and EX-L, the SUV looks quite plain and simple considering other products in the market. Interestingly, simplicity sometimes can be attractive.

There is a level of proportionality with its rounded shape, which blends perfectly with the arcs and sheet metal creases. The availability of bright accents and contrasting materials make it somehow pleasing to the eyes.

There are just a few tweaks that separate the 2010 model from the previous one. These noticeable changes include the single chrome bar grille which flows into its headlights, honeycomb inserts and less black plastic fascia. The EX-L model is fitted with standard 10-spoke wheels and different door handles from the 2009 model.


The exterior design is styled in such a simple manner, enough to appeal to some who love plain designs

Honda CR-V 2010 interior design

There is enough room inside this 2010 Honda CR-V. It can easily accommodate 5 grownups while the shifter located at the base of the dashboard offers more open space. The interior promises good headroom and legroom. The backseats can be folded down to give more cargo space.

The Honda CR-V could turn out to be a utility vehicle that could serve many purposes, more than many models on similar category.


The large interior space allows for enough headroom and legroom

Honda CR-V 2010 Safety features

Safety is one of the most important aspects of a car people usually look out for. No matter how impressive the interior and exterior styling could be, there is no way one would jeopardize safety on the road. You would agree that the Honda CR-V is a family-friendly car.

Some of the safety features guaranteed on this particular model as standard include anti-lock braking, side curtain airbags, front side airbag and electronic stability control. It is widely considered the safest vehicle in its segment.

With excellent ratings in the crash test program, we couldn’t expect less considering what it offers. The 2010 Honda CR-V has been a topnotch model at the IIHS Safety Pick. Be rest assured that your safety is guaranteed on the road.

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For the optional features, most of them can be gotten when you go for higher trims. This doesn’t only apply to Honda, but most auto brands out there. The standard features on the base LX model and the mid-grade EX are decent enough.

However, the EX-L, which is the luxurious and top-spec trim, offers mouthwatering features such as premium audio system, dual-zone climate control, navigation system with backup camera and power driver’s seat.


There is a lot of cargo room at the rear, especially when the backseats are reclined

Performance spec - What makes Honda CR-V 2010 suitable to Nigerian roads?

The Honda CR-V for the 2010 model year drives pretty smooth, more like a comfort-oriented and economical sedan. The road handling is decent enough from its well-improved optional all-wheel drivetrain.

The model with the front-wheel drive system is fitted with a 4-cylinder 2.4-litre engine, coughing out 166 horsepower. The powertrain is paired with 5-speed automatic transmission, which works quite well with its stability control system.

Generally, the engine gives the CR-V that refined feel on the road. The only challenge here that many people have complained about over the years is the hesitated downshift from its transmission, leading to a loss in momentum on steep grades.

The 2010 CR-V can sprint from zero to 60 mph in an estimated 9.2 seconds. The engine is surprisingly quick for such a car, but not the type you would want to try drag race with. The Japanese manufacturer didn’t offer stick-shift transmission but the automatic should be able to do the job properly for you.

Video: 2010 Honda CR-V review by

The 2010 Honda CR-V is an economical vehicle despite appearing like SUV from its high roof.

It promises 20 mpg for city drive and 27 mpg for highway. Such decent fuel efficiency could be owed to its laudable stability on the road. As a potential buyer in Nigeria, you have the options of three 3 available trims - LX, EX and the EX-L, but it would be nice if your budget covers the top-ranging EX-L variant.

This doesn't mean the other trims will not serve your basic needs on the road, but you enjoy more features when you go for the top-tier trim. The availability of optional all-wheel drive system will give you more control of the obstacles on the roads.

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Maintenance routine for Honda CR-V 2010

If you own the Honda CRV 2010 in Nigeria, there are certain maintenance routines you need to abide by for it to serve you better. Also, adhering to these simple tasks will save you from unnecessary debt and stress.

  • Regular inspection

You need to inspect your vehicle regularly to detect common problems like engine overheating, flat tires, door lock issue and stiffness of the clutch. If possible, put on the engine for a few minutes before you drive out. The inspection should also cover areas such as cooling system and fluid levels in the car.

  • Periodical changes

As an owner of this type of Honda model in Nigeria, it is required that you carry out scheduled changes after driving or using the car for a particular time or mileage, ideally, after 12,000 kilometres for Honda products.

You will need to replace the brake pads and engine oil filter. For those who use their vehicles often, you should change the transmission fluid, coolant, engine oil and brake fluid.

Cost of Honda CR-V 2010 spare parts in Nigeria

It is quite easy to find Honda spare parts in the country regardless of the model. There are several markets in Nigeria where you can get these spare parts at reasonable prices. While some car owners would prefer to go for new spare parts, some do not mind going for used replacement parts. Take a look at the parts and prices in Nigeria:

Cost of replacement parts for 2010 Honda CR-V in Nigeria
Car parts Price (N)
Bumper ₦15,000 -₦30,000
Alternator ₦25,000 -₦50,000
Headlamps ₦10,000 -₦150,000
Gear box ₦70,000 -₦150,000
Windscreen ₦15,000 - ₦20,000
Fuel pumps ₦7,500 -₦15,000
Radiators ₦20,000- ₦40,000
Clutch ₦5,000 - ₦10,000
Steering racks ₦25,000 - ₦40,000
Complete Engine ₦150,000- ₦300,000
Brain Box ₦15,000 -₦25,000
Shock absorbers or Suspension ₦15,000- ₦30,000


Honda CR-V 2010 local dealers in Nigeria

To find an accredited 2010 Honda CR-V local dealer in the country is quite simple and important. You do not want to be swindled or end up buying stolen vehicle. The Honda Place (THP) is the direct distributor of Honda products in Nigeria. Check out their local offices and addresses in Nigeria:

The Honda Place (THP) local offices/showrooms in Nigeria
Location Address and contact info in Nigeria
Victoria Island - Lagos

272, Akin Adesola / Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Ikeja - Lagos

Plot No.16, Oba-Akran Road, Ikeja, Lagos

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Mile 2 - Lagos

Plot No.9, Block A, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Estate, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)


Plot No.581, AO Central Business District, Abuja

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Port Harcourt

Plot No.117, Transamadi Industrial Estate, Port Harcourt.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Enugu City

Plot No.6, Opposite Arab Contractor, Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway, Enugu.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)


Plot No.152, Opp: Capital Building PHCN Zonal HQ, Adeoyo Roundabout Bus Stop, Ring Road, Ibadan.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Kano City

Plot No.10, Club Road, Kano.

Operating time: (Mon to Fri - 8:00am - 5:00pm)

Honda CR-V 2010 alternatives in Nigeria

One of the closest alternatives to this 2010 Honda CR-V you will find in Nigeria is the 2010 Toyota CR-V (Read Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V review). The duo was ranked among the best compact SUVs at the time when they were new to the market.

The two models share some similarities on their base models in terms of features, interior dimensions and fuel economy.

The Toyota RAV4 has better interior options and its V6 powertrain is good for 89 horsepower than what you will get on the CR-V. If you want third-row seating and more horsepower, you should go for the Toyota RAV-4. Just have it at the back of your mind that the third-row seating in Toyota RAV4 is designed only to accommodate children.

Both SUVs are relatively good depending on what you want in a car.

Other alternatives include the Subaru Forester 2010 and Mitsubishi Outlander 2010.

Honda CR-V 2010 price in Nigeria

Since the model was produced and rolled out into the market in 2010, the possibility of getting a brand-new model is a very slim.

Not to worry, we offer decent prices for the Nigerian used and foreign used products. If you also interested in other Honda cars for sale, you can also take a look at our comprehensive price list. To get 2010 Honda CR-V in Nigeria, take a look at the prices below:

Tokunbo 2010 Honda CR-V price in Nigeria
 Model Price Range
 Foreign used 2010 Honda CR-V in Nigeria  ₦2 million - ₦4 million
Nigerian-used 2010 Honda CR-V price in Nigeria
 Model Price Range
 Locally used 2010 Honda CR-V in Nigeria  ₦2 million - ₦3 million




All in all, the Honda CR-V 2010 model is a vehicle that should be on your watchlist. Though it is not the luxury model many would want their vehicle to be, it offers what many cars in its class do not. It is an easy-to-drive vehicle with buttons well arranged on its dash. It caters for different types of body shape and moves well on the road. 

If you are the type that loves family-oriented vehicle with simple outward appearance and lot of room on the inside, this is definitely the car for you. You might want to reconsider your choice if you are a fan of sporty cars.

The 2010 Honda CR-V is the type of car that gives you ample space for the load especially on holiday or family trip, courtesy of its 72.9 cubic cargo space and reclining backseat.

Considering the difficult terrains in some parts of the country, the 2010 Honda CR-V features a decent ground clearance, enough to make those trips less stressful.

Naijauto proffers solutions to car-related questions and maintenance tips you need to as Honda owners in the country.

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